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Readers Respond: What Your Early Miscarriage Looked Like

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Updated April 20, 2010

Early miscarriage, I think...

I took a test that said I was pregnant, but two days later I was bleeding lightly. It lasted about two days then all of a sudden I began bleeding more so I put on a pad. In the morning I went to use the bathroom and noticed the pad was over filled with blood and a large piece of tissue was just sitting there. I quickly went to the doctor and after the exam he said he didnt see a baby so it may have been in the wrong place, it died, or it's to early. But it couldn't have been too early, so I think the tissue I found was my baby!!!!
—Guest Bar bie

Miscarriage at approx. 5 weeks

I just had a miscarriage. I was about 5-6 weeks. I noticed brownish blood 4 days ago and went to the doctor. They checked my cervix (it wasn't open) and did an ultrasound. There was hope b/c the sac was high in my uterus. I continued to bleed and the blood tests confirmed it is a miscarriage b/c levels are suppose to double and mine are decreasing. I am devastated. I have to go back to the doctor for another ultrasound Thursday (a week after this began). The bleeding has never been heavy, cramps haven't been too bad and no clots. I have one healthy 20 month old and am praying to have another soon. I never knew how tough miscarriage is. The excitement when you discover you are pregnant and the sadness when you realize what is happening. I am trying to be strong. I am so sorry to all who have been through this horrible experience.
—Guest cbridget

I am not sure if I had a miscarraige

When I was pregnant with my DS, I experienced bleeding, it was red and brown. The nurse at the women clinic said not to worry about it. A few nights later I started cramping really bad. I went to the bathroom and saw that I had passed these huge blood clots. And in them was this fleshy substance. I called the clinic..they said to wait until my appointment the next day. They did not seem worried about it. So I put it into a bag just to make sure. The next day I went to my scheduled appointment. I explained to the RN what had happened that night. But at the time I was so scared that I had forgot to mention that I had flesh in the blood clots. Until she said "blood clots are not a concern unless they are accompanied by flesh. Then I told her that's what happened and I had my BF bring in the zip lock bag. She then looked at the bag then threw it away. She said nothing more about it. Is it possible I could have been pregnant with twins, and miscarried one?


I think I have had a miscarriage. I went to the doctors yesterday because I was bleeding just a little bit. It was brownish. He said it was normal to bleed and sent me home again. That evening I went to bed and felt fine, but I woke up about 2 in the morning from bad pains in my stomach. I went to the toilet and was bleeding heavily. As I went to get back in bed I felt something coming out of my vagina. It was a red clump. It looked like flesh, so I went into A&E and I just bled like mad. The doctors said it looks like a miscarriage. I've got to go to a scan on Monday to make sure. It is the worst thing I've ever been through and for those who have experienced the same thing I'm so sorry and know what you are going through.
—Guest shelley

Twins, but now just one

I found I was 6 weeks pregnant but then started to bleed, not a lot but more than spotting. After a trip to ER I found out it was twins. One with strong heartbeat & one that never developed. So I'm bleeding because of the non fert twin. It would be no more than one pad a day. Now after a few days it's started to stop but the next day has come back. I'm so worried that this might be the strong twin that I'm bleeding because of now...no cramps, no pain, no clots. All I can do is hope. The loss of one is hard enough.
—Guest lila

Molar and then miscarriage at 5 weeks

When I was 21 years old I got pregnant, unplanned. At 8wks I started spotting light brown blood, and came to find out on ultra sound there was no heartbeat. I went immediate for a d&c because the ultra sound looked abnormal. Now I'm 23 and missed a period, so I took a pregnancy test. It was positive, then negative, then positive. Before I could go to the first apt I started spotting and then the cramps came with clots that were passing with blood that would hang down into toilet. I called the doctor's office and they ordered a blood test, come to find out I had a early miscarriage. It hurts but you just have to keep your head high because nothing you did as a women caused it. God just had some different plans! God bless and take care all. P.s. I'm writing this as I'm going through my miscarriage, and it was nice to read everyone else's stories to calm me down.

It happens

I was 10 weeks pregnant. I had been having brownish tissue like coming out and asked a friend and she said she had had that when she was pregnant with her first baby too. Then it didn't stop, the second day there was a tiny spotting of blood, still didn't think anything of it, then on the third day ended up going to the ER. They did a bunch of tests to confirm that I was indeed having a miscarriage, that the baby was still the size of a 6wek old fetus and I would experience a heavy like period. The next day after they told me, I started getting very crampy and started bleeding a little. The next day I was bleeding, like they said, a heavy period and have been having many little clots, then I went to the bathroom about an hour later and passed a very big clot. I'm assuming that it was the baby. When they told me and my husband, we were devastated, but I was so upset I couldn't cry. It was horrible. But everything happens for a reason, and the little angel is in god's hands now.
—Guest bebe

Fleeting Miracle

During August I was experiencing hot flashes, some things I ate made me ill and I was exhausted. I thought I was going thru peri-menopause. On 8/22 I turned 43 yrs old. I've never been able to conceive due to PCOS. I decided to take a preg. test. It was positive! I went in on 9/1 for a vaginal u/s. The baby was 6wks. I heard the heartbeat. That evening I started 2 spot. Then it was heavier, bright pink & dark red blood w/some mucus. No clots. No pain. My doctor monitored via phone. On 9/8 I had a 2nd vaginal u/s. No heartbeat. I was scheduled for a D&E (evacuate) on 9/11 but during the early morning 9/9 I was moaning with pain I've never felt b/4. I paced. I guess this is what labor feels like? I sat on the toliet and out came the sac & fetus w/little eyes and "flippers" which would become arms. I was not told the pain would be this extreme or that I would see a fetus. I got my angel baby out of the water and buried her on our farm. I'm devastated. Wish I was btr adviced to brace 4 it.

Miscarriage at 8 weeks

Hi all and so sorry for all of your losses. I was 8 weeks when I had a m/c. I started with browny spotting, which carried on for 4 days with bad cramping, then the cramping stopped and I went to the toilet and the baby still in the sack and with the placenta still attached was in my underwear. It was devastating and human nature makes you investigate, so I took a photo of it to show my doctor, just so he could tell me that it was all lost and that nothing was left inside me. It was so sad to see my tiny baby and nothing I could do about it. The doctor confirmed it was indeed an 8 week size fetus and that everything had come away so no need for d and c thank god. I've just had my first period since and it is so heavy and after a week it shows no signs of letting up. I cant wait for my body to get back to normal... Hugs to all.
—Guest rachel


I am 20 years old and have been married little over 2 years to the love of my life. I was placed on the depo shot, got off, and we started trying. Still no luck 2 years later. August 17 2009 I found out I was pregnant. I had cramped for about a week before I found out, thinking I was getting ready to start, but I hadn't started. I called the drs office and they told me to come in and do a pregnancy test. I didn't think much of it after all this time of seeing negative results but my drs nurse came out and said it was positive. I was shocked. They tested my HCG level at 121 then 72 hours later it went to 186. The dr was alarmed to see I hadn't doubled and it only went up 54%. He said it was a abnormal pregnancy and I'd probably lose it in a few days if not weeks. Sure enough cramps and bleeding started and Friday Aug 21st I began miscarrying. The next day a blood test confirmed it dropped to 95, then to 75, and they diagnosed it as a miscarriage I only carried knowingly for 5 days.
—Guest TesslaWorthy

Anxious to try again!

After 6 weeks: The bleeding was pretty bright for me, and lasted about four days. The doctor (that I hadn't met yet) was very good about getting me in right away when I called the morning after I started bleeding. I felt very pregnant from the moment I was. I noticed temperature change, nausea, and I wanted to eat less, but more often. The day before my bleeding started, those symptoms were gone. I didn't worry, I just thought I was lucky! My doctor seemed optimistic until he took a look and saw how much I was bleeding. I didn't have many clots, but I had a couple tissue-looking things come out the first day of bleeding. Being pregnant made me realize how much I really do want to be a mom, and how much my husband is excited to be a dad. I loved it. I know I am ready to start a family, and I am excited to find out we're blessed with another pregnancy.
—Guest Jessica

I don't know what to do

I missed my period for 5 days. My husband and I were very happy thinking it was a baby, until the 6th morning I started having a heavy bleeding, cramps, dry throat, aches all over my body and stomach pains. I could not go to the hospital, so my husband reported the symptoms to the Dr. and he told my husband that I was pregnant and I lost the baby...am really so sad. My first child.
—Guest LOLLY

Miscarriages happen

I lost my virginity to my old boyfriend, then some weeks later I started feeling strange in my stomach, so I told my mom and she got me a pregnacy test from the store and it was negative. But then I kept having strange feelings in my stomach. Then one day when I was at home by myself I started getting terrible cramps like I was going into labor, then I threw up. By that time I was in so much pain that I was on the floor. Then I crawled to my bed and the cramps got worse. I took a look down there and I was bleeding a lot, then something came out of my vagina. It looked like a worm with blood over it, then another one came out. So I looked closer at it and it had tiny arms. Then I threw it out, cleaned myself up and never spoke of or told anyone about it. It's still on my mind though.
—Guest BreeBree

We just found out we were pregnant...

2 positive tests, painful breasts, not a whole lot of pregnancy signs, but the tests proved it, we were pregnant! After trying for so long. I couldn't wait to do a blood test, but before we even scheduled the appointment I got really sick. Some horrible flu bacteria got me. I had fever, lost my voice, got a bunch of stuff coming out of my nose and chest, the color of which implied it was an infection. While sick I started spotting and after 2 days, it turned into bleeding. Not heavy, with a lot of little clots. All the 3 days that i bled, there were clots coming out, on the fist day there were 2 bigger ones, with what seemed to be tissue looking in the clot. I knew what that was. I just was so heartbroken, I didn't even cry. I haven't seen a doctor yet, but we are going tomorrow. I'm a little worried that my breasts still hurt (not as much, but still) also I do my basal temperature and my BT has not dropped, although I bled. Hopefully everything is ok.
—Guest Galinka

Painful Period

I lost my baby at 6 weeks. Had period pain and watery brown/red discharge that went on for at least 12 hours and then slowly got worse. I was passing lots of clots, went to have a shower to clean up, and it still came out. I went to A&E and was told the pregnancy test was neg. and I had indeed lost the baby. It was devastating, and I did not realise an early miscarriage would hurt so much internally.
—Guest Bryley
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