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Trying Again and Getting Pregnant After a Miscarriage


After having a miscarriage, you may be thinking about trying to get pregnant again -- but naturally you may have a lot of questions. When is it safe to try, and how do you know you're really ready? How will you deal with being pregnant again after what you went through? Here, you can find important information on getting pregnant after a miscarriage, including when to try again, how to get pregnant after miscarriage as soon as possible, and how to cope with emotions throughout a pregnancy after miscarriage.

  1. When to Try Again
  2. Common Preconception Concerns
  3. Trying to Conceive
  4. Common Worries in Early Pregnancy
  1. Your Pregnancy Step-by-Step
  2. Later Pregnancy and Beyond
  3. Managing Stress and Anxiety
  4. What to Do If You Miscarry Again

When to Try Again

When to Try Again After Miscarriage

The first question you might have about conceiving after miscarriage is, "When can I try again?" The answer is a little complicated though, and opinions vary among doctors. Here is some information to help you decide what to do.

Common Preconception Concerns


Okay, now that you've decided you're ready to try again, you might want to do some planning if you haven't already. Here are some considerations and points you may wish to address before you get pregnant again.

Trying to Conceive

Trying to Conceive

A little know-how can go a long way in getting pregnant as soon as possible. Here are the basics of what you need to know about your menstrual cycle and how to track ovulation for optimal chances of pregnancy.

Common Worries in Early Pregnancy

Early Pregnancy Worries

Seeing a positive pregnancy test again can bring intense anxiety and worry along with the joy and excitement. Here are some specific concerns you might have.

Your Pregnancy Step-by-Step


You might find that you feel differently about being pregnant the next time around, but many aspects of the experience will be the same as any routine pregnancy. Read up on milestones of normal pregnancy and other neat tips in these links from About.com's Guide to Pregnancy.

Later Pregnancy and Beyond

You might start to feel your anxiety abiding once you're out of the first trimester -- by this point, your odds of pregnancy loss have dropped drastically. Yet you may still have some remaining concerns.

Managing Stress and Anxiety

Stress and Anxiety

You may have mixed feelings while you're trying to conceive and even after you're pregnant again. Mixed with the joy and excitement, you might feel considerable anxiety and apprehension. Here's how you can deal with the stress.

What to Do If You Miscarry Again

Recurrent Miscarriage

In a perfect world, no one would ever miscarry once, much less two or more times -- but sadly, some women will have multiple miscarriages before finally achieving a successful pregnancy. Here's what to do if your next pregnancy ends in another miscarriage, along with some background information on recurrent pregnancy loss.

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