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What to Expect After a Miscarriage or Pregnancy Loss Diagnosis


After the doctor confirms that you are having a miscarriage or stillbirth, you may need to make decisions such as whether to have a D & C or to wait for a natural miscarriage. You may also have questions about physical recovery and coping.

  1. Types of Pregnancy Loss
  2. Treatment Options
  3. Physical Recovery
  4. Common Questions During Recovery
  1. Coping With Emotions
  2. Causes of Miscarriage
  3. Readers' Miscarriage Experiences
  4. Someone I Love Is Miscarrying

Types of Pregnancy Loss

Types of Pregnancy Loss

The experience of a first-trimester miscarriage is tremendously different from that of a late-term loss or stillbirth. Learn more about what to expect based on your specific circumstances.

Treatment Options

Miscarriage Treatment

You may not have a choice in your treatment. But in some cases, your doctor may ask your preference for whether you want to wait for a natural miscarriage or have a D & C. Here's some help in making the decision and info on what to expect.

Physical Recovery

Physical Recovery

Everyone's physical recovery is different, but you may have a number of questions about the amount of bleeding and pain to expect and when your body will get back to normal.

Common Questions During Recovery

Common Questions

You may find yourself reeling emotionally for at least a few weeks (or longer) after a miscarriage. Here are some common concerns people have during this time.

Coping With Emotions

Coping with Miscarriage

With most types of pregnancy loss, the physical issues are easier to handle than the emotional coping.

Causes of Miscarriage


One of the first questions most people have is, "Was this my fault?" The answer is no. And there isn't an answer as to why a miscarriage happened. You can do everything right and still have a miscarriage.

Readers' Miscarriage Experiences

Miscarriage Stories

Reading the stories and experiences of others going through a miscarriage can be a good way to feel less alone in grieving a pregnancy loss. You can also share your own story or thoughts about different aspects of miscarriage.

Someone I Love Is Miscarrying

If you're here because a loved one is going through a miscarriage, here are some tips for how you can be there for your friend or relative during this difficult time. Your support will mean a lot to the grieving parents.

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