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Coping with Pregnancy Loss - Handling Emotions and Grief

Miscarriage may strain your relationship and may affect your ability to function in daily life. Pregnancy loss can deeply affect men as well as women. Find advice and articles on how to cope with the experience of miscarriage.
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Practicalities After Pregnancy Loss
It's easy to let the everyday things fall to the wayside after a pregnancy loss, but there are plenty of issues you'll have to deal with as a result of your miscarriage, stillbirth, or other pregnancy loss. Lactation, Birth Control, Taxes, Funeral Planning, Insomnia, etc.

Family Miscarriage - Have Others in Your Extended Family Had …
Are you the first in your extended family to suffer a miscarriage? Or did you have other relatives who had been there/done that who could lend you a supportive ear? Share your experience here.

It’s All My Fault
Feeling guilty and blaming yourself are two common reactions when you've had a miscarriage or stillbirth. Pregnancy loss is rarely preventable, so why do we feel so guilty? And what can women do to help relieve those negative feelings?

Miscarriage Grief - Did You Want to Talk About Your Miscarriage Grief?
After experiencing a miscarriage or other pregnancy loss, some parents want to talk about their grief as a way to cope with what happened. Others don't. What was your experience?

Holiday and Special Occasion Survival Guide
Strategies, hints, and tips for getting through holidays and special occasions all through the year when you've had a pregnancy loss.

Emotional Recovery After Therapeutic Termination
Women who had to end their pregnancies for medical reasons still grieve. They're also faced with guilt and uncertainty as a result of their decisions. Here you'll find some common issues that come up in the emotional recovery process after a medically indicated therapeutic termination.

Same-Sex Couples and Pregnancy Loss
Same-sex couples face challenges becoming pregnant, so a pregnancy loss can present special challenges for coping, and requires special sensitivity from health-care practitioners.

How Can Your Marriage Survive a Miscarriage?
Strategies and tips for dealing with the stress a pregnancy loss puts on a marriage.

Is It OK to Skip Christmas After Losing My Baby?
The holidays, especially the first one, can be difficult to face after pregnancy loss. Sometimes, it seems impossible to go through with the festive celebrations. Is is OK to "skip Christmas?" and how should you go about getting your family to support your decision?

Teen Pregnancy Loss
Pregnant teens face social stigma and additional risk factors that make pregnancy loss a challenge to cope with. Teen pregnancy affects the entire family. People caring for teens during pregnancy loss should be sensitive to their special issues.

Deciding Not to Try Again After a Miscarriage
Although trying again after a miscarriage may be an obvious choice for some couples, others may not be able to get pregnant again or may actively choose not to get pregnant. Here are the options if you are leaning toward not trying again after a miscarriage.

Mothers' Day After Pregnancy Loss
Strategies for coping with your emotions during Mothers' Day and suggestions for how to spend the holiday after you've had a pregnancy loss.

Grief and Holidays - Dealing with Miscarriage Grief and Holidays
Are you finding the holiday season to be difficult in the aftermath of your miscarriage? Share your thoughts and any tips you have for how to deal with pregnancy loss grief and the holidays.

Can Women Have Postpartum Depression After a Miscarriage?
It is normal to feel grief after a miscarriage, but in some cases, the grief may develop into full blown depression. Some might describe depression after a pregnancy loss as being a type of postpartum depression.

Baby Showers - Coping with Other People's Baby Showers After …
If you found it downright painful to attend baby showers after your miscarriage, you're not alone. Share your tips for how to cope when pregnant friends and relatives hold baby showers while you're still grieving your miscarriage.

Coping with Pregnancy Loss - What Helps Most in Coping with P…
If you have dealt with a miscarriage, stillbirth, or other pregnancy loss, what has helped you the most in dealing with the ensuing grief? Share your story here.

Miscarriage Support Organizations

If you need an extra source of support or if you wish to do something to help further miscarriage awareness, a number of nonprofit organizations around the world aim to spread awareness of pregnancy and infant loss. Some are regional in focus but others have a national reach. The following is a list of some of the major pregnancy loss awareness organizations. If you represent an organization t…

Loss of Pregnancy - Dealing with Pregnant Friends After a Miscarriage…
When you have had a pregnancy loss, it might hurt when friends, relatives, or coworkers seem to go through pregnancy without complications. How do you wish your pregnant friends had shared their news or treated you following your own loss?

Chemical Pregnancy - Experiences with Chemical Pregnancy
Have you had an early miscarriage that was termed a chemical pregnancy? Share your thoughts on the experience and how it affected you.

Miscarriage - Talking to Children About Miscarriage
If your miscarriage happened after you told your children about the pregnancy, you may be struggling with how to help them understand the miscarriage. Share your advice for how to talk to your children after a pregnancy loss.

Talking About Miscarriage - Medical Terms for Miscarriage Spo…
Many women are shocked by the impersonal terminology that many doctors use when discussing miscarriage, especially the phrase "spontaneous abortion." What are your thoughts on miscarriage terminology? What should a miscarriage be called?

Miscarriage Comments - Worst Comments After a Miscarriage
Nearly everyone who has had a miscarriage or pregnancy loss has been subjected to various comments that might feel insensitive, usually from well meaning relatives who don't understand that they are being hurtful. What has been your experience?

Deal with Thanksgiving After a Miscarriage
Here are some tips for how to cope with thanksgiving gatherings when you have had a recent miscarriage or stillbirth or other pregnancy loss.

When Miscarriage Grief Becomes Depression
The signs and symptoms of depression are not that different from the signs of typical grief after a pregnancy loss. Thus, when you are grieving a miscarriage or pregnancy loss, it can be hard to tell whether or not you have developed clinical depression.

Will Getting Pregnant Again Make Me Feel Better About My Miscarriage?
Many women assume that getting pregnant again will make the pain of the miscarriage go away, but that is not always a reality. Researchers still do not yet know how miscarriage affects people in the long term, and the answer is often individual.

October 15th - National Pregnancy and Infant Loss Remembrance Day
Did you know that October 15 is a national remembrance day for miscarriage and pregnancy loss and that October is National Pregnancy and Infant Loss Awareness Month? Here's what you can do during the month to remember your baby or spread awareness of pregnancy loss.

Coping with Miscarriage and Pregnancy Loss
Miscarriage grief may feel overwhelming, especially in the initial aftermath of the pregnancy loss. You may face anxiety, anger, depression, or any number of feelings. You might find your relationship strained and you might feel reluctant to face the world. Specific coping tips may help you deal with your feelings about your miscarriage.

Is Miscarriage Ever Anyone's Fault?
Many women struggle with feelings of self-blame after a miscarriage, especially if the cause remains unexplained. But are miscarriages ever anyone's fault or the doctor's fault? The answer is: rarely.

Deciding Whether to See a Mental Health Professional After Your Miscarriage
Depression and anxiety frequently occur in women, and sometimes in men, after a miscarriage or stillbirth. Intense grief is normal in the initial aftermath. But if you develop symptoms of clinical depression or anxiety that last for months after the miscarriage, it might be time to see a mental health professional -- and it's perfectly OK to need and reach out for this help.

How to Cope with Baby Shower Invitations After a Miscarriage
Attending baby showers after a miscarriage can be deeply painful. Here's what to do if you are receiving baby shower invitations while grieving a miscarriage.

Myths and Truths Around Grief and Mourning
Learn more about the difference between grief and mourning, as well as some other common misconceptions about the grieving process.

Anxiety After a Miscarriage or Stillbirth
It's not uncommon to develop long-term problems with anxiety after a miscarriage or stillbirth, but not everyone knows the symptoms of the various anxiety disorders. Learn about generalized anxiety disorder, obsessive compulsive disorder, acute stress disorder, and post-traumatic stress disorder.

Why Did My Doctor Say My Miscarriage Was an Abortion?
Many women are upset after having a miscarriage to hear doctors use the word "spontaneous abortion" to refer to what happened. This term is common in medical texts, although many medical professionals try to avoid using it when talking to patients.

Determine Your Risk of Miscarriage
Many women wonder when the odds of miscarriage go down, but the truth is that there isn't one single answer for all women. Miscarriage statistics vary by groups and factors. Figure out your miscarriage risk with these steps.

Talking to Children About Miscarriage and Pregnancy Loss
Many parents struggle with how to break the news of a miscarriage to their other children. Depending on your children's age, you may choose to explain everything about the pregnancy loss or to not tell them anything at all.

Handling Insensitive Comments from Friends and Relatives After a Miscarriage
Almost everyone who has been through a miscarriage knows about the hurtful and insensitive comments that others can make. Sometimes you can help to educate friends and relatives about what to say to someone who has had a pregnancy loss, but other times you may want to avoid people who make ignorant comments.

Coping with Unexplained Miscarriage or Stillbirth
More often than not, doctors have no clear answers for why a specific pregnancy loss happened. They know much about general miscarriage causes but can rarely pinpoint an explanation for individual miscarriages and stillbirths, and sometimes this can be hard to accept.

Facing the Holidays After a Miscarriage or Other Pregnancy Loss
Many people struggle with the holiday season when grieving a recent miscarriage or pregnancy loss. Find tips for dealing with family gatherings and other events, as well as managing your feelings during Christmas, Hanukah, and New Year events.

Breaking the News of a Miscarriage or Stillbirth
Pregnancy loss is hard enough on you as the person experiencing it, but many people also struggle with how to inform friends, relatives, and coworkers of a recent miscarriage or stillbirth. Here are some tips for how to spread the news of a pregnancy loss without adding additional stress.

What to Expect Emotionally After Miscarriage or Stillbirth
Miscarriage and pregnancy loss bring out different feelings for different people. Sadness can feel overwhelming at first but, over time, coping with miscarriage will get easier. Many women may go through the often-cited five stages of grief after a pregnancy loss.

Emotional Aspects of Pregnancy Loss
A woman recounts her experience of miscarriage and how others treated her. She concludes with the "truths" of miscarriage coping and offers advice to readers for how they can get through the experience.

Poems About Miscarriage
Many women find writing to be a good way to handle grief. This website includes a handful of poems that discuss the pain of miscarriage and pregnancy loss.

Myths About Miscarriage - Responding to Myths About Miscarriage
What are some other miscarriage myths you've heard? How do you respond to miscarriage myths when you encounter them? Post your opinion here.

Good & Bad Books for People Who Have Had a Miscarriage or Pre…
Looking for miscarriage books? Post a review of a pregnancy-loss related book you have recently read, or browse through others' reviews of books for people who have had miscarriages.

Do I Include My Miscarriage When People Ask How Many Children I Have?
Should you include your pregnancy losses when someone asks you how many children you have? What are some ways to mention losses when you answer?

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