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Readers Respond: When to Try to Get Pregnant After a Miscarriage

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Updated June 13, 2009

After a miscarriage many couples are not sure when is the best time to try to get pregnant again. Doctors give different advice about how long to wait and often the answer on when to try again lies in each couple's emotional readiness. What was your experience, and when did you decide (or when do you plan) to try to get pregnant again? Are you going to wait a few weeks or months, or are you going to try again right away?

Empty sac

I have two healthy boys and thought the third would be a breeze. Got pregnant after 3 cycles, but at week 8 (yesterday) found out I had an empty sac (blighted ovum) pregnancy. I am having my D&C tomorrow. Not sure if we are even trying again -- my husband is worried that we're being too greedy with a third kid anyway and that this is a sign to stop. I am incredibly sad though...
—Guest melissa

Nothing yet

My partner and I found out we were pregnant 2nd Feb at 4 weeks. We were over the moon and told all our family. This our first pregnency. At 6 weeks Ii started to light bleed. We went for an emergency scan where we were told everything looks fine and in early pregnancy it sometimes happens. We were so pleased. We went for our 12 week scan appointment (nearly 13 weeks) there was no heartbeat, we had lost the baby. We were gutted. 4 days later, I went into hospital to take medication for the miscarriage to happen. It was so painful and upsetting. I had to go back for another scan a week later to check everything had come away and it hadn't. So I went in for d and c a week later. It has been so hard for us. I would be 30 weeks now and not a day passes when I don't think about the baby. My partner and I both want to try again. We have been since my first period after m/c. Nothing yet still, waiting for that day I have a positive test. Our day will come.
—Guest Sarah

Heart broken

I went through 2mths of ivf, became pregnant with twins and felt great because I thought it would never happen. I miscarried 2010.07.26 and 27 respectively. I was 19 wks 3days and I feel so empty, because I got to hold them and Ethan lived for a couple mins when he was delivered. I just want to try again so badly but I am so afraid that this can happen again and my heart or that of my husband could not take it again, the pain is too great. I wish u all success and God's blessings.
—Guest Sue


I had just given birth to our stillborn son at almost 32 weeks. I hadn't even known he had died, it just happened so quickly. In one day, he must have died, then that night I gave birth to him. I had to push out the head and shoulders since by the time I got to the hospital after a gush of blood, his feet and butt were hanging out along with part of the cord. After the funeral one week later, we're anxious to try again. We're so ready to be parents. Waiting the standard 6 weeks for my body to heal is agonizing. It's like I want to try again immediately.
—Guest Amber

Sad but Positive?!?

On June 23rd of 2009 I had to relieve myself of pregnancy because I found out that it was ectopic. I was given a couple shots to push the baby out of my tube. Because this pregnancy wasn't planned my boyfriend and I decided we could wait to try to conceive. In Feb 2010 we started trying and found out in April that we were pregnant. I waited three months and finally told everybody. On Father's Day I found myself in the hospital with light bleeding only to hear that while I was 13 weeks my baby only lived until 9 weeks. They gave me pills to insert into myself to extract the baby but after a week and a half of severe cramping I had to go for a D&C to get the baby out. I guess he/she didn't want to leave me either!! I am still bleeding from the m/c but through all of the anger, sadness and tears and hopeful that I will be able to conceive and carry to term. I wish all of you the best and would like to thank you all for helping me to realize that I am not alone.

Anxious and trying to heal...

January of 2010 I found out I was pregnant..hubby and I were so elated we told everyone. We were so excited to bring a sibling into the world for our 1 year old daughter. 4 Weeks later at 8 weeks prego I went into the dr for an early u/s and to my suprise found out I had a missed miscarriage. I had a D&C done Feb. 17th and 2 weeks later the pathology report showed I had a partial molar pregnancy so I was scheduled to go in for routine blood draws to monitor my hcg levels. Last week I fell pregnant and actually miscarried on father's day...my husband and I are crushed and I can't help but wonder if something is wrong with me or if I will ever be able to have another baby. I'm thankful for what I have but I'd love to add another baby to our family.....I guess I have to put it in God's hands and hope for the best. Everyone keep your heads up..our time willcome eventually...
—Guest Tonya

One stillborn twin, one healthy baby

It took me and my husband almost a year of fertility treatments to get pregnant. When we finally got the news that we were pregnant we couldn't be happier. I started spotting at 5 weeks and went to the emergency room thnking the worst only to be told that the "babies" were fine, we were having twins and couldn't be happier. My due date was March 7 2010, I was put on bedrest in the hospital on Dec. 11, 2009 due to high blood pressure, they stabilized me, got the blood pressure down but on January 3, 2010 during a routine ultasound they couldn't find one of the boys heartbeats so on January 4. 2010. I gave birth to one stillborn son and one son who had many obstacles to overcome from being born 9 weeks early. I'm happy to say my son is doing great and not a day goes by that I don't think about my other son and shed some tears. I want to try for another baby, however I don't want to go through the possible loss of another child. I wish all the very best!!
—Guest Bittersweat

Scary as Heck

I'm sorry for everyone who has gone through this. In 2009 (march 23rd) I lost the baby I was carry to a miscarriage. I was 15 weeks along, but baby had died around 9.5 weeks we were told (they couldn't find the heart beat when I went in at 15 weeks). My hubby and I waited 3 months, then tried again (this was our first baby). 2 months later we got pregnant. I carried that baby until 40 weeks, and 5 days, and ended up having a stillborn birth (autopsy conclusion: unexplained fetal demise). They have no clue why we lost our baby at 40 weeks and five days. This is the hardest road we've ever had to walk. Miscarrying, and now a still born birth. I feel for each and every one of you. Nothing can prepare you for a loss of a child. Nothing. I can't even comprehend trying again with my hubby, (we have no children). I hope one day, I can get there, and we can fall pregnant again, and be blessed with a child to keep. Until then... I have to survive each and every day.
—Guest Heather

Trying to stay positive!

We were excited when we first got pregnant. On the 10th week of our pregnancy, we were told that there was no hearbeat, or no baby to be found. I had a D&C operation and we were told to give it at least 6 months before trying to get pregnant again. I still haven't emotionally recovered. I want to try again but afraid of going through the same thing. Its an unfortunate situation that happened and I thought I was the unluckiest person in the world. Thank you all for sharing your experiences. It has helped me...knowing I am not alone!
—Guest Ali

Still waiting

I had a miscarriage on 2nd March 2010 at 5 weeks. Would of been our first baby. Have only just just my periods back normally at three months, so now I cross my fingers I can fall again. Good luck to you all, and thank you for sharing all your stories -- good to know we are not alone.
—Guest guestbella

7 miscarriages

I have had 7 miscarriages. The first 6 were very early (6-8 weeks along). This last one was at 13.5 weeks. I have to say, this one was very heartbreaking to both my husband and myself. We thought we were in the clear after 8 weeks. We told our son (3 now and was born at 30 weeks) and now I had to try and explain to a 3yr old that there was no more baby. My husband and I really want another child but I am not sure that it will happen for us. We have had all the testing and they cannot find a reason for all of the losses. That makes it even harder. With this last loss, I saw the HB a couple of times and saw the baby moving around and waving. I would be 21 weeks now. I just keep thinking that we would have found out the sex of the baby last week. Dr wants me to wait 3 cycles before trying again. That seems like a lifetime away. I still have not had my first one since m/c. I wish the best for all of you and I am sending hugs to all of you! Good Luck!


I just got the news yesterday that I will eventually m/c due to no heartbeat and hcg decreasing. I was advised to do a d&c. I am so depressed and angry. I have a 2 1/2 daughter so I never thought I would have any problems. My husband and I are still deciding if we want to try again as soon as the doc give us the o.k. I'm not sure. This baby was due early Dec perfect timing for me to go to Jan interviews for an internship program. I didn't get in this year and thought God had blessed me with a pregnancy instead. But now I'm so confused I have no career and worse no baby. I am stuck between trying again that I think will make me feel better, or to wait and go on with my career due to possible discrimination while pregnant. I am devastated! I thank you all for sharing your experiences it helped me realize I'm not alone. Thank you and I just hope things turn out better for all of us!
—Guest Melissa

Still trying

I lost my baby at 7 weeks in Sept of 2009. It's May 10 2010 my due date and am still not pregnant. I got my period only 17 days after my m/c and we have been trying ever since and haven't conceived yet. I think try as soon as you want, because you may end up in my situation which is a pretty depressing one. At least we can go for fertility treatments soon. They make you try for a year before before helping you.

Be positive it will happen

I wrote in at the start of the year as I miscarried at the end of Nov 09. After 5 months of trying I'm pregnant again. I'm very nervous & trying to think positive but it is hard. I think getting pregnant 5 months after my miscarriage was a good time for my body to heal & also my emotionally to.
—Guest Bronnie


I have now suffered two miscarriages in 6 months. The first miscarriage was in my week 11 and my second was in week 5. I have recently found out that I am pregnant again. I am no longer with the babies' father and am trying not to get stressed and upset. This baby is really important to me and hoping it's third time lucky.
—Guest Kirstie
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