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Readers Respond: How Long Have You Been Trying to Get Pregnant After Miscarriage?

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Updated December 07, 2009

Once you start trying again after miscarriage, it might take anywhere from one menstrual cycle to several months to get pregnant. It can be frustrating when the new pregnancy doesn't happen right away, especially if you are hoping a new pregnancy will help in coping with your loss. Below, post how long you been trying to conceive. Also, how are you coping with the wait to the new pregnancy? Are you finding it easy to be patient, or is every month you don't get pregnant a source of increased stress?

I have been trying to get pregnant again

I had a miscarriage last december, and I have been trying since january to get pregnant again without success.
—Guest christy.

Baby dust to everyone

We found out we were prego in May 2010 but I miscarried at 5 weeks. Together my husband and I are suffering from the emotional difficulty of losing this pregnancy. I just completed my third period which broke my heart because we are trying. At this point the best thing for us is to focus on other things like exercising, our house, our families, jobs, anything to take our mind off of trying. With that said, we are still going to track my fertile days and see what happens. I have no idea if it will be next month or next year. It's in Gods hands now and even if we never have a baby, there are so many other blessings in our life and so many that are worse off. I have decided to start training for a marathon to take my mind off of conceiving. Blessings to everyone and may you find patience and love and have healthy babies soon!!!!

Pregnant again, scared!

I miscarried at 11 wks in apr 2010. We wanted 2 try again straight away but it took 6 wks for my period 2 return. We tried half heartedly that month (I was still grieving & didnt feel like sex) & was so disappointed when my period arrived again so the next month (july) we decided 2 really go for it! From day 12-17(inc) of my cycle we had sex morning & night whether we felt like it or not 2 give ourselves the best possible chance. Then my period didnt arrive. A pregnancy test confirmed I'm pregnant again, 6 wks now. I'm relieved its happened so quickly but petrified I'll m/c again. Its gonna be a long 6 wks til we pass that 12 wk mark. I wish u all the best of luck, don't give up!X
—Guest Claire

Trying again

I was ttc for over 2 yrs got pregnant and lost my baby at 11 wks. It was the most dificult time for me. I waited 6 months and I got pregnant again after a yr only to suffer another lost at 6 wks. I see pregnant people around me that they conceived so easy and here I am with 2 lost pg. and pretend that I'm happy for them. It's so hard when they comment about their pregnancy to me and that is last thing I want to hear. They told me it was better to have my second loss so early and the truth is it doesn't get any better. They were still my babies, I pray 4 all us. I want to ttc again. I don't know if I can deal w/another loss:(
—Guest Elizabeth

3rd time lucky & living in limbo...

My fiancé & I found out we were pregnant on Valentines day 2010. It was our first attempt! But then we M/C at 7 weeks (April 2010) 3 months later (July 2010) we faced our second M/C at 6 weeks (My sister was 2 weeks ahead of me & so excited, I can hardly look at her, she is now 12 weeks pregnant & showing). It's now early August & i'm waiting for my cycle to start & we have had 2 faint positive pregnancy tests. I have been told by my family to stop trying and they have been less than sympathetic towards my partner and I. I am still being monitored by my local Early Pregnancy Crisis Clinic & my HCG levels went from 63 last week to 35 this week so chances are we may be pregnant again (2-3 wks) or that the preg tests are showing up faint positive due to HCG levels left over from our last M/C. I have all of my pregnancy symptoms back!!??? Heartburn, bloating, sore breasts, mood swings and above all... HOPE wish me luck, i'll keep you posted! Should know more by this time next week.
—Guest tarniah


Hello everyone. I too am one of the many sufferers. I had a miscarriage in December 2009 and was given methotrexate the same month to end the still rising hcg levels. Fiance and I wanted a baby as soon as possible, so we waited 3 months as advised by the doctors and started trying again. 4 months of resumed "hard work" and dreams after dreams down the line and still nothing... Someone once told me that all things happen for a reason though and I really do believe in this... Good luck to us all!
—Guest Dreamer Me

Scared that time is running out

I only met my partner in my 30s, we're getting married in 2 weeks (Aug 10). In May I was delighted to find I was pregnant immediately we started trying. We couldn't have been happier, but I miscarried at 2 months which was devastating. Even though it's so tiny and nobody knew, we couldn't help being so excited and making plans. Now we're trying again but I'm so impatient I'm going through pregnancy tests every week, but getting upset as they're all negative. I have become way more desperate about it than before the m/c. Just want a child so much.
—Guest Hepburn

Good bye Angel Baby

It took me & my hubby 9 months ttc. There was nothing we wanted more in life than to become parents. I was 7 weeks when I miscarried, my heart shattered. I kept wondering what I might have done for this to happen. I no longer felt whole. I mean even tho your baby's not that big & u can't feel it, it's still your baby & u already have such a deep luv for it...what can I say, god has a plan for all of us! It just wasn't meant to be yet! I just gotta keep my head up high and know that one day my time will come to be the best mommy I can be.....
—Guest cassandra comi

Three months so far, no luck yet

We began TTC in August 2008, but we were living apart for 6 months and not tracking my cycle. In Nov 2009 we began charting and after three cycles I was pregnant! But, I miscarried at 11 weeks on 4/5/2010. This is the third cycle since then, my cycles seem to be back to normal and I am curious how long it will take - of course I want to be pregnant again ASAP but I wonder if the three months of charting was just a lucky month, or whether it will be quick again. Thought we might have succeeded just this past cycle, timing was right for ovulation, but instead I had the worst PMS ever and my period showed up right on time. Good luck and baby dust to you all!
—Guest ST

Keeping my faith

I have a 4 year old daughter and I got pregnant in november 2009, then I went for my 8 week check up, when they did the ultrasound I didn't hear a heart beat, I was devastated it took 2 months for my period to comeback and since then we have being trying and nothing yet, my doctoc put me on clomid to regulate my ovulation this is my first month but today id my day I should get my period and nothing yet, I did a pregnancy test this morning and it was negative, is very stressful and sad my daughter keeps telling me, mommy I want a brother or sister I feel alone, that breaks my heart, and I feel hopeless sometimes because it seems that thwe time is going by so fast and still nothing, I also work in a place that we help singles moms and some of them have 5,6 or 7 kids and keep having more and is so easy for them, and we only ask for another one and we can't, please keep us in your prayers.
—Guest Jessica

Miscarried @ 6 weeks March 2010

I got pregnant with my last child after 11 months of TTC. I had been put on Metformin the 11th month and I got pregnant. I started bleeding when I was 6 weeks along and lost the baby. I believe I got pregnant because of the pill I was on. My doctor gave me another prescription for Metformin. I have been taking it since I miscarried in March of 10' It has now been 4 months since I miscarried and I'm still not pregnant.
—Guest Mommyof2

2 months so far...

We tried for 4 years to get pregnant and no luck. I had finally set my mind to if it happens, it happens, and then in January 2010 it finally happened. I first started bleeding in March and the Dr. told me everything was fine...this happened 3 times. I had an ultasound and everything was good with me and the baby, then a week later I started bleeding and had some mild pain so I thought eveything would be alright like before...I went to the er and ended up staying the night and had my dnc the next day. We have been trying for a few weeks now so my fingers are crossed. Please keep us in your prayers.
—Guest ocean519

Still nothing

I though this was the mo. My period was 2 days late, and I was so happy; however it showed up today. It seems like everyone around me is pregnant and it hurts so bad. I always have to pretend that I am so happy for everyone. I am getting to the point where I am sick and tired, and so ready to just give up. I feel less then a woman that I can't do something that comes so natural to most. I ask that u all pray for me because I need it so bad. This is my cry for help.
—Guest Shavon

Trying again after heartbreaking u/s

I became pregnant on September 30, 2009 and was the happiest woman in the world. At first everything went smoothly until I was 7 1/2 months pregnant. I found out I had Preeclampsia but the doc told me my baby would be fine, she would check him on the ultrasound the next day...she put it off for over 4 weeks! When I went to the ultrasound appt my heart was ripped from my chest. The doctor looked at me and said "your baby's heart stopped, he's not alive." The first thing I did was scream that he was wrong, I didn't believe him because I had just felt my son moving and rolling around less than 20 minutes before the ultrasound. I came home and felt completely lost! The next day my doc told me that even if she had induced me before my son would have died. I gave birth to him on May 20, 2010, 2 days after I found out and the cord was wrapped around his neck extremely tightly! The hardest part is knowing he would have been ok if I had him before. I wsa 33 weeks when I lost him.
—Guest Brittany


I had tried for 5 yrs., kinda lost hope after so long, then in April 2010 found out I was apx 4wks, was in the hospital 3 times for bleeding (brownish) was sent home an put on bed rest till I see dr. Seen the dr and he said with my levels being so low in the 100s that meant there was a sac but no baby. I was crushed, felt like giving up. It's just so hard, something u want so bad and that. I bled heavy for about 10 days and cramping, had to go once a wk and have my hcg levels checked cuz they would go up which I didn't understand still 2 mths later. So finally now they're to zero and my second period just passed were trying. It's so frustrating that a woman has to go through so much to try and have a baby. It tears u apart. I'm keeping my hopes up. Best of luck to everyone and my prayers go out to all of u... (baby dust to all........)
—Guest hopeful
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