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Readers Respond: How Long Have You Been Trying to Get Pregnant After Miscarriage?

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Updated December 07, 2009


I've been trying to get pregnant for 5 yrs. April I found out I was and a week later miscarried. I had my levels checked for 2 months after. I'm ready to try again, just hoping it doesnt take as long.
—Guest sarm24

Too long

I had an ectopic in 2005. I got pregnant in march this year but lost my very much wanted baby in april at 6 weeks. It was really hurtful to lose a much wanted baby as I've been trying for 5 years.

Still trying

It's been a year and 5 months when I lost my baby. ever since we keep on trying nothing yet. I know am only 19 going to 20 but me and my husband are ready to have a baby. but still nothing. I get angry upset every month I get my period. I see people with baby and it makes me mad and sad that I dont have my baby in my arms. It hurts so bad. Sometimes I just want to give up. God please help us and everyone out there that is trying.
—Guest lilo

Pregnant after miscarriage

I was 6wks when we lost our baby, got pregnant right away on my first cycle. Were 22wks pregnant now with our little girl. I wish the best to all of you and may you have a healthy baby!! God Bless
—Guest Blessings

Frustrated and losing hope

We found out we had suffered a missed miscarriage at our 13 week scan. Our baby (our first) hadn't developed beyond 6 weeks 3 days they said. I had a D & C. That was 8 months ago and despite being certain I am ovulating (get a + opk each month, have charted which shows a temp shift and have used a fertility monitor which also shows I'm ovulating) and having sex lots we still have not managed to get pregnant. I am becoming increasingly frustrated and worried there is something wrong. Our doctors refused to help us and said we should try for another 5 months and then go back. We will have been trying for 20 months then - that seems like an excessive amount of time. All I want is a baby :o(
—Guest Shazza

I can't wait 2 start trying again

I was 10 weeks when I had a miscarriage. It all started with a bit of spotting then it was confirmed I was having a miscarriage. My heart is very broken but I'm hoping to try again very soon but I'm still waiting for my 1st cycle after my miscarriage. Hope all goes well for me and all you ladies out there...
—Guest Lucia

Starting to try again

I lost my little girl a month ago, and I had to have a d&c after having her. We are starting to try again. I've had my first period since then and was only two days off the date so I'm hoping my body is getting back on track and hoping to be back soon saying we're expecting again!! Lots of love to everyone on here as well who are trying and who have lost a child as well.
—Guest xxnatashaxx

Today was a loss

Me and my husband started trying May 3, day we were married. We weren't trying hard like some people my age of 39 with ovulation tests etc. Wanted it the natural way. Then we decided to shelf it for a bit and that's when I got pregnant. I found out last week and told the world. I had originally found out because I was spotting between periods. Lo and behold I was pregnant! My horrible medical group didn't pay attention when I kept asking why am I still spotting? Finally when they listen and gave me a blood test, the hormones levels dropped. They told me on my voicemail, awful. I took a home preg. test and it was postive and demanded to see a doctor to at least ask questions, as no one called me back. The doctor explained the fertilized egg just never took. I am so heartbroken she said we can try again in July. However, the pain of this is so great I don't know if I could go through it again. I will try to heal and here's to us all bringing new souls to this earth.

I just want a belly for Christmas

I just had a miscarrage today and all I want to do is crawl under a rock!!!! I was suppose to be due 12/22/10. I have a D&C scheduled for 5/26 and I'm already thinking about getting pregnant again! Maybe its my way of coping with things but I truly want to have a huge belly with a baby in it for Christmas...heart broken

Trying to conceive after a miscarriage

My husband and I have been TTC since my miscarriage a year ago April 30. It's by far the hardest thing I have ever been through! Its devastating to see everyone around having babies. Including 2 that are very close to us.
—Guest Heather Bowman


I was about 7 weeks pregnant. My boyfriend and I were very excited. Then one morning I was having light bleeding, went to the doctor for an ultrasound he said everything was perfect. 5 hours later I lost my baby. Doctors said it was unknown why it happened. I couldn't speak to anyone for a few days and the sight of pregnant women made me cry. I was one of the most heartbreaking feelings of my life. Now we are trying again. Wish us luck!
—Guest Brittani

Trying to conceive after miscarriage

Miscarried at 6 weeks on first try at getting pregnant with my hubby. Got my first cycle 4 weeks later and started trying again. Now 7 days late and no sign of my period. I don't think I ovulated and I was hoping I would be pregnant by now but have had negative pregnancy tests. It's so frustrating.
—Guest kiana86


Married over 10 years and wouldn't trade him for the world! Started TTC 2008, been through a dye test that came back fine, gone through 8 cycles of clomid...tried Robitussin for the first time in February and we got pregant. My sister in law went through IVF and so we were only one week apart...Until I got home from a trip to Chicago (I live in Florida), and went to the doctor for the second u/s, at 9 weeks and was told there was no heartbeat! We were both heartbroken and went through a D&C. Doctor told us to wait 2 cycles before trying again. But the only thing I can think about now (after 3 weeks) is wanting to be pregnant again!!! I still have days where I cannot look at another pg woman, but I remind myself we must not give up on our dreams. That anything in life worth having is not meant to be easy. We just have to Hold On...Michael Buble Eveerything will be okay. What really helps is knowing we are not alone in this journey.
—Guest Angelia

Miscarriage last month

I had a pregnancy in April 2009 and get miscarriage in last of May. After 9 months I was again pregnant but had an ectopic pregnancy last month and get aborted by doctor. Now I am taking rest and will start trying after 2 months. Wish me luck for my next conception and it will be full term and get baby. Plz God help me.

4TH time lucky?

I had my first miscarriage 2 years ago and have had 2 since then that have required d&c's. It is absolutely soul destroying. I'm now 35 and have been trying for 10months since the last miscarriage. It's very hard not to get very depressed- especially when we've had so many tests which don't reveal any problem.
—Guest georgie
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