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Readers Respond: Names for Babies Lost to Miscarriage or Stillbirth

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Updated May 04, 2009

If you have had a miscarriage or stillbirth, did you decide to give your baby a name? Why or why not? And if you did give your baby a name, how did you choose that name?

Named my baby after miscarriage

When I had a miscarriage way back in 178 we decided to name our baby to make him remembered and more real to everyone. Back then that was a very rare thing to do. We didnt want to name him the name we had picked since we might use it later so we chose P.J. He was named after the cute baby in the Family Circus cartoon. Everyone I tell the name to thinks it is very cute. It did help us bring closure by naming him. To me it just seemed natural. People name stuffed animals so why wouldn't I name my own flesh and blood? Seemed like an easy decision to me.
—Guest linda

My baby

I had a very early miscarriage so I didn't know the baby's sex but I was convinced she was another girl and I call her Hannah. I like to think of her playing with her older sister Kathryn, who died when she was a baby. I have nothing but memories of her to know that Hannah ever existed and I find that very difficult to deal with. That and the breakdown of my relationship with her father who I still love but I ruined everything between him and I.


I lost my beautiful girl at 22weeks and 4 days. Her name is bella rose and her name was not a quick decision for me and my partner because she passed away. We have known she was Bella Rose for months. She made me a mother on mothers day. Bella's funeral was 2 weeks ago and I am so sick of people saying it gets easier in time. I feel the exact pain as I did when I delivered her and held her in my arms and she wasn't breathing. It was like it was yesterday.
—Guest Jessica

Stillborn Son has a Name

My son was stillborn at 40 weeks, on his due date, because of a cord accident. We named him Zachary Robert, as this was going to be his name if he had lived. He was buried in the "Babyland" part of the cemetary and has a little headstone with his name and his birth/death date date on it. I miss him every day, always will. I have 3 other children, and just found out today that I have a missed miscarriage, so I go for a D&C tomorrow. Don't think we'll name this one, we can't know if it was a boy or girl. We'll just call it Angel Baby.
—Guest JackyG

Baby girl

I recently lost my baby girl at 19 weeks. I had barely found out like two weeks ago I was going to have a girl. So I decided to let my boyfriend chose a Cambodian name because he is Cambodian as well...and I was going to choose a Mexican name. But I guess its too late now but he had chosen a name and the luvly name for my baby girl is Savanny. I thought about it and I decided to give her a name after all because I still had her..but not in a way I wanted to. I luv my Savanny.

Lost Baby Names

I recently lost a baby @ 15 weeks. One of my first reactions was that I was glad I hadn't yet named "it." Now I'm hoping that the doctor will be able to tell me if it was a boy or girl when I go for my follow up. I am tired of calling it "It". I need to acknowledge that it was alive albeit inside me. I have + sign on a pregnancy test. I saw a baby on the ultrasound but have no picture to frame. Just a memory and a dream of who that baby would become. It, no, he or she, deserves to have a name.
—Guest Susan

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