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Readers Respond: Finding Out You Are Pregnant Again After Miscarriage

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Updated September 30, 2009

From the article: Your First Trimester

Discovering that you are pregnant again after miscarriage can be joyous, nerve wracking, or a mix of both. If you are pregnant again after having a previous pregnancy loss, how did you feel when you first found out that you were pregnant? Were you overjoyed and excited, or did you feel much more cautious and reserved this time around? Share your thoughts here.

Expecting after miscarriage

I had a horrible miscarriage at 9 weeks on June 3rd and on August 3rd I found out I was pregnant again. I only had one normal period that lasted my normal days, we were not even trying..but here we go again on this scary journey. This time I am incredibly tired and I get nauseated last time that didn't happen. But I am trying to be happy but I don't even talk about the baby, or get too excited about it because I am scared he/she will be taken from me once again. I pray every day that I can carry this baby to full term..And I know it is a blessing from God that I am pregnant again.
—Guest DH

Pregnant again scared

I miscarried 3 months ago. We didn't find out til my 12 wk scan when there was no heartbeat. We were totally shocked & devastated. I am now just over 6 wks pregnant again & just can't relax or let myself feel excited. I just feel sick with fear. I'm trying to tell myself to take it day by day- easier said than done eh! I won't feel confident about this pregnancy until I pass that 12 wk mark- the next 6 wks will be the longest of my life! I am lucky I am already blessed with 2 gorgeous kids who keep me busy & my mind occupied but that nagging worry is always there. I wish us all happy & healthy pregnancies, we all deserve it after what we've been through x
—Guest Claire

6 wks pregnant after mc 2 months ago

I had an uncomplicated m/c about 2 months ago at 7 wks, was told to wait 3 months, and we did want to, but against all odds, I am 6 wks pregnant again. My period did come back 23 days after the m/c. I do the same every-10-minute check in the bathroom, so I really do understand your fears. Well, I think we should stop worrying, the best we can do for our babies is to pray to God, Who gave them in the first place, to keep them in good health.
—Guest Anna


I had a miscarriage in May 2010 at 7 weeks pregnant. Now I am pregnant again and I am so scared that something might go wrong again as it is so soon since miscarriage.
—Guest lynn

Pregnant after miscarriage

I miscarried in Sept. '09 at just a little under five weeks. I was shocked at what a long grieving rocess it was- right up until the May 11th due date. I am now 7 weeks along in a pregnancy that feels completely different- morning sickness is present, my breasts are really hurting, I'm very tired. I feel very guilty when I think about this darling baby that's with me now, though. I truly believe everything will work out this time. (Last year I kept saying to my husband that something didn't "feel right" and I was "waiting for the other shoe to drop". While I feel better about this pregnancy, I can't help but second guess every pull and twinge. I feel silly to admit that whenever I go into the bathroom, I check to see if I'm bleeding. I need to relax but am having a hard time. This baby needs all of my love and excitement but I find myself holding him/her at arm's length in fear something will happen. I'm praying for strength and calm and can't wait for our first ultrasound this Friday.
—Guest Jessica

4 miscarriages & pregnant

I have had 4 miscarriages in the past. They were all with the same man. I have recently married a wonderful person (not the same guy) and we were trying before we got married. We just found out (3 weeks after our wedding) that I am pregnant. The really crazy thing is based on my hCG levels I am around 3 weeks along. God has mysterious ways of working things but no matter how hard it is you have to stay positive, because in my case god made sure things worked out the way they were supposed to. Then again I am only 3 weeks along so we'll see.... I will keep you all in my prayers....please keep me in yours.
—Guest Nicole

My bad experience

The same thing happened to me except I had two miscarriages, one a year ago and one 5 months ago and now I'm 6 weeks pregnant and scared to death. After my 1st miscarriage on my second pregnancy I was really excited not even thinking negative until I started bleeding at 8 weeks and now I'm kind of happy I think but more scared than ever. I feel like something is gonna happen so I haven't told no one. I don't want to get my self excited...tomorrow I go to the doc and hope to hear good news which I doubt. I always feel like crying just thinking about my pregnancy that I cant enjoy yet.
—Guest guest edith

Pregnant again after miscarriage 7 mos

I had a silent miscarrage 7 months ago and have just found out that I am pregnant again. I am really happy but at the same time totally scared that it will happen again.
—Guest Laura

2 miscarriages and now pregnant

Wow ladies, I feel the anxiety. I had two mc one in Sept/09 at 6 wks, another just before Xmas /09 at 11 wks and now I just found out I'm 5 weeks pregnant /10. I'm very scared and nervous, haven't even told my boyfriend as I know he will be pissed again. I pray every night and ask God to put his hands around his little miracle and protect it from everything. I don't think I could handle going through another mc -- at 6 weeks it wasn't so bad but at 11 it was horrible no D&C had to expel it naturally over the course of a week, horrible just horrible. I will pray for all you ladies -- I feel your hearts, I feel the pain and anxiety. God bless you all and God bless your little miracles.
—Guest Pamela

Might be pregnant...scared to take test

I had a miscarriage in Dec 2009. When I was pregnant I was scared out of my mind. I'm still in college and have about a yr to go. I had a miscarriage @ about 10 wks. I told myself to be strong but when I think about how I could be holding my baby in my arms this coming June I just crumble. I haven't been able to REALLY talk to anyone about how I feel. I was sad that I lost my baby, but ok with it bcuz I didn't have the resources to properly provide a stable home. I wanted my baby back, but was ok with him/her (Mikayla or Michael) spending a little bit more time with God. Now, I'm getting those same feelings again...the cravings, constant urination, hunger, etc... so I went and bought my first ever pregnancy test, but I'm scared to death to take it and find out the result. Is it bad to want a baby? Where did these feelings come from? Why do I want one now? I know I should be worrying about school, but it's like I can't help it. Pray for me.
—Guest Guest MC

Pregnancy after miscarriage

I lost my baby on the 1st december 2009. I was 5 month pregnant. I found out the other day that I am expecting again. I am only 5 weeks today. The word nervous doesnt even come close, but I am trying to keep as positive as possible. This is going to feel like the longest pregnancy ever.x

Pregnant after MC

I found out I was pregnant today- 4 days after what would have been my due date. I am absolutely petrified but just crossing my fingers that maybe this one is just meant to be. That nagging thought wont go away though- dont think it will until I eventually have a baby in my arms
—Guest Tori

Pregnant and scared

I am 5 weeks pregnant after a mc 2 months ago. I previously had 3 happy pregnancies and have 3 gorgeous children. The mc was so unexpected. I am now pregnant and I am terrified I am pregnant too soon, and scared I will lose this baby. I am trying to stay calm and pray, but I am having trouble sleeping.
—Guest anxious mum

Pregnant 2 months after miscarriage

I had a miscarriage when I was 7-8 weeks pregnant. My doctor told me to wait to try again until I had 2 menstrual periods. We did exactly that but now I feel that it is too soon. I am 9 weeks pregnant but I still can't stop worrying. Everytime I go to the bathroom I check for blood and miscarriage is constantly on my mind. It is really scary. I have my next sonogram at 13 weeks and hopefully that will relieve my worries.
—Guest Jamie

Pregnant after miscarriage

I had a miscarriage 2 months ago. Today I am 4 wks 4 days which is when I first started noticing spotting last time. I have not had any spotting or any other symptoms but I am on edge and don't think I can relax until next Wed when I will feel like I am in the clear. I can't wait to feel excited and not scared everyday that it will happen again.
—Guest Kim
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