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Readers Respond: The Long (or Short) Wait for Your Menstrual Period

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Updated April 13, 2009

Planning to try again after a miscarriage is probably one of the few times in your life that you eagerly anticipate getting your period. If you have been there and done that, how long did it take for your menstrual period to come back? Did it come back fairly quickly, or was it a long wait? (And did your miscarriage happen fairly early or late?) Please share your experience and any tips on how to pass the time during the wait.

Waiting on #2

We lost our child at 9 weeks.... I had a D and C on July 1st,2010 and my first period was August 1st, 2010 but my doctor informed us to wait 2 regular periods to make sure that the wall of my uterus was built back up to hold another baby. This was due to me not having regular periods before getting pregnant!! My prayers are with each of your families!! I know the heartache it can cause when you are hit with something like this!! Pray we start Sept. 1st and then we try try try again!! :) Best wishes to all you ladies out there!!! It is all in HIS hands now!
—Guest Amy

Blessed to be a mother for 11 weeks

It is comforting to read each of your stories. I was thrilled to learn I was pregnant and I just turned 41. This would have been my first child. I went to the perinatologist as recommended by my OB/GYN and at 12 weeks, I heard words that no mother should ever hear: there is no heartbeat. It happened the week prior as the baby measured 11 weeks. This was on Aug 12 and I had a D&E on Aug 16. A week later, today, I started cramping heavily and bleeding whereas last week I barely bled. My dr said it is too soon for my period and is probably just extra tissue and "stuff" that wasn't entirely removed during surgery. I cannot wait to try again and I've felt phyically and emotionally terrible for the past 2 weeks. I read that some women ttc right away. Do we ovulate prior to that first period? Thinking of you all
—Guest Kara

Waiting to feel normal

Mid June 2010 I went in for my first ultrasound and the doctor could not find the baby, only a gestational sac. I should have been 10.5 weeks at that point. After many agonizing days of ultrasounds and bloodwork and 4 rounds of cytotec to induce the miscarriage, I had a D&C on July 1st. 30 days later I had 2 days of light flow and 2 days of spotting, which is not the norm for me...I would give anything to feel normal at this point. I have had 6 friends recently announce their pregnancies and 4 others who are due before the end of the year. Until the recent announcements of friends I had been doing ok but now I feel like I am lying when I tell them how excited I am for their happy news. I have been tracking my BBT to see if I am ovulating and determine when to expect my next (hopefully more normal) period. I keep telling myself that it will happen and that hopefully soon I will be back on track, albeit 6 months behind the original plan...
—Guest M

3 months bleeding after miscarriage

I had a miscarriage on May 21, 2010 and I am still bleeding everyday as of today Aaugust 12th. I am worried. I have been to see a Dr. 6 times already and they said its normal. They have me on birth control now to get my periods regular.
—Guest Cherie

Stop and Go

I had a natural miscarriage on June 20 at 10 weeks. I continued to bleed for 2 weeks afterwards and then completely stopped. Then on July 22 I started bleeding very lightly and haven't stopped yet (August 9). It seems to be getting heavier very gradually and I'm slowly experiencing cramping. At first I thought this would be my first "normal" period, but apparently not. I'm just so ready to feel "normal", has anyone else had an experience like this. It is really crappy that it is just one more constant reminder that I'm no longer pregnant! P.S. I practice medicine (pediatrics) and this is all still confusing for me, so don't feel badly if you are someone who is completely confused as well.
—Guest Steph

40 days...

I had a D&E on 6/22/10 after a missed miscarriage and my period just returned yesterday, 8/1/10, so about 40 days. Very bad cramps and heavy bleeding which is unusual for me.
—Guest Melissa

First Period After Miscarriage

I don't think I've ever wanted my period to come so badly. I miscarried on June 26, 2010 and had my first period after the m/c on July 24. It was very painful, I had cramps and there were a lot of blood clots and it was heavy. My normal period usually only lasts 3 days and it's light, but this period was very heavy. I had to change my pads like every 2 - 3 hours for the first 2 days. It reminded me of the m/c process. Almost felt like I was having contractions.
—Guest Teresa

Update on cycle returning

I am so sorry for all your losses, this truely is one of those times being a woman is hard. I just wanted to update that after 9 weeks my cycle finally returned. It was a long wait and although my doctor said we did not need to wait to ttc, I would suggest you at least do until your 1st cycle returns. It would take out the guess work. Give yourselves time. Know that this was traumatic and with all trauma comes healing. I wish you all the best.
—Guest Heather

Still no visitor.

I started miscarrying my baby on 6/10/10 and had my dnc on 6/11/10. I had terrible cramping all thursday into friday, to the point I threw up so they had to do a DNC. My OBGYN said my uterus was closed and thats why the pain was so bad. The 6 week mark after my D&C is today. When I had my follow up appointment 7/6/10 my OBGYN said that I could start from that day up to 6 weeks. If my cycle is not here by 8/9/2010 I am supposed to go back in and see her. The baby would have been my first, so my husband and I want to try again. I find myself being jelouse of my friends who are having their cycles. I exercise every night to unwind. My anniversary is 8/2/10 and I would even be happy for my cycle to come then!
—Guest Joktm

I have had a period yet!!

I had a d & c done june 11,2010 due to a missed abortion(fetal demise) it's hard cuz I'm waiting for my period and nothing has come yet. I feel a little strange at times but I think it's all in my head. I hoping to try again, but I still beat my self up about it and cry. At times I feel guilty cause I didn't know at first I was pg then I found out at 7-8 weeks. I try not to help that I wish i took better care of my self:( So now I'm trying to take extra care of myself just in case we get a surprise. As for others who have lost and are grieving, my prayers are with you all and best wishes and luck for those trying.
—Guest roxanne


I had my first child when I was 17 and soon after became a single mom. So as you can imagine it was a very confusing and trying time. Now ten years later her father returned and we decided to have a 2nd child as a news years resolution. We concieved 1/1/2010. The joy we felt was beyond words. On 3/01/2010 I had my first ultrasound only to find that the fetus had stopped developing. I had a d&c performed 3/05/2010. It was heartwrenching to say the least. This was the very first time I have ever seen my husband cry. I got my period excatly 6 weeks later (this is very normal for me). Then on May 19 I got my period again (6 weeks). June 26th I had very light spotting only when I wiped and a dark brown discharge. It only lasted the one day. You can imagine how excited I was thinking this was implantation bleeding. On June 29th I took a pg test and it came back neg. Then on the 30th first thing in the morning I took another still neg. Today is July 9th. I took one again and it still reads neg. I have been having many symptoms of being pg but I am wondering if I just want it so badly that I am making my body react like I am pg. Still no period going to call my ob first thing Monday morning. Has anyone else experianced anything like this. I am hoping and praying that these are all false negs but I know how unlikley that is. I am hoping to feel the joy of pregnancy for the first time. At 17 that just was not possible for me.

Lost period

I had a miscarriage on may 26 2010 and I was 6 weeks along. And its july 9th and still no period, omg I'm going crazy. Where is it ?!
—Guest ashley

MC at 8 weeks

I had a m/c on 5/21/10. Baby died on 5/14/10. I bled for 10 days with clots and the likes. I had an ultrasound on 5/26/10 and was told everything was gone. Doc told us we do not have to wait to try again. I would NOT reccommend this..wait 1 cycle. I am going on 7 weeks now since the m/c and no sign of aunt flow. Took pg test and got a negative. I agree that our bodies have been through alot and we just have to be patient. I am sorry for all of you losses. I have several children but still mourn the loss of this one. I would have been 15 weeks today. Hang in there everyone.
—Guest Heather

Missed period after DnC

I conceived in March this year. I had a D&C done in May and till now my period has not come. My Doctor gave me something 2wks ago to stimulate them to come. I guess I still have to keep waiting. I am so anxious.
—Guest Guest Liz

About 4 months ago

I had a miscarriage on March 2010, and still on this day July 6, 2010 I have had no period. =/
—Guest Jenifer
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