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Readers Respond: The Long (or Short) Wait for Your Menstrual Period

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Updated April 13, 2009


I had found out that I was pregnant at 8 weeks. I miscarried jan 10,2010 and have yet to have a period since. I have seen an ob/gyn who put me on hormones several days ago. I have still seen nothing.
—Guest Betsy


I had a miscarriage while on vacation at 11 weeks, I didn't require the D&C and my doctor told me to wait one cycle before trying again. At 24 days after my miscarriage I got my period, it was normal 5 days, a few small clots as the doctor had expected and it was over. We began trying again when we calculated the days to 'try' and by the third day of 'trying' I began spotting lightly. This light spotting lasted 5 days then changed into what I think now is a full blown period exactly 33 days after miscarriage. I've been bleeding now for 5 days, bright red with no end in sight. I'm so frustrated I don't know what to do anymore, not sure whether I should call the doctor or if this is just my hormones completely out of whack. Has anyone else had two periods back to back like this after a miscarriage?
—Guest Christina

Confused and frustrated

I began bleeding the night of March 30, 2010 went in the next day for an ultrasound which showed everything to be normal. (I was 8 weeks along) I passed 16 clots that night and the ultrasound on March 31, 2010 showed that we had miscarried. The whole thing was a nightmare and my Dr office was horrible to deal with to say the least. After tons of blood work and HPT's we finally got a negative result on March 16. (I did not have a D&C) Everyone around me is pregnant and it gets harder and harder every day to deal with it. I just want to be pregnant again more then anything. I'm still waiting for my period which used to be very regular, but I don't even know when to start counting the weeks from. Can anyone help give me an idea? It has been over a month since I began my bleeding but only 2 1/2 weeks since the negative pregnancy test.
—Guest Kim

My first period after miscarriage

I was so sad the day I had my first period after my miscarriage. It happened on April 1st, and it was the worse April Fools joke every. I wanted to crawl into bed and never come out. IT was such a physical reminder that I was no longer carrying the child I so wanted. It hurt so bad to have a period again.
—Guest still crying

Still can't believe it

I found out I was pregnant right around 4 weeks because we were watching very closely. I miscarried on 03-19-10 at almost 6 weeks. I didn't cramp too bad, but I bled very heavy for about 3 days. I felt like someone had just stole my world and I couldn't understand why me? I haven't tried to get pregnant, but I haven't tried not to either. Before the miscarriage I was regular, however now I'm late. I would love to be pregnant again, but I'm afraid to take a test. Can't stand the disappointment if I'm not. I have PCOS and I'm taking the metformin which usually always guarantees my periods are on time. I really don't know what to do. I get sad everytime I see a pregnant belly. Even after I become pregnant again, I'll still be remembering the one I lost. Lord please help me!!
—Guest Heart Broken


I had a blighted ovum and missed miscarriage last year, and got my period back 3 weeks after the curette. My period has always been really regular. Now, after 2nd miscarriage on 12Mar10, it's been 9 wks and no period. I took awhile to process it this time, but am between jobs at moment, so not stressed with work, and doing well not focussing on baby stuff, so I don't know why the long delay. Am worried something is wrong, but feel fine physically, and my doctor doesn't seem worried. I hope you all get your period soon. The waiting is frustrating.
—Guest Vanessa

Still waiting for my period

I miscarried on 03/23/2010. Bled for about 7 days or so. Was intimate with my husband about week later. I have taken a pregnancy test hoping for it to be positive but nothing thus far. I hate the waiting game. I hope my period comes soon so I'm not playing the guessing game. This is a very trying time as I'm still mourning the loss of the baby yet yearning to start again. WOW :(
—Guest Nina H

Spotting bleeding for 5 months

I have the opposite issues as some; I can't stop bleeding/spotting. I had a natural miscarriage in Nov 2009. I never stopped bleeding or spotting. Finally in January my doctor gave me a D&C. I was still spotting/bleeding everyday after that. A month later she had me take four birth control pills a day, then 3, then 2, then 1. I still spotted. She told me to get off of everything and let my body heal itself. It is now 5 months since my miscarriage and I have not gone more than 5 days without spotting or bleeding. Not sure what is happening and if things are okay. My doctor can't figure it out.
—Guest Guest

Not sure?

I had a M/C and a D&C on March 25th, 2010. Now I think I got my period last night (Apr 18th) but it seems too soon. Is this possible or did I just start bleeding again from the M/C?
—Guest G

No period for 6 months

I had my first miscarriage 9/07 that resulted in choriocarcinoma and I had to undergo chemo. After my periods were very irregular and I think I had about 3 periods from then until I found out I was pregnant again in 2009. 10/22/09 I had my 2nd miscarriage and I had my first period last month for 1 day. Today I was just sitting around and I coughed and felt a discharge. Coughed again and felt it again. Got up and couch was bloody. Went to restroom and bleeding very heavy with a clot, now 3 hrs later my period is gone. Don't know what to think. Worried that chemo really messed me up or that I'm going through early menopause.

Waiting coming on 10 weeks

I had a miscarriage at 7weeks Feb 1 2010. I bled for 5days and still have not had a period. I'm worried 'cause I can't start my birth control without a period. I wonder everyday if I may be pregnant.


I am 20 and trying for a baby. I had a miscarriage on the 3rd of march 2010. I know it's only 1 month ago but I have symptoms like sickness, fatigue and constantly going to the toilet..I am hoping I'm pregnant but I'm afraid because I haven't had a period from before my last pregnancy.
—Guest hope

6 weeks.... so when?

I had a miscarriage on March 12th. My bleeding was 6 days. It's now what would have been my April period but still nothing and they're always clockwork every 28 days. The doc said it can go weeks maybe months without period and it's just my body trying to adjust to what's happened.
—Guest mandy

I know how you feel...

I had my first miscarriage in Aug 2010 at 9 weeks and my cycle came exactly 4 weeks later and continued to as normal. My second miscarriage was 19/01 Jan at 9 weeks by medical procedure - stopped feeling pregnant and a scan showed no heartbeat. This time there was a little bleeding after four weeks 18/02 and nothing since. I have had several routine checks, hormone levels and genetic blood tests and I'm awaiting results. Maybe it's stopped due to constant thoughts of the results, as not pregnant. Has anyone else experienced this? I'm 35 by the way. Good luck to you all. It's sad and frustrating times....
—Guest Hope

Am I pregnant again?

I had a natural miscarriage on Jan 23, bled for about 3 days after, then started what I thought was my period on Feb. 24. It is now April first and no second period! Could I be pregnant again?
—Guest Tia

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