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Readers Respond: The Long (or Short) Wait for Your Menstrual Period

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Updated April 13, 2009

From "Where is it?" to "Go away"

On March 31, 2010 I went to the ER and was told I was having a miscarriage. I didn't even know I was pregnant. They administered a D&C, kept me in the hospital for 24 hours, and then released me. I was told my period would come in 30-40 days. On May 10th, I went in for a check up to make sure everything healed properly. I hadn't had my period yet but I was told there was a very thin lining forming and I would get it soon. I waited and waited and waited...for a total of 12 weeks...for my period. It finally came on June 25. It was pretty light for about 5 days (which was a typical period for me). Then it stopped for a day and I figured I was back to normal. The next day it came back only this time it was super heavy with large clots. It's been a total of 10 days now with bleeding, 4 of which have been heavy with clots. Should I be concerned? How have some of your first periods (those who have had it) been like after a D&C?
—Guest Michelle

No period yet . . .

I had a natrual miscarriage June 2010. I started with light spotting of brown blood on May 31, which increased to a period like flow - but the blood was all brown and with some clots. I had some bleeding before, and they told me as long as it was brown not to worry and just rest with my feet up. On 6/7 I had an US after which the tech said my uterus was empty, but the fetus did not come out until the evening of 6/10/10. I bled for about another week or so after that (bright red blood). Beta Quant of 48 on 6/17, then a negative pregnancy test on 6/29. I'm still spotting . . waiting for it to stop, and wondering when I'm going to get my period. I think that all the bleeding took a lot out of my system. FYI, there is an e-course that sounds interesting, wanted to let y'all know about it: naturallyknockedup.com. Its about getting your body in the best condition to conceive again. I'm sorry for all of your losses - I know how painful it is. Wishing you healthy babies!

Miscarriage in Jan (D E)

It is June 29 and I am still waiting..................
—Guest waiting too long

28 days

I was in my 14th week when we discovered there was no longer a fetal hearbeat. This was on May 5, 2010. After a long 10 days of waiting, had a D & C on May 15th. Today is June 13th, and am having what I believe to be my period - which would be exactly 28 days since the D & C. Am hoping to have a "normal" period, then one more (based on Dr's advice), then will hopefully try in July/August. Hoping this helps others.
—Guest Guest A.

6 months

I have a miscarriage on 21st of dec 2009 and still waiting for periods. My all pregnancy test are negative, and I took tablets for withdrawal bleeding but..... still no periods.
—Guest pari

Waiting for my period

I had conceived on April 8 or 9, funny thing with me is that I was on the depo shot and was due for my next shot around March 10 and I miss the shot and became preggo on April 8 or 9. I couldn't even believe it cuz it suppose to last 6 months in your system then yet I got preggo like a month after. I was supposed to get my period on April 26, I missed my period and got a pregnancy test on April 29, found out I was preggo. I went to the doctor cuz the next day I was having severe lower back pains and went to the emergency room. They did a sonogram, they couldn't find a pregnancy in my uterus and thought that it was gonna be a ectopic pregnancy but turns out that it was cuz I was too early in my pregnancy and just there. I had a D&C done becuz I was gonna have a miscarriage, the doctor had told me. I got it done May 7 and till today I haven't had my period but just today I was having cramps. Maybe I will get it later. I hope so.
—Guest mika

3 miscarriages

I've had 3 miscarriages in the past 12 months. The last one was 11/05/10. I'm still waiting for my period, each miscarriage I have had I've had a different experience but remember my period was so very painful it was unbearable. Love and best wishes x
—Guest jo

I can relate

3 months ago I had a late miscarriage, baby came out at home, lost 2 litres of blood had surgery and blood transfusion. I have been off and on bleeding for 3 months about fortnightly. After a month after m/c the Dr told me all was well and we could start trying for another baby whenever we wanted even though I told her I'd been bleeding every couple of days or weekly that month. It just makes no sense to me and I feel upset sometimes because I think that someone should tell us what to expect, what is normal or not, or maybe its always different with every body. kindest regards.
—Guest Vashti

Miscarriage at 5 weeks

I had a m/c back in March, had three positive tests and started bleeding for 3 weeks. Dr had me on bed rest and later found out April 1 i was having a m/c. On April 4 I stopping bleeding. It's now June 3 and no period in 8 weeks. Havent taken a test yet. I'm afraid its gonna be negative after having the m/c. Haven't had a period so not sure what's going on, need to test and find out what's going on or go see my Dr.


My hubby & I found out we were pregnant at about a month. I had been having pain & spotting which led to 4 visits to the ER. They kept telling me that they could not do anything (or really tell anything) because I was too early. After a few more trips to doctor I finally had my 3rd ultrasound at 8wks and heard the heartbeat. I was never so excited and happy in my life. At 10wks I wound up back in the ER because of severe pain. 25 hours later they told me that my baby had stopped growing at 9wks. I had a d&c done 3wks later on March 30th. I was told that my first period could be irregular but after that I would be back to normal. 28 days after d&c I got my first period but am now 10 days late with a negative pregnancy test. I have no idea whats going on. I wish I knew for sure I wasn't pregnant. I'm so confused!!!!
—Guest Katy

My period

I had a miscarriage at what should have been 14 weeks on 4/29/10 -- almost 4 weeks later on 5/27/20 I started with a very light period and though it was over two days later, but yesterday and today have been hell, I have never had such a bad period. It is almost like the miscarriage all over again. BUT I am excited because my husband and I plan to try again in the next few months (after we get back from vacation). Good luck to you all.
—Guest Concerned

Hope for us all

Had miscarriage 20 march 2010 and didn't get a period in between! Have done several pregnancy tests and now am pregnant again!!! Scared it's not going to continue...
—Guest emstar

... 7 weeks lonnnnggg weeks

I have a M/C on 4/4 and had an emergency D&C on 4/9... My period returned on 5/21. Now are are trying again. I wish you all the best of luck
—Guest SJA

Miscarried April 26 2010

I had a miscarriage at 7 weeks on April 26th 2010. I just got what I think is my period on May 25th, but it's much lighter than a normal one for me....so I'm not sure what to expect at this point.
—Guest Ashley

Almost 15 weeks

I had a D+C for missed miscarriage on Feb 8/10, still no period - almost 15 weeks. Feel like I will never menstruate again.
—Guest J

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