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Readers Respond: How Bad Was Your Miscarriage Cramping?

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Updated July 13, 2009

The severity of miscarriage cramping can vary heavily from person to person. Some experience miscarriage cramping as nothing more serious than what accompanies an average menstrual period, whereas others have pain so severe they end up in the emergency room. What was your experience? Did you have significant physical pain as a part of your miscarriage, or was the cramping more mild? How did you deal with the pain?

Worst feeling ever

I'm having pain right now as I'm trying to type this. Worset thing ever experience physically and emotionally. Will be having a d&c in 7 hours... I just want to get over this.
—Guest rocky

Threatened miscarriage

I found out wed that I was pregnant. This was scary enough. I worked myself up all night thinking about keeping the baby or putting the baby up for adoption. I know in the end I couldn't give away my baby, but it was an emotional night. Thursday I woke to insane pain... I had spotted on wed when I took the 2nd test... went to planned parenthood for a 3rd confirmation test. I knew some bleeding is ok and it was just small spotting at the time, but by thursday morning I was in a lot of pain...irregular amounts of pain & I knew something was wrong. The bleeding increased and the pain increased with every minute. I decided to call ER and head in. I was in ER for 3 hours with no real treatment but the drugs helped me rest and the pain go away. It's sunday and I thought the worst was behind me as yesterday I was bleeding less than friday... but today I woke up to uncontrollable blood flowing from me... when will this end? It hurts physically and emotionally!
—Guest amber

Like labor

I found out at 10 weeks that there was no heartbeat and decided to wait to miscarry naturally instead of a D&C. It was not until my 14th week that I began to miscarry. My bleeding started lightly, like a period, and progressed in flow over the course of 5 days, with no cramps on the first 4 days and period-like cramps on the 5th day. On the 6th day, the cramping became actual contractions, spaced about 2 minutes apart, absolutely excruciating, with non-voluntary pushing that resulted in cups of blood loss with every contraction. For hours, I was soaking through a heavy tampon and overnight pad every 10 minutes. I took Xanax, Midol, and Tylenol but nothing helped. When I ran out of pads, I sat on the toilet and the blood just ran out of me with each contraction. After 9 hours of intense contractions, I passed a softball sized ball of tissue and the cramping stopped and bleeding slowed down to regular period flow. It was the most painful experience of my life.
—Guest manda

Excruciating pain

My baby didn't have a heartbeat any longer at 11-1/2 weeks. ried to induce m/c 5 days later using misoprostol taken orally, but didn't work. Just minor spotting. Took it again 5 days later, inserting 4 pills vaginally. Doctor said it would involve cramping like a period, maybe a little worse. Started cramping 2 hrs after taking it. Over the next hour pain became excrucating. 2 hours later I was doubled up on the floor in a ball unable to move and screaming in pain. I wound up having to call paramedics because I thought it was way too bad to be normal, and I couldn't go get in a car, I couldn't even stand up. They took me to hospital, and they gave morphine, which finally lessened the pain so I wasn't screaming anymore. 20 minutes later they had to give me another dose of morphine because pain intensifying again. Passed fetus at hospital, pain much better after that. Still having cramping 3 days later though and my stomach, side and back muscles all hurt horribly still.
—Guest Dawn

Bad case of cramps

I've had 1 miscarriage before and didn't realise until later when I had mild cramp...however this one recently was so bad I had to leave work and go home to rest, the cramps came at intervals and with so much pain I started wondering what was going on...there was no bleeding at the time of the cramping...this went on for 2 days. I was put on some antibiotics by a GP. On the 3rd day, there was more cramping with nausea and then I started bleeding, big blood clots all day or night. I had to visit the loo more often. I just stopped bleeding and am just spotting now.
—Guest JTD

Missed miscarriage

Several weeks had passed before my pregnancy failure was discovered. I had no idea. Since I had no cramping or bleeding, medical intervention was required for me in order to expel my unborn. I opted for the medication because it was less risky than the D&C for infections. About 14 hours after taking the medication I was in an extraordinary amount of pain, I ended up taking vicodin plus several IB profin to help it. Shortly after that all tissues from conception had come out. Its been 3 days since then and I still have severe cramping and moderate bleeding. Emotionally, this is so much harder than I ever imagined.
—Guest De De

Worst ever

Didn't expect this much pain from a mid trimester miscarriage. I've completely suffered this pain for three days now. I'm on day four and gave in to take a Vicodin. Why do they think tylenol is the best first approach here. I agree with Rebecca in her statement that "every cramp is just a reminder". I feel sad, angry and pain all at once but personally, for myself, I think knowing that my body has done this on its own makes it feel more mentally bearable.
—Guest shared

More than just physical...

The hardest part of my miscarriages have been the constancy of my cramping. Each time I felt a cramp, it was a reminder that I was no longer pregnant, and expecting a baby. Miscarriage is just so very hard. :(
—Guest Rebecca

Too much pain to have no baby

The pain was like having a baby. I was on my knees. I even tried walking it off. So I stood in the door way and pressed my back against the wall. It helped a little. But, I still felt pain for several days after.


My experience was horrible. I bled for a week before I lost the fetus. On the 4th day of bleeding, I started feeling cramps. The pain started escalating on the 5th day and became excruciating on the 6th. I laid down and felt a sensation to urinate. I went to the bathroom and sat on the toilet for a few then the fetus came out with blood, clots, and tissue. After I passed all that the pain went away, then I went to the doctor and now I have to go see my obgyn.
—Guest Guest-Shi


When I had lost my baby it was awful cramping to the point I couldn't move. I also saw the sac come out into the toilet. I cried so hard because them cramps were no joke.

Worse than a period

I have had three losses, all at 7 weeks. Each time, for me, it was much worse than just a "bad period" and more like what I imagine labor to be like. I found myself on all fours, panting heavily when the cramps were at their worst. I also had the unfortunate experience of seeing the sac in the tissue that was passed -- very sad.
—Guest jaya

It varies

I have had two miscarriages. One was no worse than an average period, but the other was just awful. I could barely get out of bed or do anything because the cramps were so bad, and tylenol wasn't touching them.
—Guest Katie

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