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Readers Respond: Was "Natural Miscarriage" What You Expected?

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Updated January 25, 2010

Natural miscarriage in early pregnancy is sometimes described as being like a heavy, crampy period. If you have had a natural miscarriage, would you agree with that description, and do you feel that you were adequately prepared in terms of what to expect? And do you have any advice for women whose doctors have given them a choice of whether to have a D&C vs. natural miscarriage?

Natural miscarriage

We found out at 11 weeks that the baby had no heartbeat and had probably died 2 weeks ago. I had had some brownish discharge on occasion for the 2 weeks prior but wasn't concerned. 2 days after the ultrasound that showed no heartbeat I started bleeding like a light period with cramping. I took some ibuprofen to help with the cramps but basically went about my business...caring for our 2 daughters, going to work etc. At the end of the 2nd day the cramping was worse but not unbearable, the bleeding got heavier. I used the bathroom and out came a small gush feeling with the baby as well. It was so tiny but definitely a little human person. My cramping actually got worse after passing the fetus for about 3 hours. I was in and out of the bathroom for that 3 hours passing blackish clots and blood with pretty rhythmic contractions every 4 or 5 minutes that I had to "breathe through" like I was in labor. But after the 3 hours had passed, the physical pain subsided. Sad to say goodbye.
—Guest beth

Natural miscarriage takes strong women

I was 10 weeks pregnant and the ultrasound showed no heartbeat. My doctor told us a natural miscarriage was the way to go. What she explained and what happened was two different things. It was about 12 days after the ultrasound that I started bleeding. Late that night I started having horrible cramping which led to contractions that were 30 seconds a part. All the sudden when I couldn't take it no longer I felt a weird push and then relief. So I went to the bathroom. When I sat down there was no controlling anything. It all gushed out. The first thing to come...was a clear sack with my baby floating in it. I did get it out. I didn't feel that flushing my baby down the toilet like a fish from the fair was the best thing to do. I continued to bleed very heavy for about 5 hours. It was bad and I did start to pass out a couple of times. Natural miscarriages are for strong women!! Our baby boy at 10 wks had eyes, mouth with tongue, fingers, and toes. Be prepared for all this.
—Guest hez

Not as expected, have your OBGYN explain

I was 8 weeks long in my pregnancy. I started bleeding lightly for 6 days. Knowing by my doctor that it was a miscarriage, but on the 7th day, I started with heavy cramps that become contractions every 5 minutes with a lot of pain in my lower back and my abdomen, immediately after it calmed down, something came out and I was not able to control it, it just came out, it was not small at all. I was explained that I would be bleeding heavy like in a period and it would be as a period pain, not at all, it was a stronger pain and the actual "show" of bleeding was a lot and gross. I never expected that, I had 8 episodes of cramping/contractions in about 2 hours, and a lot was expelled almost the size of my hand. I wish someone would have explained this to me visually or more real. It was shocking for me to see it and go thru it, I would have preferred to have a D&C which I have had in my first pregnancy, didn't feel anything, didn't see anything and I was fine as soon as I got out of the hospital.
—Guest Minerva

Totally unprepared

I had my second miscarriage last month. My first was at 7 weeks and like a heavy period. The second was at 11 weeks but the fetus had stopped developing at 6 weeks. I had an ultrasound and then was just sent home with no information on what to expect. Bled lightly for 3 days and that night started having heavy cramps and bled through all my clothes before going to the bathroom and passing huge clumps including the fetus and many blood clots. Nobody had prepared me for the amount of blood loss. All I was told is to call a doctor if I was bleeding through more than one pad an hour, which was useless, since I was on the toilet most of the night and had no idea how much blood I lost in the process. I ended up anemic and very weak for a week and am still regaining my strengths 3 1/2 weeks later. I would probably go with a natural miscarriage again to avoid surgery. But doctors need to start preparing their patients better and women need to talk about this. It's really common, yet no info!
—Guest outdoorgirl

Still waiting

I was 7 & 1/2 weeks pregnant. I noticed brown 'spotting' on Sat evening, at A&E they said not to worry, rest and come for a scan on the Weds. Sun early AM I was passing lots of bright blood, I went to Gyn ward they examined me, said cervix was open and I had passed most of the worst. Monday came, and the fetus/tissue etc literally fell out of me, whilst experiencing servere contractions. I caught it in a tissue and examined it, even though small I could see it was twins. Its now Thurs, I am still bleeding, cramping and passing tissue. I just want it to be over. I was not told what to expect. I do think natural is better, but more detailed information should be given. take care everybody. x
—Guest Mrs O

Takes forever

I started bleeding a little at 13 weeks and found out in the ER that my baby stopped growing at 6 weeks. I saw an ob/gyn who gave me the three choices, and I opted for the mesoprostol pills to induce contractions because I wanted to avoid a D&C but I also wanted to get it over with. This hardly worked at all, despite severe pain. I passed some very small lumps, and then I continued to bleed all week. One week later, I had some more cramps and passed some more tissue, and then continued to bleed for two more weeks. Finally I thought the bleeding was tapering off and I was through with it, but then a few days later the bleeding started again heavier than ever. It is now 5 weeks since my miscarriage started and 12 weeks since my baby stopped growing, and the process isn't finished. I wanted to avoid a D&C, but now that it has taken so long I think I'll have to get one anyway. I wish I had opted for a D&C from the start.
—Guest Sarah


I had a miscarriage before but it was so early I didn't even get to find out how much weeks I was. I only missed 5 days from my period so I wasn't very emotional or thought anything of it but a week ago I had another miscarriage. I was 10 weeks at the time and I wasn't expecting it at all. I have a son and I had no problems with him what so ever so thought it would be the same but because there was a lot of bleeding I didn't really know what was going on and when I went to A&E they couldn't tell me what's wrong and I got sent home. So I went back I was told it could be a possible miscarriage, got sent home again. I also had a water infection but I had my blood taken and I was told it's a definate miscarriage but for the past few days I can feel a little lump in my right side of my stomache and the doctors don't know why. Just waiting to do my 3rd blood test, maybe that can tell me something, but I honestly felt I should have been checked properly before getting sent away without a proper explanation.
—Guest dappstawr

I should have had medical treatment

I didn't think I needed help when I lost my pregnancies at about 6 and 7 weeks. A long time later I noticed my periods were very light and got pregnant again, with complications. This time around I sought help and found out I still had a lot of retained tissue in my uterus from both pregnancies. That would explain why so little came out. I know at that early stage it is hard to tell if you are actually seeing an embryo pass, since it is so small. I finally had a D&C a few days ago. I am still recovering but I feel better overall.
—Guest unsure

Natural miscarriage

Just 2 days ago I had my second natural miscarriage. The emotional effect this time was a bit more unbearable because I didn't see my fetus this time. I was 13 weeks along. I didn't have alot of cramping at first. I was urinating and when I finished I wiped myself, proceeded to pull up my undies and I felt this gush of warm liquid when I looked down my undies were almost soaked with bright red blood. At that point I knew there was no turning back. I didn't go to the hospital but I should have because I almost fainted twice but I have had some medical training so I knew that I needed to get some fluids into my body. Every day is an emotional rollercoaster but I'm learning to cope through prayer. I'm scared about trying again because I just don't know how many more times I can cope with having a little one grow inside and then in a matter of minutes, seconds, or even hours its all taken away and flushed down the toilet.
—Guest Sandra

Not what I expected

This was my 3rd miscarriage. I had a D&C with my first and wanted to avoid that again if possible. About 2 weeks ago I was 11 wks pregnant when I found out my baby had stopped growing at 8 wks. I had a few days of not much more than spotting. Then I started having very uncomfortable cramps. I felt a big gush of fluid and found mostly water soaking my pad with my baby right there clear as day. I didn't really expect this although part of me was hoping to see my baby. After this the heavy bleeding started - I passed large clots for almost 2 hours before I finally passed the tissue placenta. By this time I was already feeling very badly and I had to call an ambulance and get fluids. My hemoglobin dropped from about 13 to 9.5 in about an hour or two. I got more than 3 bags of fluids, but avoided having the D&C or a blood transfusion. This happened 2 days ago and I am still feeling very weak. I'm glad that I miscarried naturally, but if I had to do it again I'd have the D C.
—Guest Chrissy

Natural MC is the way to go

This was my first pregnancy. At 11 weeks the doctors told me my baby had no heartbeat and I would mc. He of explained my options, however I knew there was only one options for me. My doc told me there would be some light cramping and bleeding much like a period. Total lie! The cramps were very painfull, and lasted for hours. But emotionally I feel it help me let go, to actully see and feel my baby pass. I continued to bleed off and on for two and a half weeks. But the pain got much better. All and all I know I made the right decision for me. When you go through it naturally it helps you cope with things and know there is really nothing you could have done to change the situation.
—Guest Lisa

Natural miscarriage

I am currently having a miscarriage at 10 weeks and my Doctor explained 3 options to me and I chose to let nature take its course. But nothing really could have prepared me for what to truly expect. I was in so much pain the cramping was truly unbearable, the worst pain I have ever felt in my entire life. I am glad that my body is able to take care of it on its own. But natural miscarriage is definitely more of a reality makes it more real to you. It's an emotional and physical experience. And makes me scared to try again for future children. I desire to be a mother more than anything in the world and have felt like it was ripped away from me. I do not regret the decision to have a natural miscarriage. I have heard the D&C can cause scarring and I do not want anything to ruin my chance at getting pregnant again. God is with me during this difficult time. I have to believe I will be blessed with a beautiful and perfect baby someday.
—Guest Lacey

Nothing like a period

I was almost 10 wks when we found my baby didn't have a heartbeat. My midwife prepared me perfectly for what to expect. The pains were like contractions, very rhythmic. After each contraction, I would pass a large clot. This continued to varying degrees for seven hours and then tapered off into a normal period-like bleed. I wanted to see my baby but missed it. She did prepare me for the possibility. It was painful but it was healing as well. I needed to deliver my baby from my body myself. Choosing the natural route allowed me to grieve as it was happening and if (God-forbid) I have to do this again, I would choose the same option. I hope this helps someone!
—Guest Karen

Natural MC

It was nothing like period at all. It started with light brown discharge and then gradually changed into bright red. The next day I started to experience intense pain, it was so bad that I almost passed out. I couldn't move and was on my own. I called a friend, who took me to the hospital, on the way to the hospital I started bleeding so heavily that one thick padding wasn't enough, I needed to use all the paper napkins from a box as well! On arrival my baby came out (I was 13 weeks along). It happened in the toilet and as it got stuck I actually needed to pull it out myself ... I continued bleeding quite heavily and was kept in the hospital for two nights. During this time all the pregnancy tissue came out... Although it was the most awful thing ever to happen to me I was happy that my body dealt with it on its own and so quickly. My baby died on Tuesday and by Monday morning I had nothing left and there was no need for operation. But the emptiness left inside after MC is worst...
—Guest Jane

Natural miscarriage

My Obgyn explained my 3 options and I chose to go the natural way. I am currently going through the process right now and although it has been an emotional roller coaster-the actual miscarriage has gone like my doctor said it would. It all started on Saturday. I started with brown blood and gradually became bright red. I had to wait til Monday to see my doctor and after the appointment was when the pain started. The pain comes in spurts, like the worst menstrual cramps ever. That has only lasted 3 days-So It's now Wednesday-5 days since my first symptoms with the 3rd and 4th days being the worst so far. I would rather go the natural route-I didn't think inserting a medication in my vagina to have everything come out at once was the way to go for me-or to have surgery where there's a possibility of something going wrong and I could never have children. So far so good with the natural miscarriage. Hopefully everything will be as it should and we will be able to try again! Very emotional!

Natural miscarriage

I have had 4 natural MC's and 2 D&C's. The natural MC's were all extremely painful for about a half hour, as the actual "event" occurred. The cramps were nearly unbearable. Otherwise it was not like a heavy period at all. Still, I would prefer natural because there are potential issues with scar tissue and other surgical complications. I wish my doc would have explained the natural process in a more positive way for my first 2. It seems most professionals opt for the D&C. I would not recommend the natural process for women who may not recover easily from seeing the event firsthand. It can be quite traumatic if not emotionally prepared; even so, it is not easily forgotton. I just had a surgical procedure to reshape my uterus so I have a chance, after 6 MC's, to hold a pregnancy. If it is unsuccessful, I will go natural. As a sidenote: if going natural, be aware of your physical condition afterwards. Fever or additional bad cramping after the passing is a bad sign. Do the research first.
—Guest Dee
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