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Readers Respond: What a D&C Is Like

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Updated August 27, 2009

D and C

This was my third pregnancy and my third miscarriage. The first stopped developing at 5 weeks they think. I miscarried naturally about 8 weeks. It was painful and difficult, but I stayed home. The second was at 10 weeks. I had my exam, had some spotting that didn't go away, had an ultrasound to no heartbeat. I miscarried the very next day, once again at home. It was extremely painful, with contractions and tears, but I seemed to recover fairly quickly. The third ended at approximately 6 weeks. I had spotting very early on (4 weeks or so) but it went away. The ultrasound at 8 weeks showed no heartbeat, no growth. I waited for it to happen naturally, tried to start it by working out hard, lifting heavy weights, but nothing happened. I had my D&C yesterday. I have no regrets. I don't know how long I would have waited otherwise.
—Guest 3rd time not a charm

D and C

I was horrified in finding out that the twins had not formed and the sacs were empty. Mother Nature was playing a cruel joke on me with hcg levels rising uterus growing and no fetus. Since I had a uterine perforation during a hysteroscopy/d&c due to heavy bleeding and abnormal polyps in Feb I was scared to do the procedure again with that doc. I went to see a new gyn, very compassionate, who offered for me to wait but we decided I just couldn't wait for my 9 weeks old sacs to come out since I know the physical and emotional pain from it. I never had a d&c for miscarriage; this was my first time yesterday. They sedated me and I requested to see the remains as if it were closure. Still emotional from the loss, still a little crampy but just spotting and letting hubby take care of our girls. I do remember that I awoke from sedation briefly and then got knocked out again. Hopefully will be ok without complications. procedure this time was done @ ENH hospital and staff was very compationate
—Guest mom2threegirlsand3angels

Multiple D and Cs

I had my first D&C in Egypt following a miscarriage where there were also retained products of conception. Little did I know at the time that I had a uterine septum that was preventing my body from getting rid of everything on its own. Unfortunately, I also got scarring from this D&C which may have caused further losses. Following the absence of growth and heartbeat in my fourth miscarriage, the doctor wanted to do a D&C in order to do a chromosomal analysis of the fetus. However, he missed the pregnancy tissue altogether and I had to come back for another one with the use of a guided ultrasound. If you must have a D&C, I highly recommend that you request that it be guided. After having treated the septum and the scar tissue, I am quite convinced that the septum combined with multiple blind D&Cs is what caused my recurrent pregnancy loss. After spending thousands of dollars to get the scar tissue treated, I will try to avoid D&Cs in the future where possible.
—Guest Guest CA

Don't make an uninformed decision

I misscarried at 11 weeks almost a year ago today. My doctor gave me the choice to have a D&C or let it happen naturally. I did not hesitate to choose the D&C... I wanted it to be over. I wish I had made an informed decision as opposed to an emotional one. My D&C resulted in uterine adhesions (known as Asherman's Syndrome). I have had two surgeries and lost a year of my last few fertile years trying to correct this condition. I know from experience how difficult it can be, but I would recommend trying the natural method first. Losing a baby is aweful, losing your fertility is devastating.
—Guest rae5373

D&C resulted in Ashermans Syndrome

I had a D&C after being told I was going to miscarry at 12 weeks. Under tremendous stress I made this poor decision. D&Cs are blind procedures (they don't check your uterus once they remove the placenta). I had retained products of conception and went misdiagnosed for nearly six months. I had ongoing bleeding and cramping. Finally it was removed nearly six months later and then I developed Asherman's Syndrome (scarring of the uterus). I have since had seven procedures of tests/surgeries and still not sure if I will ever be able to carry a child. Please try to miscarry naturally first or ensure you get the proper follow-up after your miscarriage. Visit www.ashermans.org for more info.
—Guest Guest Rosemary

Do not recommend D&C

I had mild cramping and brown discharge, and on my 12 weeks routine scan I was told my baby had died. I was booked in for a d&c 4 days later as I hadn't passed anything. That evening and following morning I was passing clots and in terrible agony. I went up to the hospital who performed a d&c in a&e while I was awake! It was the most traumatic thing I have ever experienced. And whilst they were cleaning up after the procedure they left the contents of my womb on the side in a bowl. I saw my little baby laying there lifeless! Maybe I had a particularly horrid time. Most people would recomend a d&c but I would not unless you can be guaranteed to be put to sleep.
—Guest angel

D&C and D&A

I experienced two D&A back to back. Then a year later, I experienced natural child loss through miscarriage. The D&A was not painful at all. My doctor put me under and when I can to I was in the recovery room and felt nothing. The natural miscarriage was very painful. The first doctor recommended the D&A to prevent any infection and the third time I didn't know I was pregnant and I was actually 14 weeks when I miscarried. I felt like I was giving birth because when I was taken to the emergency room for severe abdominal pains, it was too late for anything to be done so I had to go through the normal procedures of pushing. The overall procedure is not painful at all and would recommend having the D&C.
—Guest Momma

Learning to deal with it

My situation was similar. When they informed me my baby heart was not beating I went the very next day also rather than wait. Afterwards I didn't know how to feel. I didn't know if I should feel bad because in my head even though my baby had already passed, by me not letting it happen naturally I kind of felt like I was taking part of a voluntary abortion. (still trying to cope!)
—Guest Sherry


I chose to have a D&C the very next day they told me my baby had NO heartbeat. And I believe that was the best choice for me. I personally couldn't just sit there and wait for it to come on it's own. Plus they told me it would be very painful when I did miscarry.
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