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Readers Respond: What Your Early Miscarriage Looked Like

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Updated April 20, 2010

When miscarriages happen very early along in a pregnancy, it can sometimes be difficult to tell whether it was an early miscarriage or just a late, heavy period. If you have had an early miscarriage, please describe your experience here to help others who are wondering what their symptoms mean. What did the bleeding look like, when did it occur, and how did you know it was a miscarriage?

Remember that if you are currently having bleeding and you are not sure whether you are miscarrying, it is best to see a doctor to figure out what is going on.

Missed miscarriage

This was a planned pregnancy and we got lucky the first try. We had the first sono a couple days after 6 weeks and had a very strong heartbeat. My next apt was scheduled 10-1/2 weeks just for a checkup and test results. Monday I started spotting late in the evening, same thing on Tuesday. Wednesday it got red instead of brown but still small amounts. The doc brought me in for a scan, would have been 10 weeks Friday. Couldn't find the heartbeat on the s can, saw the sac with the baby inside, but it only measured between 7-8 weeks old. I opted for the natural miscarriage vs the dnc. I barely left my bed once I got home on Wednesday til today, Saturday. I called my doc this afternoon and she said it could take up to 6 weeks to expel the fetus after bleeding starts. Around 10pm tonight I started getting what I would imagine are contractions and they were omg so painful!! About 45 min later I ha to pee, when I sat on the toilet I got another contraction and out poured a bunch of blood and ploppled out the sac. I didn't pee so I grabbed the sac out And rinsed it off. It was just like you see in the pictures, sac was clear and I could see my baby inside, had eyes, little nubs for arms and legs, and had dark spots where the lungs and brain were. I didn't think it was possible for it to come out like that and while sad, it is making it easier for me to accept an move on now that I was able to hold my baby. As far as symptoms I was losing it, my nails got really strong when pregnant and my boobs hurt so bad I was wearing sports bras. There was bridge I had to cross on my way to work that had an awful smell I never noticed before. About 2 weeks ago one of my nails broke, my boobs didn't hurt soo bad and i didn't smell that afwul smell anymore. Pay attention to all the little things that change when you get pregnant and keep a close eye on them if they start to fade away. I wrote this from my iPod in bed so sorry if it's long and in one block. I hope this helps and I'm sorry if you are going through what I just went through physically a couple hours ago.
—Guest Rhiannon

Around 5-6 weeks

This is my second miscarriage. I just got back from the OB. They had done a transvag US, and last week they said that they could see a little heartbeat. 6 days later- they can't see the gestational sac anymore, just some tissue. So, they said that it could either be a blighted ovum, or that I've had another miscarriage. Quant HCG and TSH was done, and am waiting to hear back. Next step is to find out why this keeps happening- genetic testing, etc. My OB also said that it could just be in the "gray area" of the timing of the pregnancy, and that we would have to see. Good luck to everyone out there.
—Guest Anonymous

Blighted ovum- 11 weeks

Had pink/brown discharge for 2 days, then bleeding like a normal period for 1 day then really heavy beeding the next. On the 2nd day of bleeding it got really heavy for a couple of hours and then I went to the toilet and a big thing came out of me (felt like an intact palm sized jelly blubber). I tried to see it in the toilet but it had sunk- it looked dark red though. I actually feel better the big blob came out of me because I'm assuming it will just be bleeding and small dark clots to follow (I hope). This was my second misscarriage as I fell pregnant 2 months after the first misscarriage. I don't know know whether I should wait to try again. I have a daughter who is 2 and 3 months so I am keen to have another. I must say as hard as this miscarriage is to deal with it is a lot better than the first time it happened- I was devastated, crying where as I haven't cried this time. Actually just went to the loo again and I felt a series of medium clots come out.
—Guest Amanda

7 Weeks/5 weeks

I had a miscarriage 3 months ago at 7 weeks, I had known I was pregnant for a week and then I began experiencing light pink and brown spotting but very lightly. It lasted about a day or so and then I was having the most terrible cramps and my back felt as if I was being stabbed if I moved even slightly in an upright position. My mom took me to the hospital and the doctor told me I'd miscarried about a week ago and it was now complete and that my body had reabsprbed or something like that, it's commen with twins if one dies. Yesterday I took a test and confirmed that I'm pregnant, and my calculations make me 5 weeks. This morning at work and don't get me wrong I'm just a sales associate nothing riskful, I began exeriencing just a light pink spot here and there with light cramps until at 3 hours into my shift the blood was flowing heavy and the pain is now unbearable. I came right home, as I'm only 5 weeks there's no reason I can't handle this, and I am in bed with my bf who is helping me to ride this out. I'm not trying to become pregnant, this one was a huge shock, Im 18, and it's scary that they were so close together and so early, the second earlier than the first, but I'm confidant that it's only chromosomal defects within the fetus. If I'm wrong about this being a miscarriage I'll post but I can already say confidantly that it is. It's a sad feeling, I hope everyone that is or has experienced this will overcome with time, it's heart wrenching. Good luck to all.
—Guest Blueishadow

Words cannot explain my pain

I had been trying for a year to get pregnant. I was beginning to think that I couldn't get pregnant. So, I missed my period. I didn't test positive till the 6th day after my period. I can't begin to tell you the joy I felt. It was a Wednesday. I already had names if it was a boy or a girl. I had already begun shopping and 5 days later I started light bleeding. I had friend that had the same thing ad they said dont worry the same thing happened to me, I bet youre fine. I called my doctor and went in for a blood test. I came back low for hcg levels at 5 weeks, but not to low he said we will have to test in two days. One day later I was in unbearable pain. I went to the ER only to find out the worst. I wasn't even pregnant a week and I lost it. I'm lost. I wonder if it'll happen again because it took so long to even happen. I can't stop crying. I was already so used to the idea of having this baby. I was already wondering whose eyes would it get whose nose... I was so happy...
—Guest Courtney

11 Weeks

This was my first pregnancy. Everything seemed to be going fine (and amazingly easy!) but at the end of 10 weeks I started lightly spotting. The blood was mostly pink but within 3 days the spotting had turned darker with small clots and was alot heavier. I started experiencing what I now know to be contractions (as i dont get period cramps) My stomach felt very tight and bloated. So I rested and the bleeding eased and was practically gone next morning. By the end of the day however headaches set in. I went toilet alot during an hour wiping blood. Then lower back pain set in and blood started gushing out of me every 10mins or so. The cramps and back pain got worse and i could no longer lie down. Then I went toilet; blood, massive clots and a large white tissue like thing gushed out of me all at once. I was shocked. I didnt know what to do and my bf ended up calling the ambulance, i got a blood test and have a scan in 2hrs. I was flying back home this wknd & had my 1st scan booked nxt wk
—Guest Helen

Thought I was having a breakdown

I had bad back cramps & thought I was bursting. When I sat on the toilet I didn't have to pee at all. Right then I got an excruciating pain up through me, it was so bad I started moaning. With that, I had this urge to push & I felt something come out. When I looked it was a little white blob with strings of blood running through it. It was about 3-4cm in size and it looked like a little piece of scrunched up tissue paper (but it was soft, not hard like tissue). Before I passed it, I had blood when I wiped myself so I just thought I was getting my period a day early. I spent all night on the toilet as it was the only relief I could get from the pain. It eased off at 7 and I slept for 30 mins. When I woke I felt like someone had died and I couldnt stop crying and didn't know why. My body felt like I was hit by a truck and I didn't understand any of it. Later that day my gp confirmed a miscarriage. I didn't even know I was pregnant. I was 4weeks and I feel empty now even 3 months after.
—Guest vnss

Gone too soon

I did not get a chance to take a preg test to clinically confirm a pregnancy. This was not my first miscarriage, it was my second so I'm pretty sure that is what happened. I was planning on taking the test around 4 weeks and I woke up to bright red blood at 3 weeks and 3days. There was no spotting beforehand just bright red blood and a very heavy flow that followed for two straight days. The first and second days I passed clots. Some of the clots were bigger than others and the blood was sometimes darker than other times. The pain was worse than any period pains could have ever been. I wanted this baby so badly and the hurt is so intense both emotionally and physically. God bless anyone and everyone that has to indure this type of pain.
—Guest Missy

Taken away

I get ovarian cysts. So cramps and heavy bleeding was nothing new to me. I began taking birth control which seemed to make most of the problems disappear. It was my 2nd or 3rd month on the pill. When I began my period early I was suprised. I wasn't suppose to start my period for a few days. Throughout the day I took sevral pills to ease my cramping as I always did. I was actually perscribed anaprox for severe menstrual crampind due to the ovarian cysts. It was the first day of what I though to be my period. Going to the bathroom, along with a very alarming amount of blood, came a small sac, whitish grey with clotted blood surrounding about half of it. I expected it to be me hemoraging out a cyst. Just recently I found out that hemoraging cysts it actually recalls surgery and causes much more bleeding. After about six months without much thought, I realized I may have had a miscarriage. After doing a little research, I realized that it was very possible that I could have been pregnant. I can't stop thinking about it. It makes me wonder what I could have done differently to keep it. Was there anything that I did that may have caused it. Hopefully one day I will stop feeling guilty and move on with my life. But for now my heart is lost. Its been far gone. It with my baby boy or baby girl. Its keeping them safe.

Gone too soon

I just had an early miscarriage on July 5th. I was only 3 weeks along and my progestrone levels were too low to support the pregnancy, so I miscarried naturally at home. It started with some dark brown spotting and then a day later it was bright red with large clots. The pain felt like contractions and I just had to either lay in bed or sit on the toilet. It was heavier than even my heaviest period I've ever had. It lasted about 4 days. I had extreme back pain for at least 2 weeks afterward. The physical pain does not last that long, it's the emotional pain that lasts a lifetime.
—Guest Alexis

A second miscarriage

Today I had my second miscarriage. First it started as spotting and then it started to get heavier (bright red). I've experienced this before so I knew what was happening. My lower back aches just a little but ached before the miscarriage. It's a very hard time for my husband and I but I know our Lord will get us through it. My advice to anyone that experiences a miscarriage is hold on, trouble doesn't last always. Joy is promised to come in the morning.
—Guest Let Not Your Heart Be Troubled

About five weeks

I was on birth control for only two months so my hormones weren't too messed up when I went off the first week of the pack then had unprotected sex a day later. Well a few days after I had spotting for a day or two and that's when I figured it was either implantation bleeding or a messed up period. Well a month went by, I was having cramps frequently and feeling different (it may or may not have been my body trying to regulate itself). But a few days ago I had bleeding which I thought was just my period, until I went to the bathroom and this long red blob started to come out. I didn't really get a good look at it, I just pulled it out. I had excruciating cramps the day before and now my lower abdomen is no longer slightly bloated. That thing that dispelled from my body is what finally convinced me that I WAS pregnant. But unfortunately, I miscarried.
—Guest Emily

8 weeks July 2010

At 7 wks 3 days I started spotting and it was brownish. At 7 wks 4 days I went in for my first ultra sound. Everything looked normal and the heart beat was 103. I started spotting pink for a few days afterwards and then bright red. I was told that they thought it was a polyp on my cervix. I had another ultra sound 4 days after the first one and the heart rate was 131 and the fetus was growing. I continued to bleed mostly when going to the bathroom but, it was dripping out. I passed a greyish tissue 4 days later and some blood clots. Some cramping existed but, not too intense. I did have contractions that were like spasms and then passed more tissue that was stringy looking. I went in at 11 wks and I had miscarried. Uterus was already back to normal and I already ovulated. It is very devastating but, know something wasn't right with the development of the fetus and we are trying again. I have one beautiful 3 yr old and am very blessed.
—Guest Brandi

5 weeks

I can't say I'm positive I had a miscarriage, I didn't plan on testing until later this week to give my Hcg levels time to rise if I had been. I'm very regular, active/healthy with a healthy weight. I have no more stress in my life than the next person, so I don't believe this was just a late period. I was 8 days late, and started getting sharp pains in my lower back. Of course I was camping, so I thought nothing of it and just ended up going to bed early. Now here's the part where I believe it was an early miscarriage, I woke up in the morning just devastated with absolutely no reason as to why. I sat up abruptly and was just balling, and felt so terribly depressed. Then the cramping started, it was very painful too not like normal period cramps. Went to the bathroom and passed a few large purple/white-ish pieces of tissue.. not sure how to describe it. This continued all day, and finally the painful cramps stopped once I stopped passing tissue. Do late periods only last 48 hours?
—Guest erin

Negative tests

I'm 19 and on the implant - implanon. I felt pregnant for about 3 weeks, got very bloated and lost my appetite completely and felt sick most of the day, my nipples felt like they were on fire if they were touched even slightly. I took 3 pregnancy tests - all negative. I was 2 weeks overdue for my period when I started to get backache and cramping with pain in my lower belly. I went to the toilet and saw some brown spotting, so I put my mooncup in, it turned bright red about 5 hours later, but nothing but blood in mooncup. I then wiped and there was a large string of tissue with a little clear/whiteish blob, kind of jelly like, it felt dry and not as soft as any discharge. It had a blob of blood inside it, and little strings of blood connecting it to the tissue. I'm not ready for a child, but I obviously chose the implant as my BC as I thought it would be reliable.
—Guest Rachel
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