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Readers Respond: What Your Early Miscarriage Looked Like

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Updated April 20, 2010

Miscarriage number three

Well after finding out I was miscarrying twice with actually knowing I was pregnant, once at 11 weeks and then at 5 weeks, I also had one at 4 weeks. It was heavy irregular bleeding, pains that are worse than the usual monthlies, all painful and emotional. This has started making me scared of trying again, and at the moment my partner doesn't want to try again, and I respect that so it's gonna be tough.
—Guest Wana- be-a -mom

Lost my 1st baby

Finally pregnant after 2 yrs of trying for a baby with my partner. We were both over the moon, but I said to myself not to get to excited until having it confirmed by the doctor cause it just didn't seem real after waiting 2 years. My partner however went telling everyone as he was over the moon. Inside I was so overjoyed though even at the thought of being a mum. Then Friday came, me and my partner went to the doctors and yes they confirmed what I wanted them to. Excitement ran through my body; I was so happy. Then Saturday came I had cramps in my belly but after asking friends and family if it was normal they put my mind at rest so just didn't worry. Then it got to the afternoon and went to the toilet and noticed browny red in my underwear. I was so scared I shouted my partner, he came to see and said we need to go hospital. Arriving at the hospital they did a internal scan and found a clot. I miss my baby so much I didn't have the chance to get used to it.
—Guest Jenna

Miscarriage at 5 weeks

I just went through an early miscarriage. I was having heavy bleeding and cramps so I went to the ER and they told me I was more than likely having a miscarriage. I went home, and for one more day was still experiencing cramping and bleeding, but at about 4:00 the next day I started having severe cramping so painful I was crying and yelling for it to stop. I managed to go to the bathroom and after a few minutes out came an enormous clot that looked like it had tissue mixed up in it. I knew it was the baby. Afterward the pain stopped. I still bled for another day but not as heavily and with no pain. I am sorry if you are going through this, it is confusing and not pleasant.
—Guest Delicia

Thought it was a Really bad period

I didn't know I may have been pregnant at the time, but my period was a week late. Then, I started having really sharp, piercing pains, very unlike the unpleasant period cramping I usually get. This was from deep within, and really low, like from my uterus, as if it were trying to dilate, but something was wrong. Extremely painful. Then I eventually passed unusually large blood clots. I think I would have been a month "along". Should have known something was different about this, looking back, because I looked in my journal, and I was overly sensitive the month before. Unfortunately, I never took a pregnancy test to be sure, and now I regret it, just because I would have liked to have known for sure. But we know our own bodies, and so we know when something feels "out of the ordinary". I felt really sad about it, but then I asked God to please "bring the baby back when the timing was right", and I felt better.
—Guest Rene

Prepared but shocked

My miscarriage happened at around 8 weeks. I was pregnant with twins. I had been told that I would most likely miscarry, so I was prepared. However, I was told it would just be like a heavy period with some minor cramping. This was not the case. It started with brown discharge, then red, and I knew it was a micarriage. Then a few nights later I started getting labor like contractions only a few minutes apart. This progressed over a few hours, eventually ending with long contractions only moments apart. The pain was indescribable. I then passed a sac about the size of a water balloon and pain almost instantly stopped, but the bleeding continued. There was a sudden calm feeling in the room which only moments before was so intense. I was expecting some mild cramping, I was not prepared for the pain that I experienced. I guess it is different for each of us.
—Guest Alex

Miscarriage at 5-6 weeks

It started with spotting the night before. I went to the ER, they did an u/s. Very faint heartbeat IF any is what they told me. I was so early, they said it may not be a miscarriage. The next morning, there was a little more bleeding, but not a lot. Cramping. I couldn't sit still. I passed two sacs, a half hour apart. Now I am wondering if I was carrying twins. I don't know. Then I bled like a normal heavy period for 10 days. I did go to the ER after for confirmation. My husband was deployed and I had my daughters with me. Thank God for an amazing medical staff. I praise God also for His comfort. I wouldn't have been able to survive without knowing He was in control. I'm sorry to all the ladies that have had to experience losing a child. God Bless.
—Guest Kristen

What may have been?

During this month I was thinking: I am pregnant. I've been just so exhausted and nauseated all the time but I started my period light and then I woke up this morning and I had this big huge gush of dark red blood. When I sat down I felt a big clot come out got up and it looked like a round black clot, so I'm thinking that I was pregnant which makes me sad because I have five sons I could have had the daughter of my dreams.
—Guest msdivagirl

What a miscarriage looks like.

I had spotting for 2 days before I went in to the doctor. Ultrasound showed no heartbeat. I was given 4 aspirin type pills inserted in my cervix. 2 hours later I started passing large clots and then clear golf ball sized globe with the baby inside. I cut it open and the 8 week old fetus fell apart. It was comforting to know that you can't hold the baby. Without the amniotic fluid it does not keep its form. And comforting to know that it was over...and I can try again sooner rather than later. BTW, there was no cramping with that medication.
—Guest Holly


I'm so sorry to all of you -- what you went through sounds terrible. I was 9 weeks when I had a scan and there were 2 sacs and only 1 baby. Yes I went on to have a beautiful girl but that other baby still haunts me. Where did it go? Back into my body or the other baby was the most likely outcome apparently. I just feel like I'm not allowed to grieve because I didn't see that baby.
—Guest maggie

Looking Back

I was very young. I thought it was just me having an irregular period, but I was pregnant. I think I had to be 5 or 7 weeks. It started off like a normal period but the cramps had me on the floor. Every time I went to the bathroom clots would come very huge clots. They would even hang and be present on the the toilet paper. Looking back on it makes me sad. Now that I'm older I try to pay close attention to my body because like I said I just thought I was late on my period.
—Guest jessi marie

Long and Drawn Out

My second pregnancy resulted in a miscarriage at 8 weeks. I felt like there was something wrong from very early on, but one morning I had very light pink on my toilet paper, so I went to ER for u/s and they said there was no heartbeat and it was just a matter of time before it would be over. The bleeding got very heavy after that as my body tried to flush out the remains - deep red blood with clots, larger clots when using the bathroom. After 4 days I went in for another u/s to make sure everything was gone and they told me there was nothing left. Bleeding continued in gushes over the next week and a half. People told me to go back to work and do normal things but at every attempt I was so faint (from loss of blood, anemia?) and sick (cramping) that I had to return home. Went to obgyn and when he examined me he was able to see that not everything had actually come out and he pulled out what was left. After that the cramps started to subside, as did the heavy gushing of blood.
—Guest Kelden

My Experience

Started sat. nite w/ lite pink on toliet paper, caused concerned so I grabbed my husband and we went home. At home it became a dark brown discharge, first call to the dr. they said "old blood" By morning the bright red blood flowed when I urinated I just knew although he was trying to stay positive. Continued all day, second phone call to dr. prepare yourself for a miscarriage call the next morning for u/s. That night I passed what seemed to be clots big and small. U/s showed nothing no sac, nothing, internal exam was normal with lots of red wine colored blood. Hcg @ 7,000 I was 9weeks but dr. think it happened at 5 weeks. Around that time I did have what I believe to be a period it was the swollen breast that prompted the test in the first place. So I lost the baby even before I recieved the positive hcg levels. They believe I am Rh- so I was attacking the embryo. More blood tests 2morrow to find out. No pain if I didn't know I was preg I would have thought it was my period.
—Guest Heather

Lost my angel

I had just found out I was pregnant by two confirmed pregancy tests. My husband and I wanted to confirm the pregnancy with a blood test but before we could do that I started spotting the first day. Next day I was bleeding and I passed a large clot about an inch and a half long. Went to the ER and was diagnosed with a threatened miscarriage. Next day more bleeding specially when I wiped or went to the restroom. I didn't want to believe what the doctors were telling me. But I went to the OBGYN and she thought the same thing because there was no fetal pole seen in the US and my HCG levels were low aroung 1500's. After six weeks into my pregnancy I went to the restroom and again passed more blood with what looked like a grayish blackish little tiny bean, that's how I knew I really was experiencing a miscarriage. Nobody was ever able to tell me what it looked like so I hope this helps somebody. My prayers all with all of you. Have faith in Jehova and pray to him in Jesus name.
—Guest daydreamer

Thought it was normal

I was 7 weeks expecting. I started spotting a dark brown, I told my nurse and doctor however, with my other pregnacies I had spotted and the difference came one night the spotting was bright red, So that next day I went in to the doctor and I was lightly cramping it was told to me I am threatning a miscarriage to take a easy. The next morning the cramping increased the blood flow increased, when ever I moved I flowed . Then I was sitting up in the bed and I felt a plop so I went to the bathroomandchecked my pad , it was a clear little ball I could see the little bag I cried and cried anyway, my husband emotionally assisted me. The next morning there was this huge piece of tissue on my pad however the pain was gone.
—Guest Pretty Waters

Old blood

I was 7 1/2 weeks when I started to get a brown discharge, as the weekend approached it was very intermittent so I thought things were okay. By the sunday I was at the a&e, had blood test and was told to return to the EPAU on the monday. Monday morning I had an internal scan which was inconclusive unable to say whether it was a viable pregnancy, hormone levels were high, I asked back the next day for blood test and another scan the sac was there, bleeding getting heavier. I was told to come back in 10 days, on the saturday I started to pass a lot more blood and also a huge clot which was about the length of my sanitary towel it looked liked a smaller version of an after birth. I knew then what it was, the following friday I returned for another scan and they confirmed I had miscarried and I was booked in for a D&C which I had done on 11.05.09.
—Guest Heidi
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