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Readers Respond: What Your Early Miscarriage Looked Like

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Updated April 20, 2010

Hard even more than a year after

I had a miscarriage in Dec 2008, and it was the worst feeling ever. I had a baby in 2006, and the whole pregnancy seemed to feel different right from the beginning-like something might not be right. When it was happening, I had some pinkish spotting, called the doctor's office, and got a nurse who said that we would have to wait and see what happened. I felt horrible about having to "wait and see" and about the fact that the nurse had very little empathy about the whole thing. A few days later (after having bleeding for a few days), I took another pregnancy test, and it was then negative. The doctor didn't need me to come in, so no medical professional actually verified anything. I may have felt better about the whole thing if the doctor's office had seemed to care more and they would have been able to check things out. I was lucky--I was able to conceive another child a month and a half later. I now have my 2 beautiful children, but I still think about my lost one all the time.
—Guest lynn

Blighted ovum

I was told I had a blighted ovum. This was noticed 24th March when I started bleeding. At that time I would have been 11 weeks pregnant. I chose to let the pregnancy products expell naturally, the Dr at hospital checked me and discharged me from hospital. 6 weeks on, I had heavy bleeding, cramping and it looked like I had expelled some more pregnancy tissue. Very painful xx
—Guest saima

7 weeks

Mine happend two yrs ago. I had no signs except I had started spotting red but it wasn't a lot at first, didn't even need a pad, but then it started to get heavier and I knew...went to the hospital and they confirmed my fears. The next morning I passed a large clot. I was 7 wks.
—Guest heather

6 week miscarriage

I started spotting on Thursday night, but it was brown. On Friday morning it got worse so I went to the Dr. They did a vaginal ultrasound that showed the baby was still in the uterus and looked ok, but they said the heartbeat seemed slow. They took a bloodtest to check my HCG level and told me we only had to worry if it was dropping. I left the Dr and an hour later I started cramping a bleeding heavily, like a normal period. I bled all day, all night and into Saturday but never saw anything unusual come out. I was able to check my lab results online on Saturday afternoon and saw that my hcg level had dropped almost 60%. My cramping has subsided, the bleeding has pretty much stopped but I'm sure I've lost our baby.
—Guest Lori

2 miscarriages

I had my first baby on june 26 2005. She passed away from sids on july 22 2005. I found out I was pregnant again in September. I was so happy but scared at the same time. But unfortunately I had a miscarriage. I had heavy bleeding and then passed a clot about the size of a silver dollar. And then I had a sudden urge to push felt like a lot of pressure. So I went to the bathroom and sat on the camode and pushed and out came some huge clunk of something that looked like meat. I told my dr and she said the first thing I passed was the baby and the second thing was the sack (AKA the after birth). The second one I had I was only 3 to 4 wks. It was just mainly like a really long heavy period. Nothing passed just had cramps that hurt worse than what they did when I was actually having a period. But now I have 2 beautiful little girls and wanting a boy but I'm thinking that there is gonna be no more babies. I think that the 2 miscarriages were my boys. Thanks Crystal
—Guest crystal22

Miscarriage at 5 weeks

I did a test and it was positive even though line was very faint. A week later had spotting for 3 days then stopped and 2 weeks later had very heavy bleeding. I did another test and was negative.
—Guest marie

Scared and confused

I'm 21; my fiance and I are committed, but not ready for a baby, in part because we are long-distance until graduation. I'd briefly thought I might be pregnant, but dismissed it. My period began normally, but felt different. I normally have no cramps on hormonal BC; this time I had moderate cramping. I dismissed it as my body still getting used to the new BC I'd switched in February. But yesterday morning I went to shower and found tissue in my pad. I was horrified and panicked, so I took a pregnancy test. The test was negative but while I was waiting for it to develop I passed another piece of tissue in the flow. Both were about an inch long, 3/4" wide at the widest point, irregular teardrop shapes, and a pink-purple color, with tiny veins on the surface under the blood. Based on the evidence, I believe I was almost nine weeks when I miscarried. I'm scared, confused, and unsure what to do next. I'll tell my fiance when I see him next weekend. I feel so alone right now.
—Guest Anonymous

Second miscarriage at 4 1/2 weeks

Yesterday I lost my baby for the second time. I had abdominal pain the night before but did not even imagine it could be a miscarriage. I also was having lower back pain but I thought I was just tired. In the morning I started bleeding and went to the hospital and they ran test telling me I was no longer pregnant. I feel so sad because last month I lost my other baby. The bleeding is very heavy and red. The cramping feels so bad more than when you normally get your period. And in someways I still feel pregnant and is a sad feeling because my baby is gone. I pray that this never happens again and if God does decide to send me another blessing that everything goes well. I pray for all of you how have gone threw this too.... may God give you the peace you need.
—Guest Juani


I have had two first trimester miscarriages. Neither time did I see anything that resembled an embryo. Then again I do not know for sure if the embryo was expelled at that time or not. It was not like a period, some coffee ground-like pieces of blood, a few small clots that may or may not have contained what looked like a tiny piece of flesh. Not nearly as much bleeding as a period either time. The second time I got ultrasounds and was told it appeared normal, but after the miscarriage no embryo was seen, only "tissue".
—Guest not a period

I don't know what is happening?

First my heart goes out to each and everyone of the women here and their families! Almost six months ago after ten years of trying I had my angel Connor; about five days before my period was due I had a routine doc app, where they took urine and told me I was pregnant again. Well about four days after my period was due I started to spot, and then a little heavier till now it is the 14 and I have been bleeding since the 3. I have realy bad anxiety, and I am scared they will put me in the hosp, and I will have to be away from my five and a half month old. My heart says I am miscarrying but will it happen naturally?
—Guest sarah

Heartbroken mother

My name is Shannon and I am 25 years old, I have a 3 year old and I found out about 5 weeks ago that I was pregnate, I was so excited to be a mother again. Everything was going normal I had an ultrasound 2 weeks ago and everything was normal, I saw a heartbeat and everything well a few days ago I started cramping and bleeding so I went to the ER and found out that I was miscarrying. The doctor told me that I would continue to cramp and bleed until everything was out...To my suprise I have cramping but not only that I am having major contractions, only to see my little one in the toilet, it's a very horrible thing to go through and my heart goes out to all that have or will go through the same thing.
—Guest Shannon

Miscarriage at 5 weeks

I had 3 positive tests so I knew I was pregnant at 4 and a half weeks. Miscarriage totally different from period. Had bad lower abdominal cramping and sharp pain both sides from 4 weeks pregnant, evening before miscarriage strong period type pain. Blood bright red and alot there all of a sudden, no build up like period, also different colour, period is darker red. Within a few hours, a load of red tissue stuff came out, then the bleeding rapidly tapered off to spotting by the next day and for another 5 days. I went to the early pregnancy unit 4 days after miscarriage, where a nice nurse confirmed it with a negative pregnancy test. I had waited until I was 37 to try for a baby as I only met my partner late, and this happened first time.....I was gutted. The nurse said I could try again straight away if I wanted as it was a complete natural miscarriage. Amazingly I ovulated 14 days after the miscarriage and have been ttc all weekend! When I am pregnant again I will be very anxious!
—Guest mazziec

I don't buy it.

I have had three miscarriages and the worst part of it is that I'm still very young. I can honestly say this has been really traumatic for me because it really scares me to not have kids in the future. I've had pregnancy scares before but for some odd reason I can tell when I'm pregnant. When I feel the symptoms of being pregnant, I don't go out and buy a test ASAP, I just let nature run its course till I truly know. But everything hope/dream tears down when I start to spot. That is one reason I don't buy pregnancy tests, I don't want to get my hopes up for nothing. When I got my period after missing it for three months, it wasn't its usual length or feeling & there were more/bigger clots than normal. I don't tell my parents nor my boyfriend but now I think it’s time to tell my boyfriend because he also wants a baby, which I honestly don't think I can give him. I am healthy & I exercise regularly so I don't understand why I can’t carry a baby.
—Guest I''ll be kept anonymous.

Miscarriage of twins days apart

I miscarried one on Tuesday April 6, 2010 at 13 weeks. The other one didn't pass till Thursday night April 8th, 2010. The second one was the most excruciating pain I ever felt, emotionally and physical. I never knew I was going to have twins so the 2nd was a complete and utter shock. The first one looked like it was only 6 weeks and the 2nd looked about 12 or 13 weeks.
—Guest tonya

Here we go again...

My husband and I have been trying to get pregnant since March of 09. Finally, after the Pill hormones cleared out, we got pregnant in early January. The very next morning I started bleeding. My dr. couldn't see me and sent me to the ER, where I waited for hours, only to have a cathater shoved in me (not fun) and a bunch of scans done. 6 hours later I knew what I had known all along - that I was having a miscarriage. So now it's 2 months later, and I just got a positive pregnancy test. But I'm also spotting pink and brown, so I'm not letting myself get excited yet. Here we go again...
—Guest Cam
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