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Readers Respond: What Your Early Miscarriage Looked Like

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Updated April 20, 2010

Hard but it's for the best

I was on two bc's and didn't think anything would happen, missed a period. Assumed the bc took it away then thought I got a late period a month after but found it a little different this time around, different kind of cramps, bleeding was different. Then on day two of the bleeding I passed what I thought was a blood clot, then looked at it and saw a sac like thing. Had a doctor appointment a few days after so I took a picture so I could show the doctor and he confirmed a miscarriage but to explain what it looked like would be almost like liver piece around this tiny sac like blob with what looked like a circle shape inside. I didn't even know I was pregnant and my heart aches with grief and don't know how to let go of the situation, it hurts so much I cry sometimes.
—Guest unknown

Multiple early miscarriages

I have just had my 6th miscarriage. People can be so insensitive as if they haven't experienced it then they don't understand and just treat me like I've had a heavy period. I get preg symptoms a week before missed period so already know and have morning sicknes etc. so when I lose it it is already a part of me and I've bonded. I get severe back ach and I also get actual contactions not just period cramping. I get very heavy bright red and thin blood that flows and it just pours out of me and soaks my clothes and the floor and everything. Sometimes depending on how far along I get big clots and one time when I was 10 weeks I saw a ball the size of an orange fall out into the toilet which I was later told was the baby and sack. There is no mistaking a miscarriage for a heavy period -- if you think you have had a miscarriage you have and allow yourself the feelings that go with it don't let others make it less than what it is.
—Guest Guest Sarah

Three or four weeks

I'm sure I just miscarried even though I never got a chance to take a test. My period is very regular and predictable but it didn't come on time this month. Right before it was due I just didn't feel right. I seemed to have retained more water than normal and it just didn't feel normal inside. I started to get cramps three days after my cycle was due but there was no blood. They were on and off but never subsided completely. Exactly a week from when my period was due I woke up to very, very heavy bleeding. The blood was bright red with dark clots and there was no spotting beforehand. The cramps were far worse than normal and I also had flu-like symptoms. I felt very weak and sore as though I had a high fever. It bled heavily non-stop [unlike my normal period] for two solid days and began to taper off, but the blood was very bright until the end. Even without a test I know that this is what happened.
—Guest dirt girl

5 weeks

I started spotting brown yesterday but today the cramps got a little worse and I starting bleeding red. After a few hours I felt a "plop" out and looked down to see lots of bright red blood clots and a little white beady tissue, about 2cm-3cm wide, I guess that was the foetus.
—Guest anon

5 weeks

I lost my baby today at 5 weeks. Last night I had a terrible back ache which wouldn't go away. This morning I went to the loo and had slight spotting with a brownish discharge but I wasn't worried as I thought it would stop as I didn't have any other symptoms. However later in the day I went to the toilet and the bleeding was heavy. I'm left feeling so alone and empty. Only other women who have lost a baby can understand the loss you feel even that early in pregnancy, however as hard as it sounds life must go on.
—Guest chris

Miscarriage at 5 weeks

I thought I was pregnant because I had missed my period and I had other signs but I didn't know for sure that I had been carrying a child until it had gone. I went running and got bad pain and when I got home there was a small amount of blood but also there was a little pale coloured thing about the size of a kidney bean with a red cord running through it ... I looked at it more closely and realised I was holding my dead baby. I cried for days.
—Guest lilly

It Sucks!

About 5 weeks ago I found out I was pregnant. At 11 weeks pregnant, I saw my OB/GYN and did an US. Couldn't find the fetus so I had to do a transvaginal US. Sonographer found fetus only about 5week 4days and HB at 64bmp (too slow - normal is between 130-180bmp). A second transviginal US a week later couldn't find the heartbeat at all and I was told the pregnancy is no longer viable. It's now more than 14 wks and I'm still waiting for the fetus to discharge. I have no bleeding, no cramps, no pain or any sign. My doctor is saying that it's too small to go in to do a curette. It would be better to let it happen naturally. I have done my grieving and cried my little eyes out. And I'm still waiting. I've been walking around for the past few weeks now with the knowledge that I'm carrying a already dead fetus inside me. It sucks!
—Guest Doris

Miscarriage @ 40 yrs. old

I've had two healthy children and was pregnant for the third time. I had taken a home pregnancy test and gone to my OB/GYN for confirmation. He did an US and couldn't determine a due date as it was very early in the pregnancy. I was scheduled for another US the next week. A couple of days before the 2nd US, I started spotting and went to the ER. They kept me waiting for hours, during which time I began bleding heavier. I got tired of waiting and went home to bed. The next morning I called my OB/GYN and made an appointment for that day. As I was showering, I passed a large clump that was the color of raw liver. I went on to the appointment and had to inform my doctor that I had miscarried. He did an US and confirmed that there was no longer a pregnancy. He didn't really tell me what to expect, so I've had to get all my info online. Luckily, it only lasted about 3-4 days. It has been 2 weeks today since the miscarriage. I only knew I was pregnant for a week... still sad.
—Guest Lynn

Left feeling empty

I had a feeling I was pregnant, so I took a test and it was positive. I was so happy I cried. I decided to tell my husband and on his b-day we decided to tell people. Soon after I started to bleed, very little at first and I knew something was wrong. I called after hours and they said some bleeding can be normal and not to worry, but I couldn't stop thinking, so I went to er and the doc said my cervix was closed. That it was a threatend m/c and did an u/s and didn't see a heartbeat. I knew then, but they were trying to tell me not to worry. I lost my baby that I wanted so badly, what made it worse is no one seemed to understand. The doc said it happens, have a nice day. I felt so empty inside.
—Guest gina

Didnt know miscarriages happen like this

I have been having light brownish discharge for 2 days but I didn't worry about it because I know that intercourse can cause light spotting and everything I've read said not to worry unless the blood is bright red or you're experiencing cramping. Yesterday morning I woke up and there was quite a bit more brown blood than usual, but still no cramping. I decided to call the doctor and they told me everything is probably fine but if I'm worried about it to come on in. They tried to find the heart beat with a doppler but where I was only 11 weeks they couldn't so they sent me for an ultrasound to reassure me everything was fine. They had to do an internal ultrasound and the women administering it told me my sack was the size it should be at 5 or 6 weeks and there was no baby in it. So apparently my baby died between 5 and 6 weeks ago. I have yet to experience red blood or cramping. I don't understand why my body has been holding on to this baby for so long.
—Guest guest

8 1/2 weeks and lost my baby

I lost my baby yesterday. I had some brown spotting for a couple of days and after looking at some posts thought this was normal as it happened after sex, however yesterday the spotting was pink and then later on red like a light period. I went to the doctor who sent me for an ultrasound. There was just a big black hole with just a shadow about the size of a pea and no heartbeat. This was my first pregnancy. I passed some clots and am just waiting to let it pass, however have been told if it goes on for longer than 3 days to maybe have a D&C as it can get worse before it gets better. I never really felt pregnant, I didn't have any symptoms, which I think makes it a little easier, but I just feel sad. It's amazing that when I told people who knew I was pregnant, that nearly all of them had miscarried before and their stories helped me. I had felt really cold the past few weeks and apparently this can be a sign that the baby has gone. The doctor said it hadn't grown past 5 weeks.
—Guest sad

When will it go back to normal?

I was 8 weeks 2 days prego when I miscarried. It was the worst stomach pain I have ever felt. I was cramping on and off for about 4 weeks and spotting and bleeding for 2 of them. I went to the dr at 6 weeks 1 day and saw the heartbeat and it was strong. Started bleeding 6 days later. Had another ultrasound and all was still good but still bleeding. At 8 week 2 days I cramped real bad in my back most of the night but still tried to sleep and woke up at 3 am to go use the bathroom and out came this tissue and more blood that just hung there. Now 3 weeks later I passed this tear shaped mass that I am not sure what it is. And still bleeding. I was ok emotionally with the loss but I can understand now why women break down after having one. It isn't the loss that is making me emotional it is the constant reminder my body is giving me daily with the blood and now this mass I passed that is stressing me out.
—Guest samantha


I went to the store because people kept saying they thought I was pregnant so to prove them wrong I bought a 3 pack box of tests. All came out positive and I went back to get a pack of two of the ones with the words, afraid that I had misread the ones with the lines. Those two also came back positive so I knew for sure. At seven weeks I went to the docs for an u/s and saw my baby and the heartbeat. I missed my first two first appts. which really wasn't good. At eleven weeks I started to bleed and have chunks come out so I went to the ER and sure enough no heartbeat. They measured the baby at around nine weeks and I decided to pass the baby myself. I went to my friends ouse as soon as I was discharged and a couple hours later I went to the bathroom and my water broke. I sat there for a minute and then the baby came out. I had huge blood clots but now my bleeding has slowed and become rust colored. We named him/her Angel because that's what he/she is now.
—Guest BeautifulSecret

4 weeks :( but also.. some info..

I lost our baby today. I was only 4 weeks. I have m/c 6 times a couple years ago but I have 2 healthy children already. Today, I did a rigorous cleaning, had a life insurance exam, and ate and was exhausted. Went to bed. Heart was bothering me as I have MR. I woke up, and I passed a rather large tissue, nearly round, gelatony, covered in red, but also sort of white and grey. :( It made me so sad. Don't know how to tell my partner cause I think it was my fault. Anyway, here are some very good descriptions of what it physically looks like: http://wiki.answers.com/Q/What_does_the_tissue_of_a_miscarriage_look_like_and_how_long_does_it_take_to_pass
—Guest HT

My heart denies I'm miscarrying

Firstly, I want to say I'm very sorry for all of your losses. I have a daughter who is nearly three and have been trying to continue our faimly and have another baby. We were so suprised that it took less then three weeks to conceive. I was roughly four weeks when the spotting started, very light only when I wiped and lasted around a week. After an early internal scan it showed an implantation bleed which is very common and normal and the sonographer was hopefully that the pregnancy would continue and all would be fine. That night I started having more blood, heavier and red. The next day I started losing HUGE red blood clots. I told myself that it was ok and that it was just the bleed but more blood came and was dripping ... I've only had really light cramping though, not bad pain more like I am hungry then anything else. I dont want to go to the doctor and have the miscarriage confirmed. I'm praying that all is ok but from the amount and size of the blood clots I don't think its goo
—Guest Sam
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