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Readers Respond: The Experience of Chemical Pregnancy

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Updated March 24, 2009

Just when I thought this was it!

We have been TTC for 2 1/2 years with many disappointments every month. Finally I we decided to start Letrozole/Femara in January. I was waiting for my period to start so I can start Letrozole on CD3. Decided to test just for fun on Monday, and boy was it a shocker when the second line came up right away! Retested about 12 hrs later, and again +. Tested next day, and the following day --- all four tests were positive. Faint but positive. Told my husband the great news. We were both in disbelief that we didn't need the drugs to get pg. Went for a blood test on Wednesday, got my results on Thursday - BHCG only 8. Dr told me not to stress about it, as long as the #s go up by Monday it will be all good. As soon as I got home and went to the bathroom AF showed her ugly face...I am devastated, why us? We were trying so hard for 2.5yrs. I hope I can get pg again and this time stay pg for 9 months! GL to all out there! This is a hard thing to swallow.
—Guest Guest TTC for 2 1/2 yrs

1 miscarriage, 1 ectopic, now chemical

I had an early miscarriage in May 09, at 5 wks after having low beta hCG values. I was completely devastated and thought I would never get over it. I then got pregnant again in July, again with low beta hCGs (but increased appropriately) only to be told I had an ectopic at 7 weeks. They removed my tube and the real devastation set in. Now, with more challenges trying to conceive it has been even harder to recover. Just last week I had a + hpt and did a blood test yesterday with, again, a low beta hCG. I am just devastated that this is happening all over again and have no hope that anything good will come of this pregnancy. I wish to be hopeful but don't know how that's possible anymore.
—Guest trying to be positive

Never saw something like this coming

I have a beautiful, polite, smart 4 year old and now that we were kind of trying for a second one, I was SO excited to see a positive on the HPT only to start bleeding the very next day! My usual doc was not in & the alternate doc was so matter of fact about it - almost making me feel bad for testing too early (2 weeks after what is a perfectly timed cycle). My husband did not also feel the hormonal mess I was in addition to the emotional roller coaster. So girls, please, explain to your partners what you are going through -- they really have no idea! Best wishes to all.
—Guest Guest

Chem pregnancy after IVF

After 6 years of trying and two IVF cycles we now have our first chemical pregnancy. Maybe I should be happy that at least we conceived once. But it's even more disappointing and sad that this is all we have after all this time and efforts. Maybe we will never get any further than looking at two lines on a stick. It's so draining.
—Guest Squish

3 pregnancies, 2 were chemical

Me and my husband had tried for 4 yrs for a baby. During year 2, I had a chemical pregnancy. It was very hard on us both but then 2 yrs later, yr 4, of trying we got pregnant with our son and all was well. We decided to try IUI last month after another 2 yrs of trying, and on our first try of IUI, I was pregnant. I felt great -- we were so excited and happy and we just thought this was all we had to do. Well after my 2nd blood test I was told my hcg level dropped and I couldn't stop crying, it hurt so bad. I am going to try IUI again at the end of the month. I am praying all will work out but I have to say websites like this have helped me cope so much. It just seems like most people can get a BFP and tell the world and all is well so it is nice to see other people dealing with the same issues as me. Good luck to all
—Guest trying for baby #2

It happened to me too!

After over two years of trying to conceive with irregular cycles, we finally got a positive test on Monday. We were over the moon in excitement! On Thursday I began to spot. I knew something was wrong. Went to the doc on Friday and I could tell by the look on her face that something wasn't right. Was told to come back Monday to check hcg levels in blood. Began to bleed heavily, took another test at home, negative. I never knew what a chemical pregnancy was until now. I have been crying all weekend. We made a promise to never, ever test early again. I would rather wait until my period is at least 2-3 weeks late. I thought the two week wait was bad, chem pregnancies are THE WORST! We will try again right away, but indeed I will remember the pain I feel right now and use that for strength not to test right away.
—Guest tryin2bepatient

Me too

I found out two mo. ago I was pregnant and I was excited! Once I finally got the courage to tell my husband about our surprise, I went to the doctor and they told me I wasn't. I was shocked and confused. I had taken over 5 pregancy test in every kind. Then they told me to just hang around for my results. Three days went by waiting in curiosity and nervousness. I started bleeding and before they could call me with the results, they told me I had a chemical pregnancy. Me and my husband tried right after that and I now have not bled and took my first pregnancy test yesterday with a positive. Keep trying, ladies!
—Guest Guest

People can be callous

I have 6 healthy children. I was not planning on any more but then missed my period last month. I took a test and had a faint positive. A few days later the cramping and bleeding started; called my doc and they did a blood test to prove that I was no longer pregnant. I had my annual scheduled for the same week and the doc explained it was a chemical pregnancy. I think I lost it because I fell down the stairs about a week before. No one really understand the loss and guilt you feel. I only new for a few weeks that I probably was but to lose my child is so sad. Even my husband doesn't get it because he didn't plan on having more! I have been in such a dark place. It doesn't help that our hormones are out of whack. People don't get that even though you didn't look pregnant you still were and your body has to go through the changes of resetting itself and that you are not crazy and this really did occur!
—Guest sad

Chemical pregnancy after tubes tied!

I had my tubes tied six years ago but I am 99% sure I just went through a chemical pregnancy. I had been praying for restoration of my fertility so for me rather than too much sadness I am feeling hopeful because to me this is a sign that I have healed and it is possible for me to get pregnant again! Well either that or I am crazy and imagined the whole thing. Either way I am hopeful and still praying.
—Guest A Mom

One sad weekend

Friday I took a digital pregnancy test and got a positive result. My husband and I were so happy. The following morning I had intense cramping and a heavy flow. I wasn't sure what was going on so I posted what happened on babycenter.com and the members there came up with chemical pregnancy. I had never heard of it before, but think I have had another one in the past. While we are coping with it pretty well it is still sad. We will see what happens next month. Good luck to everyone who is trying to conceive. I hope the next one sticks for all of us.
—Guest Melissa

Doctors make you feel crazy

I have had 2 chemical pregnancies and each of the doctors I have been in contact with will not even acknowledge the pregnancy. It is heartbreaking and makes you feel a little nuts. I am so glad to hear others who are dealing with this. I am finding comfort that I am not crazy and this loss is real to me and others. Thanks!
—Guest Nichole

Giving it to God

I have just experienced my 3rd chemical in 4 months. I don't know what is wrong with me. I have two healthy children from two healthy pregnancies. My body just clots them out when AF is due and it ends. I am doing everything I can as a person to help fix this, but I have decided that I must give it to God. I have asked Him to open my womb and give us a child. I can not worry about something that is beyond my control anymore. Giving up? No...just giving it up to God.
—Guest HappyMedium

Why does this happen?

I took a preganancy test 3 days ago and it was a clear positive. I have felt funny over the past few days, achy and uncomfortable, and then this morning the bleeding started (at 4 wks, 3 days). I knew I was losing the baby. This happened to me once before, a couple of years ago. After that experience, I was really confused and upset. I thought it was my fault. My husband and I tried again right after and now we have a 16-month old son. The pregnancy was perfect...no problems at all. Now, we are ready for number 2, and the chemical pregnancy happened again. I just wish I could know why. It makes me so sad to think that I will never know this baby. We are going to try again and can only hope for the best. I have so appreciated reading what everyone wrote on this page. It is so good to know that you are not alone, especially when that is exactly how you feel---alone and like a failure.
—Guest Confused and sad

Chemical pregnancy after ectopic

I had a child at 21. It happened quick and was a very healthy pregnancy. We tried again in April 2009 when my son was 3, and in May I found out I was pregnant. My husband and I were so happy! We were planning to get pregnant before he left for Afghanistan. The day I found out, I had cramps and severe pain later that night. It turned out it was ectopic, they couldn't save my tube and I lost it. I'm only 24. Then 4 months later we find out were pregnant again. I knew I was pregnant for a week, Then saw the doctor and his test said no. 3 days later I started to bleed. I was 5 weeks pregnant. I was supposed to go on Monday for blood tests. I'm sure they will confirm it was a chemical pregnancy this week. This is an incredibly emotional thing to go through and the cruelest joke ever. Why god would ever put a woman through this much pain is beyond me! I guess it just wasn't the right time. It definitely makes me not want to go through this again out of fear. But I hold on to hope...
—Guest ashely

Devastating and Unreal

After working so hard to get pregnant, we finally had a positive! I got asked point blank that night at a party and the words, "I'm pregnant!" slipped my mouth before I could stop them. We hadn't intended to tell. It was only a few days later that I found myself having to email everyone to tell them that I was no longer pregnant. It felt awful, like I'd not ever been pregnant. Made me feel a bit crazy. DH and I were devastated and cried for weeks over "nothing."
—Guest Robin

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