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Readers Respond: Miscarriage Grief and the Holidays

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Updated November 29, 2009

Do you find the winter holidays especially difficult in the aftermath of your miscarriage? If so, you're not alone. Sound off here with your thoughts on facing the Christmas season after a miscarriage, and share any ideas you have about coping with miscarriage grief and holiday gatherings or other events.

Loss and blessed

I knew something was wrong in beginning of December. I knew it was too late. Our family later heard the news that my sister was blessed with child. I figure why ruin the holidays when we should be happy. My family never knew of my miscarriage at home til I had to go to the hospital for complications. I had to tell my sister we were only a week or two apart when I lost mine. Everyone asked why I didn't tell anyone. I had to tell them it was already too late and nothing can be done about it. I really don't want to go through this again. I didn't want to tell my family.

Visiting Jordan's Grave

My husband and I lost our baby Jordan in August. By now, in December, I should be 6 months pregnant. Instead I feel immense sadness over losing our baby. I allowed myself to cry, make an online baby memorial, and have fun with the Holidays anyways. I knew that if I didn't cook and visit family I would be even more depressed. We are making our time to honor our baby, Jordan, during these hard times. God Bless you, Elizabeth
—Guest Elizabeth

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