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Readers Respond: Warning Signs of Missed Miscarriage

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Updated May 25, 2009

If you have had a missed miscarriage, did you have any warning signs before the diagnosis? What led to your diagnosis? Please share your experience here.

Note that if you are reading this because you are concerned that you might have a missed miscarriage, it is best to call your doctor. Most possible warning signs of missed miscarriage are not conclusive, and only blood tests or ultrasounds will be able to confirm or rule out that you have a missed miscarriage.

Missed miscarriage

I had first ultrasound at 5w5d and we saw the heartbeat beating. Doctor said everything looked good and to come back in a few weeks to start prenatal care. At 6w4d went to the bathroom and had light pink discharge. Throughout the following week I had slight abdominal pains. At 7w2d I had light red spotting just once in the morning while using the bathroom. I called the doctor later that day and they had me come in. They did a u/s to check the baby and found no heartbeat. The next day I went to the hospital to try a u/s using better equipment. Baby measured at 6w5d and confirmed no heartbeat..I was supposed to be 7w3d. I'm still exhausted, boobs are still a lil sore but appetite is gone. I'm scheduled to go and have a D&C next week Tuesday. Just couldn't do it today :( It's my other half's birthday. We are trying to stay positive and Doctor told me that we could try to get pregnant after a few months.
—Guest Sad but Hopeful

No heartbeat and heartbroken

This would have been my third baby and I realize that I am blessed to be the mother of two already. The last thing I expected at my first doctor's visit was to hear the Rn tell me there was no heartbeat. For a minute, I couldn't even speak or fathom the idea of having lost a baby. The RN immediately sent me to another imaging center to get a second opinion and ultrasound. Now, I sit here, awaiting my doctor's phone call, hoping for a miracle, but knowing my baby is dead. To all those who have lost a baby, may you know that I share you pain.
—Guest Hana

Friday 13th

This was my first pregnancy w/ my husband who I have been with for 9 yrs. After such a long relationship were very happy once we learned we were expecting. I am sure of conception date since it was planned. So I went for a U/S at what should have been my 7th week there was a hb but was weak at 103, the tech said I was off by about a week which to me sounded dumb but it did make me feel something was wrong. I never had strong preg. symptoms only slight cramps but the nurse said it was normal since my uterus was still expanding. 2 weeks later, on friday 13th, I went in for a follow up but was not planning on getting a U/S until the doc and I wanted to confirm the fetal age for my future appts and tests. It turns out that there was no hb and baby died at 6w2days. I was in shock, I really wanted it so bad. I am now waiting for nature to take its' course. I am very sorry for all of your losses but be positive. I cherish that I got to hear the hb and will always think it was telling me goodbye.
—Guest staying strong

Missed Miscarriage after a stillbirth

My husband and I had experienced the painful loss of our daughter Alicia on March 17, 2010 due to an incompetent cervix when I was 21 weeks and 3 days pregnant. On June 9, 2010 we were excited that I was pregnant again. I had bloodwork done and everything looked perfect. The progesterone was great and the hcg was doubling. I felt just fine. I had a few spotting incidents which were considered implantation. My husband and I were so excited when I picked him up at work. I was so sure that the baby was at 8 weeks versus the 7W4D that the charts thought I was at. I remember stopping to pee 3 different times and just feeling so excited to be pregnant again because I was so sure that I would be able to keep this baby. Our happiness was soon replaced by shock when we had the ultrasound done. I was patiently waiting for the tech to say something but she just kept taking pictures. I tried to tell myself that everything was fine. The baby died at 5 weeks and I had a D&C a week later

Missed miscarriage

I went for a scan at 7-8wks. My dates were very accurate. The doc said baby was measuring5-6wks but had a strong heartbeat though. I still feel pregnant. I never thought anything was wrong (partly due to previous scan and hb). I went for my 12wk scan and the doc said baby wasn't measuring 12 wks, only 7+4days which I know was wrong. She kept avoiding my asking is there a hb and went to get a colleague. I knew then. Then they confirmed no hb, my baby had died almost 5wks ago. Apart from that was perfect, everything was in place and growing normally, it just died. I'm going back on thurs for a tablet then sat for another. If it doesn't expel the baby I'll need a dnc. I just feel so shocked and lost. It's killing me to know I've a dead baby inside me. I keep thinking maybe they're wrong, they just missed it. I got a picture which I'm glad of as it shows that it did exist and wasn't just a fetus as the doc described, which really upset me. It was still my baby. I still loved it. We had tried for ages but will try again. God bless
—Guest helen n ram +1

Missed Miscarriage

This was my 2nd pregnacy. Went in for regular OB appointment at 9 weeks. There was no heartbeat. The baby only measured 6 weeks. I had actually had a previous ultrasound at 6 weeks, we saw the heartbeat although we were told it was low at 103. I had a D&C that same day. I didn't have any pregnancy symptoms. We are currently 5 weeks pregnant with our 3rd pregnancy! :) I am very hopeful this time around, I know God will get us through this. So sorry for everyone's losses.
—Guest Ash

False hope

My husband and I tried to get pregnant for months and were so excited when we finally saw that little positive test. We went in at 7 weeks 3 days for our first U/S and the doc said that everything looked perfect and normal, we even heard the heartbeat and he said it was strong... so three weeks went by when I saw spotting and went to the ER to make sure everything was okay. We sat in the medical room for what seemed like hours only to have a cold response from the doctor saying that they could see the baby but could not get a heartbeat, and that the baby only measured 8 weeks when I was supposed to be 11 weeks. I don't understand how we can go from 7w3d to a normal pregnancy with a heartbeat to four days later the baby being dead.. I had no symptoms at all during those three weeks that I was miscarrying or that something was wrong.
—Guest breaunna


At my 18 wk apmt 7/9/10. my expectations were to have a pap and hear the baby on doppler. When the Doc 1st tried to hear the heartbeat he couldn't detect it, but @ one point thought he felt a kick. Thinking the baby was just moving around too much, & that the battery was low, he said we'd do the pap, change the battery & try again. After another unsuccessful attemp, he did an u/s. Upon pulling up the image of the baby, I soon realize the baby was too still. Even on my 10 wk u/s I saw the baby wiggle. My Doc then, quietly and slowly let me know that he was very concerned that the baby appears to be 13 wk & that he didn't detect a heartbeat. In hindsight, I now realize that I just thought I was feeling the glow of 2nd trimester, but had actually lost the few pregnancy symptoms I had @ all. My D&C is Tuesday morning. I'm a little anxious for some end to this, but I am also scared of the seperation and finality of the baby leaving my body. My fiance & I were going to find out the sex next week.
—Guest Brook

No heartbeat

Well I went for my check-up yesterday to find out the could not find a heartbeat. At 8 weeks baby should have a strong one. I went to the doctor at 6weeks and heard the heartbeat, so I'm guessing maybe at 7weeks baby died. I haven't passed anything or had bleeding just very very sad. I wanted this baby so bad. I don't know how much longer before nature will take its course, but I'm a little grossed out thinking there is a dead baby inside me. Good luck to everyone who reads this.
—Guest 8 1/2 WEEKS DONE

14 weeks and 1 day lost baby at 9 weeks

I went for a scan yesterday to be told my baby died at 9weeks and 3 days. I was supposed to be 14 weeks pregnant, I am feeling rather lost and scared to show my emotion. I am due for an ercp (D&C) on Monday but I have been cramping all day. I am so scared. I did not want to pass the baby as I will look and I am afraid of what I will see, I have rang the hospital and they said to take pain killers. I haven't passed any blood yet but I am experiencing some period like cramps, I know it is going to be a moderate sized loss. I still can't believe that baby died at 9 weeks and my body has not expelled it, the questions are why and what have I done wrong, there are no explanations and nothing to comfort you, it is the start of a roller coaster experience. And what's upsetting is I really wanted this baby and to all you other ladies who are reading this it is a sad sad time and an indescribable heartache that will probably never dissapear it will just get easier love to you all.
—Guest mandi

My first pregnancy

My first pregnancy was a complete surprise. My second month I had every pregnancy symptom in the book--so miserable! At 8w4d checkup there was a heartbeat but the size only measured 6w1d. The midwife tried to explain that my dates were probably wrong, but I knew the exact day I got pregnant, so I had a bad feeling. 2 weeks later I had another ultrasound and no heartbeat, plus the fetus had completely re-absorbed, only the sac was left. That was 5 days ago, and I am going to wait for my body to expel naturally unless a D&C becomes medically necessary. I'm really dreading telling everyone--our family and friends are so excited. But we feel blessed that nature has a way of taking care of things---we would feel much deeper loss if we lost the baby later in pregnancy, at birth, or had a child with severe birth defects. I'm sorry to those of you who are also going through this, but try to stay positive!
—Guest 1st time

Morning sickness suddenly stopped

I had morning sickness up to about 8 weeks with my 3rd child, then it suddenly stopped and I felt fine! At 10 weeks I noticed I had very slight cramping, which I thought was from busting to go to toilet. When I went to bathroom I noticed a faint pink discharge on the paper! I was told to go straight to emergency. As I hadn't booked into the maternity ward yet, I ended up having to wait till the next morning to have an internal ultrasound, which determined my baby had died at 8 weeks when morning sickness had ended! I didn't bleed much until later that afternoon which is when the pain became rather severe and I started to lose a lot of blood. I was then taken in for a curette! It was one of the worse experiences I have ever been through, but I have since had 2 more successful pregnancies with no problems, although I worried for the first few months with every twinge and would run to the toilet if I felt any signs of wetness!
—Guest Kristy


So sorry to hear about all your pain. Where all in the same boat! I found out at 3 weeks I was pregnant, had my first midwife appmnt at 10 weeks and first u/s at 12 weeks. We spent our entire time thinking and talking about our baby on the way. I had nonalcoholic pregnancy symptoms, nausea, backache, headaches, really sore swollen breats, craving certain foods, being sick at the smell or sight of other foods... Everything was normal. Then at about 10 weeks, all my symptoms stopped. I told my partner and we both thought it was normal. I knew symptoms could stop 11-12 weeks + and I also knew every pregnancy is different. I still felt pregnant and felt like my tummy was slightly expanding. I am very tiny natually so I just thought everything was fine and the excitment continued! On the 12 week u/s I was nurvous, I had a feeling, like it would be just my luck if something was wrong. And I was right. I lied there, and the nurse took some time to fine the baby, she expected me to be 12 weeks so felt slightly higher in my stomache. She the said she would have to scan a bit lower on my tummy as sometimes it stays quite low. I could tell something was wrong. When she found the baby, my partners face lite up. I had a quick peek at the screen, where i saw what looked like a perfectly formed baby. The nurse then told me that she was sorry to say, but the baby had no heartbeat, and measured around 8weeks. I didn't feel anything. I felt numb. My partner started getting upset, and I was just in shock. We went home after talking to another nurse who gave us our options. When we got home, it took a few days to decide what to do. I felt traumatized from seeing my little dead baby that was wanted so much laying dead inside me. I felt discusting and useless. Guilty and very depressed. I felt doing it natually would be best, so took that option. The nurse said come back in a week if nothings happened. This was 2 days ago and I still have no signs. I feel normal apart from the mental side. I'm still depressed, I stay in bed, I'm actually writing this in bed in the dark. I'm angry at everyone, and want to be alone. I'm not eating or anything. My partners being amazing though. Im still traumatized from seeing the baby scan. And the thought it's still in me. I had no blood, no pain, no spotting. At all. I'm still waiting for nature to take it's course and I'm terrifed about what's gonna happen, what I'm gonna see, and how it will feel!! No words can describe the sad emptiness I feel! Good luck for all your futures! Our times will come. Xx
—Guest Guest-Guest

Missed miscarriage at 8 week dr visit

This was my 2nd pregnancy (1st one ended in M/C at 6w5d after seeing heartbeat at 6w2d). I had strong HCG doubling times and normal symptoms--very tired, sore boobs, nausea. At 7.5 weeks I noticed a bit of spotting (just a dot of brownish pink on my TP, then nothing else) Of course, I was concerned and when I went in for my first appt at 8w1d I insisted on having an U/S. It was clear right away that something was wrong. There was a sac, and a fetal pole....but no HB. The sac was only measuring 5w3d along, so the baby had not been alive or growing for 3 weeks. No signs other than that dot of spotting. My dr insisted my dates must be wrong because everything else looked good, but I knew he was wrong. HCG levels at 8w1d were only up to 3600...at 8w3d down to 1800. Today 8w6d started bleeding. Hoping for another natural m/c--don't want medication or a D&C! I'm thinking the progesterone pills I was on prevented my body from expelling the embryo once it stopped developing.
—Guest Dani

No symptoms

I had no symptoms at all. I still was nauseous and tired. My boobs still hurt. I still had weird food aversions. At 8 weeks, we had a U/S. It showed a strange heartbeat (it would drop then come back up to normal, then drop again), so we repeated the U/S at 10 weeks. There was no heartbeat on that U/S. The baby had died at 8 weeks 3 days. Even after finding out, I still was nauseaus. It was horrible. I am terrified that this will happen again. My husband is so hopeful for the next time, but I am so scared. I can't stop crying. This is my first day back to work, but I can't concentrate. My mind is on my baby. So sad.
—Guest Sad One

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