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Readers Respond: Warning Signs of Missed Miscarriage

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Updated May 25, 2009

Late missed miscarriage

I had a missed miscarriage with my second pregnancy -- my first pregnancy was a textbook one with no problems. With my second I didn't expect anything different. I had my first scan at 12 weeks and all was fine. I then had an appointment the week before my 20 week scan to register with a new midwife team and that was when she couldn't find a heartbeat. So had a scan that day which confirmed that the baby had died at 17 weeks. I was shocked - no symptoms apart from a really bad dizzy spell around 17 weeks. I didn't feel the baby move much, but I was convinced I'd felt it after 17 weeks (which isn't likely and it was probably wind!). I was induced and gave birth relatively quickly, but it was pretty painful. I'm now pregnant again and am nearly 9 weeks. I won't tell anyone and I'm almost convinced I've had a missed miscarriage again. My pregnancy symptoms come and go, I'm not showing although I showed early with the other two pregnancies. Feel too scared to go to the doctor.
—Guest Guest

Missed miscarriage

My midwife couldn't find the baby's heartbeat at 16+6. She said everything was probably OK but sent me to the hospital just to be checked out. The hospital couldn't find the heartbeat either so they sent me for a scan. They told us that they couldn't find a heartbeat, and I thought - well KEEP LOOKING! but then they told me the baby was only measuring 13 weeks. Five weeks before it had measured 11+4, so I knew immediately they were right and there was no hope. We were devastated. We were given information about how to proceed - wait for the miscarriage to happen, medical management (medication to bring on the miscarriage) or surgical management (D&C). They told us to think about it overnight and sent us away with some leaflets. I opted for medical management and went into a hospital with my husband. The procedure was unpleasant but nowhere near as horrendous as hearing our baby had died 4 weeks before. The NHS staff we've seen (I'm in the UK) have been amazing.
—Guest Beth

I just knew it wasn't right

I was using an ovulation predictor so I knew exactly when I got pregnant. Had a positive urine test 10 days after conception and a strongly positive blood HCG and progesterone 3 days later. All was good until we went to the first ultrasound at 6 wks, 2 days. Dr. saw a well developed sac but no fetal pole. He said maybe my dates were off and he would see me in a week. I had a bad feeling. We went back a week later and he saw a fetal pole and heartbeat, but at 100 bpm he felt it shoudl be 120. At 7 wks 3 days the fetus was measuring 6wks. 1 day. I knew it was bad in my heart, because I knew the dates could not be a week off, but he seemed positive and said he would see me in a week. Today at 8 wks 2 days there was no heartbeat and the fetus still measured 6 weeks 1 day. I am sad, of course but intuition told me that something wasn't right. When I had my son, everything was perfect right from the start.

No hearbeat

Two weeks ago we went for our first ultrasound. We heard the heartbeat at 110bpm. Because on the same ultrasound they detected a small hematoma, they asked me to come back 2 weeks later for a new ultrasound. Even though I was told small hematomas do not interfere with a pregnancy, today there was no heartbeat. In 2 days, I am scheduled for a D&C.
—Guest Guest I

Missed miscarriage

I experienced a missed miscarriage last week. It was my 2nd pregnancy. I first lost my baby at 8 weeks on 1st of January 2009. I was pregnant again till at 10 weeks. I had no signs of missed miscarriage till I was bleeding and a little crampy. I had an ultrasound at 10 weeks but there was no heartbeat, my baby had died at 8 wk for two weeks. It was very upsetting, as I had two miscarriages in the same year. I am wary of trying for another baby.

Spotting also

I also experienced a miscarriage that was diagnosed three weeks after the baby passed with a one time episode of spotting during that time. I had no other spotting other than that one time and I never had any other symptoms to suggest a problem. I was 19 weeks along and feeling very pregnant with all of the symptoms. The doctor initially thought it was a missed miscarriage, but the lab thinks my placenta detached, but they aren't definite about that. I do blame myself for not taking the spotting more serious. I just thought it was from hitting the cervix during intercourse since it was light and no cramps. This would have been my third child. The pain from the loss is awful and still pretty fresh. I passed the baby two weeks ago after being medically induced.
—Guest Johna

Confused and shocked

I had a miscarriage a few days ago, and didn't even know I was pregnant. I had recently gone on the pill, and must have fallen pregnant before that even though we were using condoms. I had been skipping the sugar pills so didn't expect periods for the last 9-10 weeks, so it was such a shock to discover that I had been pregnant and lost my baby. The doc said it must have happened weeks ago as my hCG was below 5 and the tissue I passed was grey not reddish. I am so sad and confused.
—Guest Liz

Missed miscarriage

I'm 29 and went for my 13.5 week scan for my first, well waited for and wanted baby. To be told my baby had died between 7-8 weeks. I had absolutely no reason to think the baby had died. I had all the pregnancy symptoms and was even starting to show a little. It was such a shock for my partner and I to hear the baby had been dead for all that time and WHY WAS IT STILL THERE? I opted for the medically managed miscarriage which is extremely painful. I had to deliver a 14 week pregnancy sac (as the hormones continue to make the uterus grow). I chose this option as I felt it would be more cathartic than surgery. To actually physically lose my baby. I felt it would help me deal with it, rather than being woken to be told it's not there anymore. I felt it was the cruelest way to lose a baby, for us to go on for 3 months thinking everything was ok and getting excited to meet our wee miracle. Only to be told all we were living for and planning for had gone. I still miss my baby :-(
—Guest caz

Lost Baby

I took a home test and it confirmed I was pregnant, so I made appointment to see the doctor. He did a ultra sound and there was a sac but no baby, so he said it might be too early. The sac measured me being 5 weeks 6 days. I came back in 2 weeks and still we could not see a baby. I had some mild cramps in my side but not too bad. He sent me to the hospital for more tests and they confirmed no baby. I never bled at all and this was 2 days ago.
—Guest Shandria


I have had 3 u/s. The first was at 4.5 weeks and the fetal pole was showing. The next was at 6.5 weeks and we saw the heartbeat. The doctor said we could share the news and celebrate, it was less than 5% chance of miscarriage. At 9.5 weeks we went for another u/s - only to be sick when I saw that there was nothing in the gestational sac. After a lot of searching, they found that my baby had stopped growing at around 7 weeks. I had 2 weeks where I thought I was pregnant, but wasn't. This news came only 2 days ago. I still have not expelled naturally. Is this because I was on progesterone? Would my body have dealt with it properly if I wasn't on progesterone? We tried for a year and half to get this far, it is heartbreaking to start again. I did notice that I wasn't feeling as sick, and I had a horrible headache for about a week when it must have happened. I know it is natural and probably for the best, but it is just really sad and makes no sense.
—Guest Bec

Continuing pregnancy symptoms

I am having a missed miscarriage - baby stopped growing at 6 weeks. I would now be 10 weeks pregnant and I am still having quite bad symptoms of pregnancy despite the fetus not developing - tired, very sick,hightened sense of smell, sore breasts, very slight bleeding once. Wanted to expel naturally but can't cope with these symptoms for much longer (going back to hospital tomorrow), knowing there's no baby. I haven't noticed any decrease in pregnancy symptoms at all. i have 2 other older children (no probs during pregnancies) but I am an older mother now 43. I don't know if any one else has had the same symptoms despite baby having died.
—Guest Josie

Lost our first baby from ivf

We tried for a year to have baby, but couldn't because of mfi. We did IVF in April and I got pregnant. My betas were great, and we saw the heartbeat at 6w5d. I was told that I only had a 5% chance of miscarrying and there should be no reason why I would be in that 5%. We went back 2 weeks later and found out the baby had died 2 days after the first u/s with the great heartbeat. I showed no symptoms of miscarrying, but pregnancy symptoms did go away after I stopped the progesterone. I had a d&c and the baby came back as a normal female so I don't know why it died. I am now 5w5d pregnant from a 2nd ivf cycle and I am scared that it is going to result in the same outcome. I am also mad that my baby had to die while so many other people get to keep their babies.
—Guest cp


I just had a D&C on Thursday because of a missed miscarriage which I hadn't even heard of before. The morning before I started bleeding my husband commented on how I was looking a lot better as I was suffering from severe morning sickness. I was 11 weeks so thought to myself that maybe I was starting to get over it although with my other two girls I didn't recover until 18-20 weeks. That night I noticed some brown blood. It wasn't much and on the net it said that brown blood wasn't too much to worry about. The next morning my lower back had a very dull ache and when I wiped myself the blood was slightly redder. At the hospital they said the baby had died a 9 weeks. I thought to myself how could I have not known. But I guess the little signs were there that I didn't notice; breasts not as sore, vomiting less, eating more. I decided to have the D&C to get it over and done with. I feel so empty now and that I failed my baby.
—Guest mel75

Missed miscarriage after heartbeat

With my first pregnancy, I had a blighted ovum at 6 weeks. Started cramping and bleeding, so it wasnt a shock when the Dr. told me I would miscarry. With my second pregnancy, we saw the heartbeat at 7 weeks, and went back for our 10 week appt. only to find out that there was no longer a heartbeat. It was devastating, especially b/c I had no symptoms. I had a D&C two days later. I am now 8 months pregnant with our first baby, but was terrified for the first 15 weeks that something would go wrong. The dr. still says it was all due to chance. Not sure how I could fall in that 1% of women with multiple m/c, but I did.
—Guest Diana


I had a healthy baby girl right on schedule with help of progesterone for the first 10 weeks. After ttc for 1 year I saw a specialist and then got pregnant with number 2 and was released from the specialist this past December at 8 weeks with a strong heartbeat. I went to my first screening alone thinking things were great and saw at 12 wks the baby had passed at about 10 weeks. The only symptom I had was I started to feel better (less urination and fatigue) which usually ends around 12 weeks anyway but the one clue I did have was that I threw up constantly one day after never having any morning sickness with this pregnancy. It turns out that my body was going septic, part of the missed miscarriage. I had a D&E in late Feb. and I am now 8 weeks along and terrified of everything crumbling again. My husband hardly ever talk about this baby because we were so devastated last time. I hate that I am not allowing myself to connect to this child but I am so frightened.
—Guest Meg

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