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Readers Respond: Warning Signs of Missed Miscarriage

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Updated May 25, 2009

Blighted ovum

I went in for my ultrasound at ten weeks and was told that the pregnancy probably never took because the tech couldn't find a baby, only a gestational sac. Doctor said I might have cramping and bleeding when my body got rid of the gestational tissue, but "cramping and "bleeding" didn't describe it. I didn't realize that I would have contrations and that I would have to deliver the placenta that was growing also. Very bloody, very painful, and similar to a birthing experience on a smaller scale. Symptoms like a cross between Braxton Hicks plus bad period cramps.
—Guest Tess

Missed miscarriage

I went to my first ultrasound at 9w yesterday. This was my first pregnancy so I was really excited to see the u/s. I noticed something wrong when the lady was doing the u/s. Baby looked small and I did not see a heartbeat. When doc came in I already knew the devastating news. Baby had died around 6.5 weeks. I had noticed a decrease in pregnancy symptoms over the last couple of weeks. Breasts are still really sore, but I no longer had morning sickness and I just didn't feel pregnant. My stomach seemed smaller. She gave me the option of passing it on my own or coming in for D&C. I opted for D&C. I am scheduled in 2 days. Knowing there is a dead baby inside of me is too much to handle. I hope god has a great plan in store for me in the future as I would love to be a mother someday. My heart goes out to all of you who have experienced such a heartbreaking loss.

Missed miscarriage

I was about 12 weeks along when I started spotting. On my wedding anniversary of all days. I had normal preg signs. I went to the ER and they wouldn't tell me anything. I followed up with my doc the next day and she told me what was happening. I was devastated. I had just starting telling people I was preg and now had to share the news. My problem, however, was the health issues I experienced afterward. I didn't bleed at all for 1 week. Then after that I bleed for 4 months. I was in the ER 4 times to stop the bleeding. I even got a D&C done after 4 weeks of my bleeding issue but the bleeding still didn't stop. I had to actually had to start on Medroxypregestrone hormone therapy. The side effects of that were horrible so I could only take them for 2 of the 6 months requested. I am pregnant again now and I am at the same time period I was last time. I have been a nervous wreck this whole time. I hope no other ever has to experience what I went thru. God Bless.
—Guest Charity

Had no idea!

Went to check up at 9 wks 5 days and found blood in my urine. Checked for heartbeat and heard nothing. Few minutes later, we were doing ultrasound and I could tell by my doctor's face something was wrong. He said that their was no blood flow around the baby and that it looked as though the baby stopped growing 3 weeks ago. He feels that I am miscarrying but is waiting a week to be sure. I go back in next week and I just want answers. I am saddened and in shock because I absolutely had no idea this was happening.
—Guest saddened

Missed miscarriage

I found out I was pregnant with my 3rd child beginning of November 2009 had my first visit with midwife at 10 weeks, but the next day I didn't feel well. I didn't feel the same as I did with the other 2 pregnancies. I had very sore breasts and a bit of nausea but that was it. I kept saying it was weird because I didn't feel pregnant. I had a scan at 11 weeks and they told my the baby had stopped growing in the 8th week. I had to go home and see if I miscarried naturally and go back after a week if nothing happened. We were devastated. I felt awful knowing I was carrying a dead baby inside me. A week later I still hadn't started bleeding and I had the surgical procedure to remove the baby tissue. It was the worst thing that I have ever been through. That was January 12 2010. We have been trying again since mid march, but no luck yet. But 3 months after the miscarriage I still have very sore breasts.
—Guest Lara

11 wks 1 day

I went for my 11 wk 1 day scan on my second preg at end of March (1st M/C in Dec '09), everything felt so different this time round. Was getting sick, sore breasts, was wrecked all the time, no bleeding and was even getting a bump!! When they did the U/S they said that there was no heartbeat since 8wks 3 days. I was devastated. I waited a week to see if I would pass baby naturally but nothing happened so went back & got tablets to help pass it. Still nothing happened so ended up getting D&C last wk! Everything only hit me once I had it, I have up & down days but actually can't wait to try again & hopefully it be 3rd time lucky! Sorry to you all on here. Take care xx

Missed miscarriage

I got to 11 wks pregnant then started bleeding so went to the hospital and was told my baby had died weeks ago. But I also had an early scan at 7 weeks and baby was fine. It was horrible. I had no signs.
—Guest lucy

D&C or pass naturally?

I went in for my first visit last week. It was my first visit (9 weeks) for my first pregnancy. They confirmed pregnancy and spent hours discussing the next several months. Yet with they did the tv u/s, they found no hb and the baby measured seven weeks. Progesterone is low...will get second hcg levels and second u/s tomorrow but I know, it's too late. The hardest thing is I haven't begun to miscarry yet and still feel very pregnant (sore nipple, nausea, etc.) I can't decide if I need to wait or request a D&C tomorrow.
—Guest SA

Missed miscarriage at 13 + 1

I've just got back from my 12 week scan, where we found out that our baby had died. They thought that it had happened at about 5 weeks. I had all the usual pregnancy symptoms up until 11 weeks. I joked about not feeling pregnant anymore! We're devastated, heartbroken but we know that we can concieve and hopefully continue to have a healthy pregnancy in the future. It just wasn't this baby's time. I've come home to wait for nature to take it's course - in the mean time I'm just sat here waiting with a dead baby inside. Fingers crossed for the future, for everone reading this post. Take care. x
—Guest Gemma

The pain wont go away

I was about 8 weeks, I didn't have any symptoms except sore nipples and craving doritos. I cried soo much I think I caused my miscarriage from stress. I started spotting three days before my 1st prenantal appt. Went to get the exam and the bleeding got heavier. The doctor told me my hcg levels were dropping and just to have a natural miscarriage. 2 days later I went to the ER, APPARENTLY the placenta was coming out so I experienced a "real labor" excrutiating pain, the er nurses pulled out the sac, very purple and veiny looking (tmi) very heartbreaking and painful. 2yrs later, hoping for a bfp!
—Guest Babyrain09

No signs at all

I was on my 16 week routine scan when my doc found no fetal heartbeat. I was devastated as this was my first pregnancy. Before that, there were totally no signs, no spotting. But somehow I noticed my tummy stopped growing and I am not eating as much as I should. Immediately we scheduled for a d and e and my bb was induced the next day. It stopped growing at 13 weeks plus and it is such a heart pain to see it, so I chose not to do so. The nurse I asked told me it has got eyes, nose, limbs and ears but we can't see the sex yet. I am still recovering from my loss and I hope to have my bb back in my arms kicking. My doc told me to wait for 3-6 months before trying again. It is just tough luck that we are facing this, only 1-2% of the pregnancies resulted in a late missed abortion like mine. I thought passing the 13 week line means I am already on the safe side. I still remember seeing my 13th week bb kicking during my last scan. Who knows what God has in plan for us?
—Guest Summer Night

Missed miscarriage

I found out I was prego dec 28. I have irregular periods so I had no idea how far along I was. By guessing my last period I would say early in october was my last period. So I call the doctor, they couldn't see me till a week later. I went to the doctor and it seemed like everything was going good. She was measuring me and I was about 12 to 14 weeks. Then after that she went to check for the heartbeat and she couldn't find it. So they had to do a u/s right away. That same day I got a u/s and I saw my baby for the first time. But sure enough there was no heartbeat and my baby was measuring at 8 weeks. I had no symptoms. I had no idea I was even prego. If I was I thought I was going to be 4 weeks. It's so crazy how things happen but god has a plan for me! all you ladies are in my prayers...
—Guest samantha

9 weeks

I went for a 9 week dating scan 2 weeks ago to find out that my baby had no heartbeat. The DR said that it must have just happened as the size of the baby in the ultrasound was over 9 weeks. I was devastated, my life just turned upside down. The following morning I had a D and C. I had no signs that I had a missed misscarriage, was just so excited about the first scan.
—Guest Guest

Missed miscarriage in 11th week

This time last week I was in my 11th week of my 2nd pregnancy. I had noticed that my pregnancy symptoms were easing- so much so that I casually had commented to my Mum that I didn't really feel pregnant anymore. That night I suddenly started having mild period style cramps and when I went to the loo there was a small amount of fresh red blood. We had had a scan at 8.5 weeks and seen a healthy fetus and strong heart beat so I couldn't really believe there was anything seriously wrong. I went for a scan the next morning and we saw that our baby had died only 2 days after that first scan. There was no blood flow, no heart beat. I am devastated and a week on still waiting for the physical loss to be over. I go back to the doc in a few days and if there is anything left I will opt for a d&c. I need the physical side to be over so I can mourn the loss of my baby. My heart goes out to anyone going through this.
—Guest guest

My missed miscarriage symptoms

I had light red spotting for 3 days. Sometimes I could see blood strains coming out with my discharge. I dismissed it as a symptom that my uterus was making way for a growing baby. I went for a scan and doctors saw a baby at 6 weeks with fetal pole and heart. After 3 days I had thick, dark brown spotting staining my underwear for 2 days. After that it was light watery brown so I assumed I was at the end of my spotting because the colour had lightened. The next morning I experienced bright red bleeding like menstruation and doctor did a scan on me. She saw a beautiful, round sac at the high part of my uterus but this time she couldn't see the baby. She dismissed the thought of a miscarriage because my sac was in healthy shape and it was not at a lower position than my previous scan. I experienced no pain. The next evening I experienced excruciating pain at my abdomen and lower back. Doc did a scan again and the sac was still high up there and again with no baby. That night I miscarried

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