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Readers Respond: Implantation Bleeding in Early Pregnancy

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Updated April 15, 2009

When you're having early pregnancy bleeding, it's not always easy to tell whether it's time to worry about miscarriage or if the bleeding is something harmless like implantation spotting. If you have had implantation bleeding in early pregnancy, what did it look like and when did it occur during your cycle? Share your experiences to help others who are wondering about this.

If you're currently pregnant and are having some bleeding, remember to check in with your doctor to be on the safe side.

Implantation bleeding?

I was supposed to have my period on 21st July. On 20th night I had menstrual cramps - not the usual as I normally have terrible period cramps on my 2nd day. When I chkd I saw a light brown spot & so I thought on putting on a pad. It was like the normal menstruation mixed with water as it was a little light in color & not painful. I didn't get a heavy flow & on the 3rd day, the color turned to dark brown. My normal period lasts for 6-7days & flow is heavy on the 2nd to 5th day. This one keeps me thinking if I am indeed pregnant. =)
—Guest Jen

Implantation bleeding

When I found out I was pregnant it was due to implantation bleeding. It looked very light brown and I had terrible cramps. I was crying on the phone with a nurse when she told me I was probably pregnant. I had to wear a pantyliner for 5 days because it was a little more then spotting. It happened 2 weeks after my period. Sadly tho after telling our parents I lost it that night. If it wasn't for the bleeding I would have never known.
—Guest Sara

Light spotting...not my normal flow...

So this is not my normal flow and I say this because the first day I get my period its a VERY heavy flow and this is different. I noticed its a very light pinkish brown color and its just spotting. I was supposed to get my actual period on july 29,2010 and I didn't. I'm 3 days late for my period. Plus when I have my normal flow I feel horrible. I get super bad cramps to the point where I can't even get out of bed or walk to the bathroom and with this it's light spotting I feel totally fine and the cramps I feel are very light and they come and go. I'm going to get a test tomorrow.


Well I went to the restroom and wiped and when I looked down there was a very light red on the toilet paper. I didn’t know what was going on and I was supposed to start my period soon. The rest of the day there was nothing...So confused I just slept on it and then the next day the same exact thing happened! What could this be? Is it implantation bleeding? My boobs have been a little sore through out the day and will ease up some. I also did 3 HPT and they all came out negative.
—Guest Mygen

I had it when I was pregnant...

About two days before my period was due to start, I had some light, pink-tinged discharge that turned into light red bleeding. Not enough to leave more than a spot in a pantyliner, but enough to be there every time I wiped. I thought it was my period coming early (which never happens) due to recent stress (major relocation) and tried to put it out of my mind. Instead of getting heavier, the bleeding turned to a pinkish-brown discharge after two days and then disappeared completely. I noticed I was kind of bloated and tired still, and wondered when the hell my period would come back properly so I could get it over with and feel normal again. I took a test just to rule out pregnancy, and it ended up being positive! Now I have an awesome baby girl who's turning one this month. That's my experience; hope it helped someone. Good luck!
—Guest Diana

Am I having implantation bleeding?

My period is supposed to come on april 2nd. I ended up having cramps and later that day I bled not even a whole pad, april 3rd just light spotting, day 4 nothing, day 5 nothing, just spots. Today just light red, not one pad worth. What does it mean? I'm scared and confused, went to the doc march 24 2010. I wasn't pregnant. What now?
—Guest sherrina

What's going on?

I had a positive pregnancy test two days ago, but started bleeding today, a little lighter than my regular period, feeling cramps and sore back just as with my regular period. This bleeding is a few days too early to be a period...implantation or miscarriage?
—Guest Helen

Implantation bleeding?

My period was 2 days late. I had a very light pink discharge for about 3 days on and off. Then it stopped for 2 days then started again. Yesterday it was a little darker so i figured it was my period...6 days late. Nothing today except a little pink discharge. Very confusing!
—Guest stephanie

Late implantation?

About two days after my period was supposed to start, I started to spot some very light brown blood. This lasted for a couple hours at most. The next day I went to the clinic and received a positive pregnancy test. I am confused, doesn't implantation usually happen before your expected period?
—Guest Chelsea

Implantation bleeding?

I thought that I was starting my period, but it looked like light pink discharge. Then it stopped for 2 days. Then it started again a little heavier, but still looks like discharge with blood in it. Is that implantation bleeding?
—Guest Srw

Implantation or menstruation

Right about the time of my period, I got something that looked like it. The difference is, it's very light, I even use panty liners instead of pads. I usually have extreme period pains but this time I have funny cramps in my lower abdomen. This has been going on for three days now. I decided to wait and have the pregnancy test as soon as the bleeding stops.

Implantation or period?

I'm on fertility treatment. After 10 days of my ovulation, I had a little amount of brownish discharge turn to light red discharge with a bit of clots. My period is due in another 1 week. Could it be an implantation bleeding or a period?

not sure about the bleeding

I am pregnant. I am 24 DPO and I have had 4 days of very light brownish discharge. I'm not sure if it's just implantation bleeding or not. Going to the doctor on Wed.
—Guest Lisa

alot more than a spot

I found myself in the back of an ambulance at 8weeks 4 days pregnant, trying to find a way to deal with a miscarriage. I was having heavy bleeding with what I believe to be contractions -- severe. I got to the hospital and the nurse pulled my pants off, when I lifted I REALLY started to bleed, it just poured out. I could tell by her face the pregnancy was over. I had to wait for the ultrasound machine, it gave me more time to comfort myself to hear how sorry they were to not find the fetus. If the whole event wasn't bad enough, it took for ever to even find my uterus. But there wiggling around with a very strong heartbeat my fetus. The only explination they could give me was implantation bleeding. I hadn't had my period for 6 months prior pregnancy, miracle number 2! The lining and blood collected in my uterus having no place to go causing the pain, until it found it's way out.
—Guest cindy

Implantation or period

I've been taking fertility treatment. Bleed for one in half days three days after my period was supposed to start. On that first day I had a discharge of a large strange tissue, it wasn't a clot. Never had this before. The following five days I had only a slight streak of browm spotting. Is there a possibility this was implantation bleeding and I'm pregnant?
—Guest Jenny

Tiny spot

I had what might have been implantation bleeding in one of my pregnancies. It was just a little tiny dot in my underwear, about the size of a penny, a few days before I was expecting my period. There wasn't any more bleeding after that.
—Guest Marla
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