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Readers Respond: First Signs of a Miscarriage

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Updated March 24, 2009

The most common warning signs for miscarriage are bleeding and cramping, but those symptoms aren't always definite signs - and it's also possible that the first sign of a miscarriage could come from hCG test results or ultrasound. What were the symptoms that led you to be concerned about miscarriage, and what was the outcome? (Did you end up having a miscarriage, or did everything turn out OK?) Please share your experiences here to help others who are concerned about possible miscarriage symptoms.

There is hope I think :-)

I'm almost 8 weeks pregnant now - I found out I was expecting at 5 weeks, and had the usual symptoms; nausea, extreme tiredness, sore boobs etc. Anyway, last week I woke up one morning and the symptoms just disappeared. This lasted for 5 days - I just didn't feel pregnant anymore and was so sad. I thought that was it, and I was going to miscarry. However, yesterday I was really sick, and today as well, and it seems like maybe my symptoms are coming back - so happy! Just wanted to let you know there is hope. I'm still terrified, not even had a scan yet, and it's natural to think the worst, but fingers crossed all is well. I will update after my first scan (12 weeks)
—Guest jenn_and_bump


I found out that I was pregnant when I took a blood test but the dr said that my hcg levels was 386 when I should of be higher for 6wks pregnant. I took another blood test and it was lower. A week later my pregnancy symptoms started to disappear and I started bleeding heavy like I was on my period. There was no pain. There was no baby on the ultrasound. I was so devastated!!! It was my very first pregnancy.
—Guest Marie

What a disaster

I received my estimate at 8 weeks, well today that would make me 12 weeks and some odd days. I went for my first ultrasound earlier in the week and there was no heart beat. I was devastated. The baby only measured at about 6 weeks. They took my blood work and told me not to worry but I might've miscarried without actually miscarrying. Yesterday I felt the pre-period cramps and spotting. I don't feel any pregnancy symptoms and haven't for a week now. I'm angry, hurt, and scared my pregnancy is over :(
—Guest Devon Morley

Renewed faith

I miscarried a 15 week baby 4 months ago. I had a feeling from the beginning it was not a good pregnancy cause it was really painful the entire 5 months. When I was about 4.5 months preg I started getting severe headaches and felt like something was wrong...I wasn't sure what but I just knew. I didn't have any bleeding or pain. At my 5 month ultrasound they couldn't find a heartbeat and when they measured the baby realized the baby had passed about 3 weeks earlier. It was devastating for me and my family. I had to go into the hospital and deliver my precious little boy. I just found out 3 weeks ago I am preganant again. We are very excited. I won't say it's easy to not be afraid but we are standing on Gods word and his promises of healthy pregnancies! I am going to have an awesome pregnancy this time!
—Guest siera

Didn't know until after

I recently experience a heavy and painful period after being 3 weeks late. I took a test and it came out negative. I went to my Dr. this week and after sharing my symptoms she concluded that I had an early pregnancy miscarriage. I am 38 years old and hearing this news has greatly saddened me and I am very depressed. I feel a great loss and sad because this might have been my last chance to conceive. I am trying to figure this is for the best. Anyone hear me?
—Guest Kimmy

I'm afraid

I found out a little over a week ago that I am pregnant after my husband and I had been trying for a year and a half when I went to my first prenatal appointment. I told the doctor about some pain I had been having in my back. She immediately sent me to get an ultrasound which didn't show a pregnancy at all so my doctor checked my hormone levels which were very low, showing either a very early pregnancy or miscarriage. I have been going every other day to the doctor's office to have my levels checked and they are increasing dramatically but there is still no sign of a baby in my uterus with ultrasounds. The dr is saying that I may just be extremely early in pregnancy like less than 4 weeks but they won't know until my levels do or don't hit a certain point. The waiting is the most horrible feeling I have ever felt and I'm afraid that after all the excitement there will not be a baby. I don't know if I will be able to try again if this "pregnancy" isn't successful.
—Guest msjohnson


I'm 11 weeks and 3 days pregnant. I had to have an early scan today as I have been having light spotting. I found out that there isn't any heart beat of my baby. So tomorrow I have to terminate my pregnancy. I could never think that this would happen to me. I have got 2 beautiful boys, and that will keep me and my husband going. I hope we are going to be ready some time to try for another baby, but I'm sure we will be scared. I understand women who had to go through this...
—Guest Lena Allbrighton

Tinge of brown in vaginal discharge.

A week ago I had my test and it turned out positive. Me and my husband were overjoyed. We saw a doctor, and I was being v. careful in following her instructions. Just yesterday when me and my husband were watching a movie, I felt excessive wetness. I checked with a tissue, turned out, it was clear vaginal discharge but it had bits of brown spots on it. The same happened this morning too. I'm gonna see my gyno tomorrow but I am too scared. Could I be losing my baby? It's only the 6th week. We also shared the news with my husband's parents yesterday morning and they were so excited. I don't know what to think. Totally devastated.
—Guest Devastated


I'm 9 weeks today. I been having brown spots for 3 days now. The doctor said all is fine, but I'm having an ultrasound on Monday. I have a really bad felling about all this. I wish I can say all will be ok, but I can't.
—Guest andreina

Never like this

I had been having symptoms for 3 weeks. Then I stopped my pill. The brown discharge started one day after I SHOULD have gotten my period. Then the pain started and I began to pass blood clots. I started feeling really dizzy and was sweating alot. Do you think I've had a miscarriage? I feel like I did.
—Guest Brittney

Is this another one?

I have had three miscarriages in the last year. I found out I was pregnant last week, then again I have begun to spot. I am horrified. The dr keeps telling me there is nothing wrong. I have had tests. They say I will have a successful pregnancy, but I have begun to lose faith.
—Guest sheila

I think I am having a miscarriage

I lost my pregnancy symptoms about a week ago. The sickness was mostly gone prior to that, then the boobs all of a sudden weren't sore. Last Thursday, Nov. 5, I noticed a small amount of red when I wiped. Then Fri-Sun brown spotting. An inspection on Fri showed my cervix inflamed. I did a blood test on Fri, my hcg was at 97,974 at 8 weeks exactly. Today, Monday Nov 9, my levels are 84000ish. Not a good sign. I have an ultrasound scheduled for tomorrow. I'm sad, but I instinctively new this already...for a week but hoped I wasn't right. I mean maybe tomorrow there will show a baby still, but I have my doubts. I'm scared. I'm 38, first time ever to be pregnant. I'm scared of the miscarriage. thanks for listening. Karin
—Guest karin


I don't know. I stopped taking the pill at the end of the pill cycle and so I was expecting my period. I got the 2 day period I was expecting, then it became brown and then a much heavier period began. I didn't think it might be a miscarriage until I started getting sporadic cramps (I never get these). They were short and sharp but I have no way of knowing if they were a miscarriage. I had taken a pregnancy test just before my period and it was negative. Who knows....?
—Guest Joss

Is it miscarriage? Or misdiagnosis?

I do not know when I conceived but must be now around four weeks at least. I did a blood test for hormone levels and one number was OK but the other was not. Two ultrasounds, and it seems it's a miscarriage in the works. I want to be strong...have already one baby...but now it seems really to hurt.
—Guest Mitzi

I am scared

I have had pains for the last 2 weeks in my sides, abdomen and severe back pain. It first started really really bad. I rolled over in my bed and a sharp sudden pain went through my side. About a week later it felt like something was fixing to come out of me. I have had some spotting.
—Guest imscared
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