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Reader Stories: Miscarriage Poems and Tributes


Updated December 14, 2009

Writing miscarriage poetry can be a great way to honor your baby and work through your feelings about your miscarriage. Here is a collection of readers' miscarriage poems -- read through writings by other moms and dads or submit your own poem with the link below.


Broken and shallow was my heart,deep and rageing was my hurtMy soul was ripped apartMy days were suddenly always grey,my face could feel no sunshineI lost my sanity, the little I hadI cried and moppe…More

Miscarriage Poems - No Meant for This World

A flutter and you were gone Awash in a sea of water, so quickly Without a chance to reach out and hold you A little heartbeat that lasted but a few days, A sign of life so precious – it was li…More

Sunday Morning In January

1. There was a change,in my life don't need a reason why it's come to pass, this demise has yet to make me cry 2. I can't reflect on what could've been just see the here, and now I must go throug…More

To a Baby Girl Who Is at Home, Autumn Nicole Nava

My dear daughter are you up there? I hope you know that I still care. I saw you growing in my tummy. I closed my eyes and pictured you in my arms. Later I noticed your heart wasn't beating. Did you g…More

"My Sweet Little Baby" (Loss at 12 Weeks)

MY SWEET LITTLE BABY My sweet little baby, I loved you from the start, You know I'll never forget you, You'll always be in my heart. When I think of you, I shed a little tear, Although I never got to…More


More like a letter . Dear little angel, I want you to know even though I will never get to meet you, having you inside of me was the most happiest I have been. I want you to know both mommy and dadd…More

Her Parents Held Her Sad Sweetness

Her parents held her sad sweetness and wept combed her straight black hair dressed her in coming home cottons and took her picture. Margaret was taken away before I came, shamefully relieved I was,…More

"I Wonder"

"I wonder" I wonder who you were? I wonder what your personality would have been like? I wonder if you would have looked like me? I wonder alot of things...like why? and when? But there are some thin…More

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