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No Heartbeat at 12 Weeks Leads to Missed Miscarriage Diagnosis

Submit an Entry: My Miscarriage Story

By Crysta

Updated January 20, 2010

How far along were you when the miscarriage happened?

13 weeks

Was this your first pregnancy?


Do you plan to try again?

Already are!

About me

From an early age I knew that I wanted to have children. And coming from very fertile stock, I was always extremely careful & paranoid about getting pregnant.

I met my future husband in February 2005. We talked about having children very early in our relationship as this was a 'deal breaker' for me. Fortunately for him he also wanted to have a family. :)

We were married in June 2009, and planned to start our family right away as we weren't getting any younger (I'm 29 and my husband is 32).

My miscarriage story

I got pregnant in September 2009. We were very excited but knew that a miscarriage (M/C) was a real possiblility. I tried to stay guarded and not get sucked in by all the cutesy baby stuff everywhere. I would allow myself to get excited & tell everyone after I heard the heartbeat.

I was especially aware of M/C as my mom had a M/C before getting pregnant with me and she was always very open about her experience.

I felt pregnancy symptoms around week 6-indigestion was my major symptom with occasional nausea, and super sore & swollen breasts. I started to feel a lot better around week 10. I started spotting and having mild cramping around this time, but i figured it was normal to feel a bit uncomfortable as my uterus & ligaments were stretching out.

I went for my 12 week check-up at the end of November, and my Dr couldn't find the heartbeat. She said that maybe the baby was a bit shy or perhaps the placenta was in the way. A few days later the spotting turned to bleeding and the cramping got worse. At that point I knew in my heart that this pregnancy would not go to term.

I went back to my Dr the following week and again she couldn't find a heartbeat. I went for an emergency ultrasound that afternoon. My Dr called me that evening to tell me that i had a missed miscarriage. I assume the fetus stopped developing around week 10 as that is when my pregnancy symptoms went away.

My options were to wait for nature to take it's course, take misoprostol to speed up the natural process of passing the 'products of conception' or have a D&C. I took the misoprostol as I did not want to have a D&C or wait for my body to pass everything on it's own.

I took the misoprostol internally around 7AM on Dec 3, had some cramping that I would consider worse than a normal menstral period, then the bleeding started and the clots started to pass. Around 6PM that evening i passed a very large clot that i assume was the majority of what was the fetus. Overall I didn't find it all that painful or uncomfortable.

I bled for about 2 weeks after the miscarriage and continue to spot occassionaly.

My Dr suggested we wait until after my first period before we start trying again. I still haven't had my period and it's been almost 7 weeks since the M/C.

My Dr has been sending me every 2 weeks to have my HCG levels checked to make sure they are dropping the way they should be. As of January 7, they were at 129. Below 5 is when they consider you 'not-pregnant'.


  • Talk with your spouse, a family member or a friend about how you are feeling.
  • Be thankful you got pregnant in the first place. At least you know that part of the process works. Many couples can't even conceive.
  • Don't get too upset about a M/C. About 15-20% of pregnancies end in M/C. It is nature looking after something that wasn't quite right.
  • Get back in the sack and start trying again! Of course dependent on your particular situation and on the advice of your Dr.
  • Good luck & take care!
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