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Miscarriage Treatment Options and Questions About Physical Recovery

Once you have been diagnosed with miscarriage, you may need to make a decision about treatment. You might also have questions about what to expect physically in the weeks following the miscarriage.
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Most people don't think a lot about miscarriages until they have personal experience with one. It can be downright shocking to discover how common miscarriages are, as well as how little is truly understood about why they happen. And naturally the emotional experience can be anything from mildly unsettling to life changing. If you have recently had y…

Miscarriage Treatment - Opinions About Miscarriage Treatment
Unfortunately it is very, very common that women are unsatisfied with the treatment they receive during and after a miscarriage. What was your experience with miscarriage treatment, and what do you wish had been done differently?

Is It Necessary to See a Doctor for Treatment When Having a Miscarriage?
It's always best to see a doctor if you're having a miscarriage, but what if you don't have health insurance or if your deductible is high? Is it absolutely necessary to go to the doctor?

Ten Things That Might Surprise You About Miscarriage

Information about miscarriage is far more readily available than it used to be, thanks to the Internet, but some aspects of the experience still may come as a surprise. The following are 10 things that are good to know if you are having symptoms of miscarriage or have been recently diagnosed with a miscarriage.

Going Back to Work After Pregnancy Loss
After a pregnancy loss, there will come a point when you're ready to go back to work. How much time do you need off? How do you handle co-workers' questions? Do you have to tell anyone? Learn helpful tips for easing the transition back to the working world.

Miscarriages - What to Know About Miscarriages
There's a lot of information and misinformation about miscarriages out there. Read what real people have to say about miscarriages and share your thoughts about what people out to know.

How Soon After a Miscarriage Do I Need the RhoGAM Shot?
The best time to get an Rh immune globulin injection after a miscarriage is within 72 hours of the onset of the bleeding.

Stillbirth - What You Need to Know About Symptoms, Causes, and Coping
If you have had a stillbirth, or if you are trying to support someone through a stillbirth, this article contains answers to the most common questions about why stillbirths happen and issues that arise in the aftermath of having a stillborn baby.

I Had a Miscarriage. Do I Need a RhoGAM ® Shot?
Women who are Rh negative often wonder if they need Rh immune globulin, such as RhoGAM, after having first-trimester miscarriages or ectopic pregnancies. Most doctors recommend RhoGAM shots to women after miscarriage because of theoretical risk of Rh sensitization.

Molar Pregnancy
Molar pregnancy is a scary condition that develops in 1 out of 1,000 pregnancies because of chromosomal abnormalities in the conception. Molar pregnancies can be partial or complete hydatiform moles and may also be called gestational trophoblastic disease.

First Trimester Miscarriage
First-trimester miscarriage, sometimes called spontaneous abortion, is very common but also heartbreaking for most moms. It's normal to have a lot of questions about signs of miscarriage, diagnosis, miscarriage causes, treatment, and risk factors. Find out answers here.

Inducing a Miscarriage
If you are searching for information on how to cause a miscarriage, force a miscarriage, or induce a miscarriage, please read this first and be sure to keep your safety in mind.

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