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Stillbirth and Late Pregnancy Loss

Late-term pregnancy losses are somewhat different from earlier miscarriages, both from a medical perspective and as an overall experience. Find resources on causes, coping, and what to expect from stillbirth and loss of a baby at birth.
  1. Stillbirth Causes / Risks (11)

Treatment of Stillbirth
In the case of a stillbirth or fetal demise, a woman must still undergo labor or a c-section to deliver her baby. Common questions about delivering a stillborn child (fetal demise) are answered. Why do I have to deliver the baby? Will it hurt even though my baby isn't alive? What happens at the hospital? How will my labor be different? And others.

Emotional Recovery After Stillbirth
Emotional recovery from a stillbirth can be a long process that affects many parts of your life. This article discusses many of the aspects of emotional recovery, from guilt to funeral planning to planning for another pregnancy.

When Is It Safe to Conceive After Stillbirth?
Advice varies on when it is safe to conceive after stillbirth, and there are no large studies to support a specific recommendation on when to get pregnant again. There may be an elevated risk of post-traumatic stress disorder when moms get pregnant again immediately after a late pregnancy loss.

Stillbirth and Late Pregnancy Loss
Have you suffered a stillbirth or other pregnancy loss after the 20th week? Tell your story here and share any advice you have for other grieving parents. See submissions

Stillbirth - What You Need to Know About Symptoms, Causes, and Coping
If you have had a stillbirth, or if you are trying to support someone through a stillbirth, this article contains answers to the most common questions about why stillbirths happen and issues that arise in the aftermath of having a stillborn baby.

Coping with Neonatal Death or Loss of a Premature Baby
Neonatal death means the loss of a baby younger than 28 days old, which can be considered a pregnancy loss. The most frequent causes of neonatal infant loss are prematurity and birth defects.

Therapeutic Termination: An Overview
Ending a desired pregnancy due to medical conditions in either the fetus or mother is never an easy decision. Any woman receiving bad news during a routine second trimester ultrasound should have a consultation with all the proper specialists to understand her baby's prognosis and her options for either continuing or ending her pregnancy in the...

Cervical Insufficiency and Second-Trimester Miscarriage
Incompetent cervix is a medical condition in which the cervix dilates too early in the pregnancy, resulting in pregnancy loss or premature birth. Learn about the symptoms, causes, diagnosis procedures and future treatment to prevent miscarriage.

What Should I Do With My Nursery After Stillbirth?
The later in pregnancy your loss, the more likely you've had a shower or set up your nursery. Now that your baby has passed away, what should you do with your nursery items? Here you'll find suggestions to help you make a decision.

Terminating a Desired Pregnancy for Medical Reasons or Poor Prognosis
Selective abortion is a divisive issue and a delicate matter for parents to consider when prenatal screening results in a diagnosis of a severe chromosomal condition with a poor medical prognosis. Get both sides of the issue in this examination of pregnancy termination for health indications.

What to Expect Emotionally After Stillbirth
Most women who experience a pregnancy loss go through something like the oft-quoted five stages of grief.

Physical Recovery After Pregnancy Loss - What to Expect
Recovery from a miscarriage or stillbirth will be different depending on the point in pregnancy when the pregnancy loss occurred and whether or not you had a D&C. In all losses, you will probably be advised to avoid sexual intercourse and tampons for at least two weeks and you will need a RhoGAM shot if you are Rh negative.

International Stillbirth Alliance
ISA is a coalition of nonprofit groups that focus on understanding and preventing stillbirth. The site has a growing resource library and information on ongoing research.

HAND - Helping After Neonatal Death
HAND is a California-based support organization that offers grief and coping resources for parents as well as guidance for professionals dealing with neonatal death.

Stillbirth: Trying to Understand
The American Pregnancy Association offers information on stillbirth causes and prevention, as well as advice for handling hospital procedures.

National Stillbirth Society
National Stillbirth Society's website has a wealth of information about stillbirth causes and resources for parents coping with antenatal infant loss.

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