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Miscarriage Memorial Ideas

Remembering and Honoring the Baby You Lost


Updated May 04, 2009

Many moms coping with miscarriage find it comforting to create some kind of memorial to remember the baby lost to miscarriage. In fact, many women find that honoring the baby is a crucial part of coping with pregnancy loss. The best way to remember your baby is whatever holds the most meaning for you, but below are some suggestions of miscarriage memorial ideas.

Name Your Baby

Many women find that giving the baby a name -- perhaps even having a naming ceremony -- helps them find closure and grieve the baby as a real person rather than an idea. If you were too early along, choose a name that matches your gut feeling about the baby's gender or use a gender neutral name.

Wear or Make Miscarriage Memorial Jewelry

Numerous online retailers sell beautiful handmade miscarriage jewelry, such as rings and memorial pendants with angel or footprint themes. Many of these retailers are mothers themselves with personal experience with pregnancy loss. Alternatively, if you are artistically inclined, you could make your own miscarriage memorial jewelry.

Write About Your Baby

Even though what you are going through may be something you do not want to remember, getting your feelings down can be therapeutic. Writing in a journal can be like confiding in a friend who will never judge you. You might also wish to start a blog about your experience or create an online memorial page for your baby. Many women choose to write poetry or songs in honor of their babies, also.

Plant a Tree or Garden

Planting a tree or garden is a wonderful way to memorialize any lost loved one. Some women plant a tree on the anniversary of the miscarriage or on the due date of the pregnancy. If you do not have a yard or other space in which to plant a tree, or if you do not have a green thumb and fear your planted tree would not survive, numerous environmental organizations will plant a memorial tree in a state forest in return for a small donation.

Keep an Angel Statuette in Your Home

If you think of your baby as an angel, you're not alone -- many moms who have had miscarriages picture their babies as angels. Placing an angel statuette or figurine in a prominent location in your home is one way to incorporate the memory of your baby into your daily life.

Order a Memorial Plaque or Crystal

If you have a good ultrasound photo of the baby from before the miscarriage, you may wish to scan the photo and order a memorial plaque or other keepsake (such as an engraved crystal piece) to honor your baby. Several companies offer this kind of a service over the Internet.

Have a Teddy Bear or Special Pillow

Many moms long for something to hold after losing a baby to miscarriage. You may find it comforting to keep a special teddy bear, pillow, or blanket that reminds you of your baby. Some charitable organizations will provide these items to couples grieving miscarriages.

Donate to a Charitable Organization

Several charities center around increasing pregnancy loss awareness or supporting couples dealing with a miscarriage or stillbirth. Alternately you may want to donate to a charity that is meaningful to you for other reasons.

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