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How To Find Miscarriage Awareness Events in Your Area


Updated November 01, 2008

Miscarriage Awareness

On October 15, many miscarriage awareness groups suggest lighting a candle at 7 p.m. in your time zone in order to create a wave of light

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October is Pregnancy and Infant Loss Awareness Month, and October 15 is National Pregnancy and Infant Loss Remembrance Day. There are a number of different events across the nation to honor pregnancy and infant loss remembrance, with many benefiting related charities, but it is not always easy to find the events given that they tend to be locally organized. Here are some things you can try to find events in your area.

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Here's How:

  1. Check with one of the major nonprofit organizations that focus on pregnancy loss. Organizations such as Share and Compassionate Friends frequently organize these events or collect information on local events.

  2. Call your local hospital and ask if they have any information. A patient support line might have info about local miscarriage awareness events or referrals to local groups that might have this information. Another option could be to contact a reproductive endocrinology or infertility clinic in your area, as these clinics may keep track of such information for their patients.

  3. Read the announcements in your local newspaper. Upcoming events may be printed in an events calendar either in the print edition or on the website for your local paper.

  4. Search Google with your town name and "pregnancy loss event." You may be able to find Walks to Remember or other miscarriage awareness events in your town if the local organizing group has any Web presence.

  5. Visit social networking sites for your area, such as local email lists for miscarriage support or meet-up groups focusing on pregnancy loss support. Feel free to post on the message boards on this site, also, to ask if others have information about events in your area.


  1. If an established event isn't available in your area, think about organizing one yourself. Share or another miscarriage advocacy organization may be able to give you tips on how to get started.

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