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How Soon Should I See a Doctor When Pregnant After a Miscarriage?


Updated November 03, 2009

Question: How Soon Should I See a Doctor When Pregnant After a Miscarriage?

I just found out I'm pregnant again. Do I need to go see a doctor right away or should I wait a few weeks?


In most cases, it's optimal to seek prenatal care as soon as you find out you're pregnant -- and this is no less true in pregnancy after a miscarriage.

Going in right away lets your doctor establish an accurate due date and keep tabs on your pregnancy from the beginning. With your history or miscarriage, your doctor may also want to monitor your hCG levels or perform an early ultrasound. If you're feeling anxious, having that monitoring might help you feel more reassured, too.

If you're not feeling especially anxious, you don't have an established relationship with a care practitioner, or if there's some other reason why you don't want to go in right away, it's usually not urgent to go in the same day or week you find out you're pregnant. In the absence of bleeding or other miscarriage symptoms, it's probably OK to wait a few weeks to begin prenatal care (with the exceptions being if your last pregnancy was ectopic or if your doctor told you to come in right away for some other reason).

Don't wait too long though, as it's important for your doctor to establish an accurate due date as early as possible. You should probably go in for your first checkup by the time you are seven or eight weeks pregnant, and your doctor will probably want to see you about once a month thereafter until you are in the third trimester.

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