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I Had a Miscarriage. Why Do I Still Have Pregnancy Symptoms?


Updated June 06, 2014

Question: I Had a Miscarriage. Why Do I Still Have Pregnancy Symptoms?

Even after a conclusive miscarriage diagnosis, it's possible that you will continue to have nausea and other pregnancy symptoms for some time, especially if your miscarriage happened later in the first trimester.


Doctors believe that pregnancy hormones play a role in causing morning sickness, breast soreness, tiredness, and other standard symptoms of early pregnancy. After a miscarriage, your hormones will not return to pre-pregnant levels right away, so there can be a period of time that you will still feel pregnant -- even if you have just had a D & C.

Lingering pregnancy symptoms after a miscarriage can feel like adding insult to injury for obvious reasons. It's easier to put up with the nausea and tiredness if there's going to be a happy ending to it all. But at least the pregnancy symptoms should not linger for too long; your hCG levels will probably fall to zero within about two weeks (although it can take as long as 4-6 weeks for some women). If you are still having trouble with persistent nausea or vomiting longer than that, check in with your doctor. Also note that if you feel you have symptoms of an infection after a miscarriage at any point, you should call your doctor right away.


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