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Can Chlamydia Infection Cause Miscarriage?


Updated June 12, 2014

Question: Can Chlamydia Infection Cause Miscarriage?

Chlamydia is one of the most common sexually transmitted diseases (STD) out there, with as many as 3 to 4 million new cases of chlamydia infection occurring each year. But what are the risks of chlamydia infection during pregnancy?


Not surprisingly, evidence suggests that it is a good idea to do whatever you can to not have chlamydia during pregnancy. Previous chlamydia infection may double the risk of ectopic pregnancy, in part by increasing the risk of pelvic inflammation.

As far as typical miscarriage goes, there is some evidence that chlamydia infection could also play a role. In a 2008 review, researchers concluded that evidence suggests that several microorganisms similar to chlamydia may be related to miscarriage. And researchers in 2007 also uncovered a possible biological mechanism by which Chlamydia trachomatosis, the strain that causes the STD known as chlamydia, could cause miscarriage by attacking early pregnancy cells, although more research is needed to flesh out the concept.

To add to that, according to the CDC, chlamydia can increase the risk of preterm delivery.

In short, although researchers do not fully understand the relationship between chlamydia and miscarriage, getting treatment is always a good idea if you have the disease. If you feel you have symptoms of chlamydia or that you may be at risk, promptly talk to your doctor about testing and treatment.


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