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Is Heavy Bleeding in Pregnancy Always a Sign of Miscarriage?


Updated November 16, 2009

Question: Is Heavy Bleeding in Pregnancy Always a Sign of Miscarriage?

I'm having heavy red bleeding with clots. Does that mean I'm miscarrying?


Heavy bleeding in pregnancy usually isn't a great sign, and it's true that the most common explanation in the first trimester is miscarriage. However, heavy bleeding -- even red bleeding with clots -- can occur for other reasons, so it's best to check in with a doctor for evaluation of your bleeding before assuming you've had a miscarriage.

If your bleeding is heavy enough that you're soaking through a menstrual pad in under an hour, you should seek care in an emergency room, as you may be hemorrhaging. Also, if you are having any bleeding in the second or third trimester, you should see a doctor immediately. Later pregnancy bleeding can be a sign of serious pregnancy complications.


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